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What's new in visual studio 2013


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What's new in visual studio 2013

  1. 1. The connected IDE Themes and visual design Improved Editor, higher productivity! IDE performance improvements What is new for web developers Performance tools & debugging
  2. 2. Sign into the IDE with your Microsoft Account Move seamlessly between your machines Synchronize settings across your devices Get up and running faster
  3. 3. Keep Visual Studio up-to-date Easily determine what’s important Address later One common location
  4. 4. Send your Feedback to Visual Studio team directly. If you are happy let them know. If you frustrated about feature, or you faced a bug just go there and report it.
  5. 5. More than 400 icons have been changed for better coloring and contrast Better border lines to define areas and regions Vivid Hover colors. Active/inactive instances
  6. 6. Enhanced scrollbar Move lines Peek Definition CodeLens New project templates And much more…
  7. 7. Solution load time is improved IDE startup and responsiveness Improvements are driven by data from Customer Experience Improvement program
  8. 8. Unified project templates Full support for HTML5 Improvements in page inspector Intellisense for AngularJS and Knockout Improved CSS3 editor and JS editor Browser link
  9. 9. One launch point for all profiling tools New energy consumption monitor tool New XAML UI responsiveness tool
  10. 10. What’s new in VS 2013: Visual Studio blog: Visual Studio Toolbox on Channel 9: