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Building a Powerful LinkedIn in 10 Steps

Highlighting the importance of building and maintaining an effective LinkedIn for recruiting and personal branding in ten steps.

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Building a Powerful LinkedIn in 10 Steps

  1. 1. LinkedIn UGBA 198 Haas School of Business UC Berkeley
  2. 2. LinkedIn at a Glance • Launched in 2003 • 300+ million registered users – 187M monthly active users • Who use LinkedIn? – Job seekers, professionals, college students – Recruiters, talent acquisition, hiring managers – Sales force, B2B (business to business) companies
  3. 3. Why LinkedIn? • Earlier you start the better • Building and developing your BRAND • Credibility and reputation – Recommendations are POWERFUL – Skill endorsements strengthen credibility • Internships and career exploration – Search hiring mangers before interview – Reach out and network with people in your industry and prospective companies (customized invitation)
  4. 4. Best practices – Beginner • Profile Photo – Clear, casual, professional • Headline – Describes who you are (3W’s: Who, Where, What) • Education – Market UC Berkeley, awards, major, courses taken • Branded Link – Get a personalized link for your LinkedIn Profile
  5. 5. Headshot & Headline “Fourth Year Undergraduate | UC Berkeley” “UC Berkeley Grad Looking for Opportunities in Sales” “UC Berkeley Student Passionate about Marketing” “Software Engineer at Twitter” Headshot Headline Location Industry Branded Link
  6. 6. Education School School Major, Concentration Relevant Courses Taken Honors and awards Expected Graduation Expected Graduation
  7. 7. Best practices – Intermediate • Summary – Describe who you are, skills set, passions, interests, CTA (call to action), contacts • Work Experience – Showcase your present and past work • Volunteer Activities & Causes – Showcase your passion for service and leadership
  8. 8. Summary Background: School, Class Level, Career Interests Present and Future Plans CTA: Call To Action Contacts
  9. 9. Work Experience Company Title Duration | Location Projects, honors and awards, recommendations Role Description Logo
  10. 10. Volunteer Activities & Causes Title Company Duration | Field Role Description Logo
  11. 11. Best practices – Advanced • Recommendations – Modern day version of letter of reference • Skills & Endorsements – Leverage your strengths and skill set • Portfolios: videos, slide deck, websites – Visual is powerful
  12. 12. Recommendations Title Company Recommender’s Info Recommender’s Info Recommendation Recommendation Relationship Relationship
  13. 13. Skills & Endorsements Endorsers Up to 50 skills Top 10 Skills
  14. 14. Embedded Portfolios—Summary PDFs, slide decks, websites
  15. 15. Embedded Portfolios—Experience PDFs, slide decks, websites
  16. 16. Call to action • Start connecting! – Golden # of connections: 500+ – Golden # of skill endorsements: 99+ • Include LinkedIn link on resume – Use • Ask current/former supervisors for recommendations • Keep your profile updated every semester • Leverage visuals and multi-media • Think about long term goals