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  1. 1. The Fairtrade News Ghana Divine Chocolate Kuapa KokooWhere is Ghana? How is Cocoa Made?Ghana is a small country 1- Cocoa pods are carefully cut off of Cocoa treeslocated on the western 2- The pods are openedcoast of africa. It’s mainexports are Cocoa and 3- The beans are left to ferment in the sun wrapped inGold both of which it has Plantain leaves, this step is essential to develop the beansplenty of...It is bordered “Flavor”by Cote d’ivoire to theWest and Burkina Faso to 4- Then the beans are spread onto a large table to dryn.the East. Unfortunatelly 5- The beans are then shipped off and roasted in a differentGhana was listed in the nam dolor ipsum: facility at between 120 and 149 degrees Celciustop ten worst economically Litterarum formas human 2maneged countries in the 6- Then the beans are crushed then per seacula quart a wind2 itatis blown throughworld, a high percentage a decima et quinta deci 3 tunnel, this process seperates the shells and nibs.of local Ghanan’s live ma. Per seacula quarta 4under the poverty line. 7- the nibs are ground up into “cocoa mass” a rich liquidThis is widelly due to the composing 55-60% made of cocoa butter.lorem ipsum dolor met set fact that Ghanan Cocoaquam nunc parum 8- The cocoa mass is pressurised until it seperates into cocoa farmers often end up 2007 butter and cocoa powder (used in chocolate drinks)selling their cocoa to 9- Cocoa mass and butter are mixed along with othermajor companies for ingredients, cooled, and shaped into chocolate barsappalingly small sums ofmoney.
  2. 2. The Fairtrade News What can you do as a consumer? Now that you know all about the issues of unfair trade and Cocoa in can you help. time your at your favorite super market and you buy a choclate look for a bar with a fair trade logo (as shown on the front page) For more information go to the next page.How is the trading chain What is the Cocoa trading Chain?unfair to farmers? If you look at the amount of Farmers: 13 cents / Pound of Cocoa money the Ghanan cocoa • grow and care for the cocoa trees for three to five farmer makes Vs. The years amount of work he is actually doing, you can see • harvest the cocoa pods in very hot temperatures just how unfair the current • remove the beans from the pods Cocoa Trading Chain is. It is • ferment the beans for six days and dry them for ten Important to note that many days of the jobs with higher incomes are done in developed countries that are Cocoa buyers: 11 cents / Pound of Cocoa already very wealthy. • weigh the sacks of beans Another incresing issue is the • pay the farmer for the beans use of subsities. A subsitie is • arrange to take the beans to the port. a garentied price give by the government. If that farmer nam dolor ipsum: sells his produce for any less Importers: 22 cents / Pound of Cocoa than that price then the Litterarum formas human • arrange transport for the beans from Ghana to the 2 goverment will give him the UK and Ireland itatis per seacula quart 2 extra money...Unfortuatelly, farmers in many developed • turn the beans into cocoa solids and cocoa butter.3 a decima et quinta deci countries are using subsities ma. Per seacula quarta 4 as an excuse o sell their Chocolate companies: 44 cents / Pound of Cocoa products at lower costs, • buy the cocoa solids and cocoa butter because the government will pay them a steady price • buy the other ingredients anyways. Farmers in Ghanalorem ipsum dolor met set • make the chocolate bars are forced to match these • pay for the chocolate bar wrappersquam nunc parum prices in order to make a 2007 • pay for advertising the chocolate bars. sale, the difference is without govrnment subsities, they have no other source of Shops: 24 cents / Pound of Chocolate income and will fall into • buy the chocolate bars from the chocolate poverty. companies • sell the chocolate bars to shoppers.
  3. 3. The Fairtrade News Kuapa Kokoo Cooperative Kuapa Kokoo is a cooperative of Ghanan Farmers who fight for a better price on local Cocoa. They work in colaboration with Divine Chocolates work to improve the social, economic and political wellbeing of there members. They produce most free trade chocolate in the country. They are a perfect example of a fair trade Co.History and Goals Interview with a Farmer... Elis Mohammed - “After the liberalization of the cocoa Kuapa Kookoo was fist establised in 1993. sector in Ghana, many companies sprang up. I sold my Kuapa Kokoo’s goal is cocoa to some of them and realized they were no to develop itself into a different from the government company we dealt with in formidable farmer- the past. A friend of mine from the Sefwi area visited me based organisation capable of mobilising one day in my village and told about Kuapa Kokoo and quality cocoa products, the fact that it is owned by farmers. It was the first time I improving the livelihood was hearing something like that! I quickly informed of members and some of my friends in my village and we went to the satisfying customers. After all, the sentance Kuapa office to request that a society be opened for us. Kuapa Kokoo really means “good Farmers”. Kuapa Kokoo is about the best thing that has happened They strive to be a to Bayerebon No.3 in the last ten years. Ouripsum: nam dolor dilapidated transparent, primary school building was pulled down about seven Democratic, commited Litterarum formas human 2 years ago and a new six classroom block with a library, cooperative, who care itatis per seacula quart 2 for the community. They head teacher’s office and store constructed for our a decima et quinta deci 3 seek to empower wards. Not long ago, another three classroom block to Ghanan Cocoa farmers ma. Per seacula quarta house the Junior High School was also put up by Kuapa 4 and encourage Kokoo. This school now serves six other communities environmentally sustainable Cocoa nearby. It has well over 600 pupils with 16 teachers. production in Ghana.lorem ipsum dolor met set Bayerebon No.3 has no electricity and therefore it is very There are certainquam nunc parum standards a farmer difficult to get kids to learn in the evenings. Through the 2007 must reach in order to efforts of Kuapa Kokoo, Miss Karen Bridges a teacher become a member of from the UK came to live with us for over two years. She Kuapa Kokoo, for example, you must not helped us buy a generator for the school which we are use children on your still using to this day” Quote from Elis Mohammed. farm
  4. 4. Wrapping Up...In conclussion, a perfect example of the Fair Trade mentality put to use. NextTime you go to the store make sure that chocolate bar you buy has one of theseon it, that means its a fair trade chocolate bar. Go fair trade because it will immediatellyhave a possitive effect on a Ghanan farmers life Socially, Politically and Economically inways you could only begin to imagine. A proud supporter of Kuapa Kokoo Fair Trade ChocolateFair Trade Approved