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Inspiring a Film Crew after the Wrap


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After a film project wraps up, many first timers has a difficult time figuring out what to do next or how to seek out future film projects. There is usually talent on a set that has never imagined that they would ever work in the business. They just happened to be in the right place at the right time, but now they want more. Even seasoned talent can become a bit down at the end of production, because now they want to find that next job.

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Inspiring a Film Crew after the Wrap

  1. 1. Inspiring A Film Crew The Entertainment Industry It’s a Wrap! presented by Tahiera Monique Brown
  2. 2. Sharing Knowledge It is time to look for the next project! • Sharing knowledge about the trades • Sharing Knowledge about the film festivals and what’s in production • Sharing knowledge about Industry Changes that will affect your career goals
  3. 3. Get Involved • Know where to find information about where productions are taking place • Be familiar with what is happening in the film industry around you • Who can you get to know to help you get connected to others in the industry?
  4. 4. Film Crew Work is Team Work • Be on time • Be prepared • Expect the unexpected • Always be willing to learn new things • Work as if you’re always being watched
  5. 5. Where’s the Crew?
  6. 6. Let’s Talk And Learn Hi! • Be willing to go to film forums and listen to the masters • Do not underestimate your potential • Ask questions • Get information that links you to the masters in the industry
  7. 7. Keep On Learning • Where can I go to learn how to improve my talent? • Where can I get material/books to stay in the loop? • Can I find good sources at the book store or library? • Do you know of any examples?
  8. 8. What Can I Do To Stay In The Industry? The Production Assistant • Learn what sources are available in your city or state. • See if there is a Film Office or a Film Commission in your area • Take courses in school and see if there are stage productions in town that’s seeking new talent?
  9. 9. Now TahieraMake Movies Go Monique Brown by