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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Forests and woods in Lithuania
  2. 2. Nr. 1 The biggest forest in Lithuania The towns near the forest are Varėna and Druskininkai The river Merkys goes over it Threre are many lakes: Glėbas, Glynas, Ilgis, Lavysasa...
  3. 3. Nr.2 The forest is between Kuršių marios and the Baltic sea Thre nearest town is Neringa Since 2000, the Curonian Spit has been on UNESCO's World Heritage List
  4. 4. Nr. 3 The forest is located near Kaunas city The river Nemunas goes over it Girionys, a small town, is in the middle of the forest
  5. 5. Nr.4 The poem Anykščių šilelis (The Forest of Anykščiai) is about the forest The nearest town is Anykščiai One of the biggest stones –Puntukas is in the wood
  6. 6. Nr.5 One of the biggest forests in Lithuania Town Kazlų Rūda is surounded by the forest A railway goes over the wood
  7. 7. Nr. 6 • Many rare animal species live in this forest • This forest islocated near Belerus • The nearest town is Adutiškis
  8. 8. Nr.7 • There is the city of Alytus near this forest • The river Nemunas goes around the wood
  9. 9. Nr.8 • This forest is located near Biržai town and the border of Latvia • There are many wolves
  10. 10. Nr.9 • It is located 80 kilometers northeast of the capital of Lithuania • The forest covers 553 hectares • There are about 70 lakes in this park.
  11. 11. Nr.10 • The forest covers 60000 hectares • The river Merkys goes over it. • Baltoji Vokė, a small town, is located in the middle of the wood