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Viral Marketing


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My take on Viral marketing

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Viral Marketing

  1. Just realized that <br />Viral Marketing <br />isn’t about marketing viruses<br />
  2. Viral Messages are ones that spread like a virus<br />
  3. Easily communicable<br />Viral Elements<br />Scale easily<br />Exploit common behavior<br />Give Away<br />Avail others resources<br />Utilize existing networks<br />
  4. Success Ingredients<br /><ul><li> Fun or Intrigue factor
  5. Looks cool
  6. Forwarder to get the praise
  7. Credible look & feel
  8. People centric not organization centric</li></li></ul><li>Why are people <br />Viral Marketing <br />
  9. Your Customer has changed<br />Why are people <br />Viral Marketing <br />Your Customer now has a voice<br />Your Customer has more choice<br />Your Customer now collaborates<br />
  10. Blah!<br />Blah!<br />Blah!<br />Blah!<br />Blah!<br />Blah!<br />Blah!<br />Blah!<br />Blah!<br />My message! BUT, where am I?<br />Blah!<br />
  11. Your Brand<br />Combines well<br />Inexpensive<br />Reach<br />Automated<br />Long-term results<br />Engage <br />Benefits<br />
  12. How does one <br />Viral Market<br />
  13. What success has<br />Viral Marketing <br />enjoyed<br />
  14. An early example is the ‘Three Investigators‘ and their <br />Ghost-to-Ghost Network<br />
  15. + $400 MN =<br />Didn’t I start it all off!<br />*Wikipedia<br />
  16. I created a <br />Viral Marketing <br />phenomenon<br />
  17. 5 million social media friends<br />8.5 million website visitors<br />80 million video views<br />Viral Marketing helped me win the US presidency<br />*Edelman report<br />
  18. $ 30 million<br />$ 1000<br />
  19. We ZooZoo’ed<br />Viral Marketing<br />
  20. Ask IBM about the ‘Art of the Sale’<br />
  21. ?<br />
  22. Sources<br />Viral Curve:<br />Ignite social media<br />Wikipedia<br />The new rules of viral marketing: David Meerman Scott<br />Images courtesy of Corbis,, flickr, luxuo,<br /><br />Conversation prism by Brian Solis<br />
  23. Connect with PushanBanerjee<br />