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Tailored Marketing Newsletter for Fall 2011

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Textworthy Fall2011

  1. 1. TEXT WORTHY NEWSLETTER ISSUE TWO 2011 DEAR READERS From the weather you would never know that fall was official here. As you start thinking about plans for 2012 don’t forget to take time to reflect on your company’s marketing strategy. The recent passing of Apple’s, Steve Jobs offers a chance to reflect on the ability of one person’s creative vision to affect in many ways the lives of millions of people around the world. His ability to see things in a new way and create products that nobody had thought about should inspire business owners of all kinds. So as you start to think of next year, challenge your marketing plan to help you stand out from the rest of the field. Sincerely, Taylor G. Abbett Sustainable Pittsburgh, President Green Workplace Challenge Website GreenChallenge.C4Spgh.org CLIENT FOCUS: NACSPAC Project: National Association of Convenience Stores is an international trade association representing more than 2,100 retail and 1,600 supplier company members. NACSPAC member companies do business in nearly 50 ProxCity, Brand Identity countries worldwide, with the majority of members based in the United States. NACS was looking to create an online auction site to supplement its live auction at its national trade show. ok...so the mobi site goes live today. if Strategy: While working with various ur visiting for the first time let us know what you think: email: macc@monroevillechamber.com departments at NACS, the online auction was NACSPAC Member-Only Auction Website, created to also work with their current Auction.NACSonline.com Member Directory database and online infrastructure. A tutorial Featured Events Member Spotlight video was also created to explain to the members how to use the system. About The Chamber Results: The site was successfully introduced at the 2011 show to X attendees. NACS plans Brought to you by on using the system for other auctions which are held throughout the year. Site developed by Tailored Marketing Inc. SOCIAL CORNER: NEW FACEBOOK: WHAT IT MEANS FOR LOCAL MAKETERS Monroeville Area Chamber of Commerce, By Peter Heffring Mobile Web Application MonroevilleAreaChamber.mobi One thing Facebook has reinforced with the launch of its new Timeline is that change is constant. The platform will inspire new behaviors out of consumers which will likely give local marketers unique advantages over the much bigger national brands. Local marketers, while having fewer fans, tend to have 50 times the user engagement than the bigger guys. With this particular Facebook change, two advantages for local marketers are made apparent. The new top stories feature will ensure that consumers don’t miss posts from the brands they care about most. Compelling content continues to be the key in getting that attention, and localized content is usually more relevant. This new feature gives local marketers an additional opportunity to stay at the top of their consumer’s minds. Facebook is also playing around with a new algorithm called Graphrank. This update will prioritize News Feed content which helps users to sort through the clutter. Graphrank favors posts that users interact with the most. Since localized content has higher levels of engagement, content from local marketers could potentially gain priority. So how can bigger brands use these updates to their advantages? The key is to think like a local marketer.www.tailoredmarketing.com 412-281-1442 CONNECT WITH US
  2. 2. TEXT WORTHY NEWSLETTER ISSUE TWO 2011 ARTICLE OF INTEREST: 2012 MARKETING BUDGET INSIGHTS By Taylor Abbett Many business owners ask me how they should be spending their marketing budget. As we look towards planning for 2012, I thought I would share some quick thoughts. Questions you should ask: Where did we spend our current marketing dollars? What worked, and what didn’t? What might have worked if we changed it slightly? What was a big waste of time and money? Once you understand how 2011 went, then you can brainstorm on whether there are other ideas that should be explored for 2012. Of course in today’s data hungry world, you should have some kind of tracking system for everything. For example, your website gives tons of information, but the main areas of interest for marketing should be: what pages were looked at; how many total impressions; how many total clicks; and hopefully, how many sales leads were generated. If you don’t have a ton of time to dwell on marketing data, this simple formula can be used for every marketing tool. Another example: You ran a series of ads in a trade magazine. How many people saw it? If there was a call to action, how many people took advantage of it? And finally, did it generate any leads? With these questions answered, it should help shape your strategy for next year. Finally, think about the overall purpose of your marketing budget. Is your goal to generate leads for the sales department, or do you have enough leads and are more interested in ongoing brand awareness? Another question business owners often ask me is what amount should they be spending on their marketing? While there are a number of factors, a simple approach is to determine how much a sale is worth to you. Based on how aggressive your growth plan is for 2012, take a percentage of the gross sales and plow it back into marketing. For instance, a financial company might earn thousands of dollars in fees over many years for each new client they obtain. If they are in a growth mode, they might consider spending 10-15% of that amount on trying to get more clients. As the economy continues to go up and down, keep in mind that sometimes the best investment is in the money you spend on marketing your own company! 2012 SPENDING PLANS Methodology: The Distributed Marketing Blog’s marketing budget survey included responses from 190 marketing managers, directors, vice presidents or CMO’s; about half (48%) come from small and mid-size businesses, and the rest from large enterprises (52%). Respondents were split between B2C (40%), B2B (38%) and marketing organizations charged with reaching both for di erent products or lines of business (22%). MARKETING OBJECTIVES: MARKETING CHANNELS SHIFT: RISE OF SOCIAL & MOBILE BRAND AWARENESS VS. NEW SALES CHANNELS IN PLAN Current Planned No ENTERPRISE Don’t Know Paid Placement in Social Media Brand Sentiment Display Ads through Networks New Sales Sponsorship 29% 26% 37% 38% 38% Engagement 46% 65% 57% 10% 77% 72% 9% Created Social Media Loyalty 80% Paid Search Listings 14% 11% Online Directories 21% Brand Awareness 21% Telemarketing 17% 62% 65% Direct Mail 12% 52% 9% 42% 48% Cost Savings/E ciency 17% Mobile 33% Email 11% 27% Print 22% SEO 19% Return Sales 9% 13% Overall Sales Leads BUDGET SPENDING Increase Decrease Same Don’t Know SMALL BUSINESS Don’t Know Brand Sentiment 14% 13% 10% 12% 8% 15% Paid Placement in Social Media Display Ads through Networks Sponsorship 27% 21% Engagement 34% 77% 35% 15% New Sales Loyalty 28% 30% 30% 35% 38% 30% Created Social Media 11% 34% Paid Search Listings Cost Savings/E ciency 2% 45% Online Directories 17% 25% 5% 25% 27% Telemarketing 14% 1% 12% 41% Direct Mail Return Sales 55% 19% Brand Awareness 54% 45% Mobile 31% 33% 32% 37% 30% Email 28% Print SEO 20% 12% Leads Overall Saleswww.tailoredmarketing.com 412-281-1442 CONNECT WITH US