Snow patrol chasing cars goodwin's theory


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Snow patrol chasing cars goodwin's theory

  1. 1. Goodwin’s Theory <br /> Snow Patrol- Chasing Cars : Applying Goodwin's Theory to music video Analysis <br />
  2. 2. Genre<br />As part of our music video research we’ve looked at this existing music video that relates to our genre. The reason why indie was our chosen genre this is because in most indie music videos characters expresses their feelings in to situations that they have been through in their lives. This music video is mainly a narrative this is because its made up of a positive format story and sharing his emotions to audiences based on how he feels about his relationship.<br />
  3. 3. Visual and lyrics<br />The lyrics used in this track “would you lie with me and just forget the world” this quote implies to the audience that he does not care and pay no attention to reality through love. <br />“Lets waste time chasing cars around our heads” this quote signifies that he would wants to chase cars with his love and forget the actuality and wants to have a peace mind.<br />Based on the whole track this song is based on how he feels about his lover this is because the fact that he cannot be together with his lover in the busy world so he would rather lay on the ground together so they can share their feelings and passionate to each other and forget everything that’s keeping them separated and apart from the reality. <br />
  4. 4. Visual and music<br />The location of this music video was set in a busy town area this implies that reality is trying to keep the friendship/relationship distance apart. <br />However he’s the only character laying in the city this signifies to the audience that the world is focusing on his love life confusions. The visuals of this music video shows the a male character laying on the ground feels lonely without his lover which implies to audiences that he feels lost and insecure.<br />
  5. 5. Need to sell the artist <br />The use of costume used in the chasing cars music video e.g. grey T-shirt blue jeans signifies his masculinity. His body language and the words he uses to describe his feelings “Let's waste time, chasing cars, around our heads” this quote implies to audience he’s from a middle class background status. <br />The language that is mainly used in this song is an elaborated code which also signifies his middle class environment.<br />Bird-eye-view shot is mainly used in this music video which signifies to the audience that the male is in a god like position which makes him look powerful to audiences onscreen.<br />High key lighting is used on his face which connotes that he’s a bright and well-mannered male who hopes to achieve his dream laying next to his lover in a peaceful environment. <br />However his facial expressions onscreen shows audiences his vulnerability and his powerless. This is because he cannot explain his true emotions to his girlfriend.<br />
  6. 6. Intertextuality <br />The Intertextuality of the Snow patrol music video has a similar narrative based video compare to James blunt- Beautiful this is because in this music video James talks about how the most beautiful person makes you feel good in the inside. Whereas this reflects to the Snow patrol music video chasing cars this is because he talks about how his love has made him feel good in the inside which is the reason why he feels as though love is more important than reality and the whole world. <br />These two different shots show their emotions to how they feel about love. James blunt sitting on a ship taking off his expensive watch and valuables which signifies that he feels that the beautiful girl is more valuable and means more to him then anything else. Likewise Snow patrol chasing cars the male artist lays flat onto the pavement and the road which implies to audiences that he feels that peaceful love comes to his mind and he would lay anywhere just to achieve his target.<br />