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Marketing Internship: Process, Interview, Offer

How to ace your next marketing internship: cultural fit, leadership aptitude, and marketing knowledge. From acing the interview to negotiating your offer.

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Marketing Internship: Process, Interview, Offer

  1. 1. Marketing Recruiting UGBA 198 Haas School of Business UC Berkeley
  2. 2. Marketing Roles • Digital Marketing • Social Media Marketing • Analytics Marketing • Product Marketing • Field Marketing • Corporate Marketing • Brand Marketing
  3. 3. Typical Process Applying Initial Contact Interviews Offer Extended
  4. 4. Where and how to apply? • Where? – Callisto – LinkedIn Jobs – Company Website • How? – Cold applying – Applying with lead (recruiter) – Applying with referral
  5. 5. Work Submission • Resume • Cover Letter • Marketing Portfolio • References • LinkedIn Profile
  6. 6. The Interview • Screening – Phone – 1x 15-30 minutes • First Round – Phone – 1x 15-30 minutes • Second Round – Skype / In-Person – 2x 30 minutes
  7. 7. Core Three Marketing Knowledge Leadership Aptitude Cultural Fit
  8. 8. Marketing Interview • Fit Questions • Behavioral Questions • Technical Questions
  9. 9. Fit Questions • Goal: Assess your preparedness and cultural fit • Key to success: research, research, research
  10. 10. Fit Sample Questions • Tell me more about yourself. • Why are you interested in working at Microsoft? • How did you find out about this opportunity? • Tell me one of your strengths and weaknesses. • Do you prefer independent or collaborative work?
  11. 11. Behavioral Questions • Goal: Predict future performance with past behaviors and assess cultural fit • Key to success: telling a story that highlights leadership competency • STAR Model Situation Task Action Results
  12. 12. Behavioral Sample Questions • Tell me a time when you worked well under pressure. • Describe a decision you made that wasn't popular and how you handled implementing it. • Give an example of how you set goals and achieve them. • Give an example of how you worked on team. • What do you do if you disagree with someone at work?
  13. 13. Technical Marketing Questions • Goal: Evaluate knowledge about marketing and industry • Key to success: Acknowledge assumptions, macro/micro perspective, utilize frameworks, answer with confidence • Background  Competitive Landscape  Frameworks Marketing Mix Situational Analysis IMC Strategy SWOT
  14. 14. Technical Sample Questions • Product Assessment – What was a product that was marketed well? – What was a product that was marketed poorly? – What was a poor product that was marketed well? – What was a good product that was marketed poorly? • Other Types – How much revenue does Google make in Gmail ads daily? – What is the customer lifetime value of an Amazon user? – What type of channel distribution is best for the iPhone?
  15. 15. The Offer • Compensation: $10-$30/hour • Relocation and corporate housing – Rare, but does happen for enterprise companies • Traveling stipend – BART, Amtrak, CalTrain, VTA, Commuting • Other perks – Food, intern social events, company products
  16. 16. Q&As