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Ted evaluation Tait Smith


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TED Evaluation Ben Goldacre: What doctors don't know about the drugs they prescribe.

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Ted evaluation Tait Smith

  1. 1. TED EvaluationTait Smith
  2. 2. Ben GoldacreWhat Doctors Don’t Know About The Drugs They Prescribe.
  3. 3. ThesisIs journalism Biased?
  4. 4. Ben Goldacre captured the audiences attention by telling a joke.
  5. 5. Ben Goldacre maintained the attention ofthe audience buy usingexamples andpersonal experienceto conveyhis message.
  6. 6. The Commandment thatBen Goldacre stuck tomost would be the thirdone; keep the complexplain. He gave manyexamples and told acouple stories to makehis point.
  7. 7. I give Ben Goldacre aout of
  8. 8. Even though Ben Goldacre wasvery informative and was ableto hold the attention of theaudience, I felt he could havebeen more entertaining. I felt asif he held my attention by givingme facts that concern my livelyhood, I paid attention more forthe information than the actualtalk.
  9. 9. Storytelling Nancy Duarte Good use ofSimplicity and Garr facts Reynolds tips Pictures Quotes
  10. 10. I Learned that usingfacts is a useful wayof conveying amessage, however,no sort ofentertainmentwithin your talk maycause you to losesome of youraudience.
  11. 11. Sir Ken Robinson • Funny • Use of facts • Storytelling • Held the attention of the audience very well • Stood still the entire time
  12. 12. Ben Goldacre• Use of facts• Storytelling• Held the attention of the audience through concerning facts• Made great use of his space
  13. 13. My advice would be to study the TED commandments and try to include alittle bit of everything in your talk. Be funny, tell interesting stories, and usefacts.
  14. 14. Joel Osteen is one ofmy favoritepreachers, hismessages havealways spoken to mein some way. Everysermon he preacheshe begins with a joketo capture theattention of hisaudience.
  15. 15. During his sermon heuses facts andstorytelling tomaintain hisaudiences attention.He makes great useof the stage and hismessage alwaysconnects with eachindividual listening.
  16. 16. • Ken Robinson robinson.jpg• Joel Osteen• Graditude lady (last Picture) I/AAAAAAAAAEA/vqgmu8rBL-g/j0414100.jpg• Ben Goldacre screenshot taken on 01/19/2013• All other images downloaded from• Ben Goldacre talk gs_they_prescribe.html