Audio Book Links                                                               Current as of 02-20-2007Robert Baer      Se...
Murder Announced       Murder at the Vicarage         ht...
PowerPlays       Cold War       Net Force       Cybernation http://ra...
Michael Crichton      Andromeda Strain      Congo            http://...                          http://r...                                    
Pay the Devil Hitchcock       Ghost Stories http://ra...
Lisey’s Story                                                         http://rapidsha...
Crisis Four                             
Order of the Phoenix                                     http://rap...
Kobayashi Maru       Trouble with Tribbles
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Audio book links_20070220-2

  1. 1. Audio Book Links Current as of 02-20-2007Robert Baer See No Evil Sleeping With the Enemy Baldacci Collectors Hour Game Last Man Standing Dark Knight Bernhardt Darkeye Brown Angels and Demons Christie Halloween Party After the Funeral The Carmichael Case Dead Man’s Mirror Death Comes as the End Death on the Nile Dumb Witness Five Little Pigs
  2. 2. Murder Announced Murder at the Vicarage Murder in Mesopotamia Murder is Easy Murder on the Links Murder on the Orient Express And Then There Were None Peril at End House Pocket Full of Rye The 7 Dials Mystery The ABC Murders The Body in the Library The Murder of Roger Ackroyd They Do it With Mirrors Witness for the Prosecution Christmas Tragedy Clancy Bear and the Dragon Cardinal and the Kremlin Clear and Present Danger Netforce Rainbow 6 Sum of all Fears Teeth of the Tiger Without Remorse Ops Center Acts of War Balance of Power Divide and Conquer Line of Control Mirror Image Mission of Honor Sea of Fire State of Siege
  3. 3. PowerPlays Cold War Net Force Cybernation Hidden Agendas Point of Impact State of War Clavelle Shogun Coben Drop Shot Gone for Good Connelly Closers Cook Crisis Marker Cornwell – Trace Courtney Tommo and Hawk
  4. 4. Michael Crichton Andromeda Strain Congo Closers Eaters of the Dead The Great Train Robbery Lost World Prey State of Fear Timeline Cussler Blue Gold Deep 6 Flood Tide Iceberg Inca God Serpent Sacred Stone Trojan Odyssey Deaver The Blue Nowhere Dekker Thr3e Follet Pillars of the Earth
  5. 5. Friedman America’s Secret War Gaiman Stardust Gardner The Killing Hour Grisham Bleachers Partner Street Lawyer Testament Harris Hannibal Rising Red Dragon Silence of the Lambs Hebert Dune
  6. 6. Messiah of Dune, Emperor of Dune of Dune Dune
  7. 7. Dune House Atredies Dune House Corrino Dune House Harkonnen of Dune Butlerian Jihad
  8. 8. Battle of Corrino Machine Crusade Hebert Rats Ghosts of Sleath Higgins
  9. 9. Pay the Devil Hitchcock Ghost Stories Hoag Kill the Messenger Prior Bad Acts Hornblower Midshipman Lt Hornblower Hotspur Atropos Beat to Quarters Ship of the line Commodore Hornblower Lord Hornblower Jordan Conan The Invincible Conan The Defender Conan The Unconquered Kellerman Gone Therapy King Apt Pupil The Body The Breathing Method Carrie Cell Salem’s Lot
  10. 10. Lisey’s Story The Tailisman Tower Gunslinger Drawing of the Three Waste Lands Wizards and the Glass The Wolves of Calla The Dark Tower Koontz Brother Odd Demon Seed Dragon Tears The Face Forever Odd Husband Icebound Life Expectancy Mr. Murder Odd Thomas One Door Away From Heaven
  11. 11. Shadowfire Sole Survivor Strange Highways The Taking Velocity Twilight Eyes Le Carre The Night Manager Lindsay Darkly Dreaming Dexter Dearly Devoted Dexter Lovesey House Sitter Ludlum The Altman Code The Aquitane Progression Bourne Identity The Hades Factor McNabb Bravo Two Zero
  12. 12. Crisis Four Dark Winter Firewall Last Light Metzler Book of Fate Montanari The Rosary Girls Morell Protector Paolini Eragon Trilogy Inheritance Eldest
  13. 13. Patterson Judge & Jury Reichs Deja Dead Reilly Area 7 Ice Station Temple Rowling – Harry Potter Sorcerer’s Stone Chamber of Secrets Prisoner of Azkaban Goblet of Fire
  14. 14. Order of the Phoenix Half Blood Prince of the Jedi Smith Leopard Hunts it the Darkness Eagle in the sky Sparrow Falls Monsoon River God Warlock Spillane One Lonely Night Trek
  15. 15. Kobayashi Maru Trouble with Tribbles Wars X-Wing Series Dark Empire Dark Nest Shadow Hunter B. Stewart Disney’s War Tolkein Hobbit Fellowship of the Ring Two Towers Return of the King Realms of Tolkein Wilhelm Desperate Measures