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    1. 1. CASTING OUT A LARGER NET The next level to your customer experience
    2. 2. CUT THROUGH THE NOISE: REACH YOUR CUSTOMER WHERE IT REALLY MATTERS2 Proximity Marketing Proprietary and Confidential-Not for Distribution
    3. 3. PROXIMITY MARKETING • Increase engagement and redemption rates by reaching your customer at a time and place that is useful and convenient for them. • Send messages and promotions to geographical areas where your customers are more likely to integrate with your brand. • Other marketing tools are hard to track and provide little guarantee of reaching the desired target audience with your message.3 Proximity Marketing Proprietary and Confidential-Not for Distribution
    4. 4. PROXIMITY MARKETING: WHAT IT DOES • Proximity marketing, or geo fencing, allows you to push information to a consumer’s smartphone within a certain area at a certain time. Locations could include retail locations, partner locations, areas where your products and services are used etc. • The system can be controlled and managed by internal personnel. Messages can be scheduled or sent right after composition. Content could include: • High-end incentives • Special offers • Retail locations • Product information4 Proprietary and Confidential-Not for Distribution
    5. 5. HOW IT WORKS • Once the mobile application is installed, it uses advanced GPS and WIFI location services to determine a mobile device’s specific location. Then information can be pushed directly to the consumer’s smartphone. • Several geographical areas can be geo fenced allowing the customer to only receive content that would be relevant to them at that particular time and location. • These geographical locations can be as small as 1/10 of a mile or as large as the United States.5 Proximity Marketing Proprietary and Confidential-Not for Distribution
    6. 6. LOYALTY PROGRAM: INCENTIVIZE ENGAGEMENT Loyalty Rewards – A rewards program can be added as an additional menu option. The benefit is the ability to encourage repeat visits by offering rewards. The power of the app lies in its ability to turn just about anyone into a loyal customer. Benefits include: • Cross Promotion • Customized brand pages • All loyalty programs accessible in one location • Repeat visits • The program runs completely through QR codes, no extra hardware required • Comprehensive analytics • Quality control measures to help prevent replication and fraud • Effective customer appreciation through such concepts as birthday rewards • Technology updates and developments6 Loyalty Application Proprietary and Confidential-Not for Distribution
    7. 7. LOYALTY REWARDS: SEE THE RESULTS • Bridge together all marketing communications and measure consumer behavior inside the store and how they are interacting with your marketing material outside of the store. • Capture consumer demographic information: first and last name, gender, age, and zip code. • Some of the ways consumers can earn points includes: • Sharing through social media networks • Scanning QR codes on products or in stores • Scanning codes included on advertising materials and purchase receipts7 Proprietary and Confidential-Not for Distribution
    8. 8. LOYALTY REWARDS: SEE THE RESULTS8 Proprietary and Confidential-Not for Distribution
    9. 9. HARNESS THE POWER OF THE SMARTPHONE A WAP is a mobile-formatted version of a website. It is low cost and easy to update. Other mobile technology, such as the proximity marketing and loyalty rewards, can be utilized in order to optimize the consumer’s mobile experience without the hassle of the different application markets. General Benefits/Features: • Weather and social media feeds • Calendar of events and discounts • Directions • Interactive maps • Product listings • Mobile commerce • Advertising channels • Store locators9 Mobile Website
    10. 10. INTRO TO TAILORED MARKETING Founded in 2000, Tailored Marketing Inc. is a marketing and advertising consultancy which helps Strategic Marketing companies and nonprofit organizations achieve their marketing goals. Graphic Design Web Development We deliver a wide range of services including the development of marketing strategies, the creation Mobile Marketing and execution of marketing plans, creating graphic design for print/web, mobile marketing, social media Social Media marketing, planning events and placing media buys. Media Production We are headquartered in downtown Pittsburgh, and Signature Events are a proud member of the Pittsburgh Advertising Sports Marketing Federation, Pittsburgh Visitors and Convention Center, Washington County Chamber of Commerce, and Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber.10 Proprietary and Confidential-Not for Distribution
    11. 11. INTRO TO TAILORED MARKETING We believe our company is distinguished by its creativity, a commitment to our clients to deliver measurable results and a reasonable pricing structure for our services. Client groups have consisted of financial, educational, sports, real estate, insurance, manufacturing, architects, resorts, and nonprofit organizations.11 Proprietary and Confidential-Not for Distribution
    12. 12. MOBILE MEDIA SERVICES • Our mobile services include: • Mobile websites (WAPs) • Mobile apps for smartphones on the Android, iPhone, and Blackberry platforms • Proximity based marketing • Loyalty programs • SMS, short codes, and long codes • Subscription text alerts • Text-to-email campaigns • Mobile contests, voting, polling, surveys and sweepstakes • Mobile commerce • Mobile video • Social media integration • QR (quick response) codes • Comprehensive tracking and analytics for all platforms12 Proprietary and Confidential-Not for Distribution