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A green Christmas


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A green Christmas

  1. 1. you will have an enjoyable evening with lots of food and drinks, you will find nicely wrapped presents under your tree,your house will be decorated with lots of tinsels, cards and trimmings.
  2. 2. And after Christmas you will be ready tothrow the whole lot away and forget about itfor another year. BUT... Have you ever thought about theenvironmental impact of thistraditional holiday?
  3. 3. Every year in Britain: Over 7 million Christmas treesare bought and at least 75% of them(about 9,000 tonnes of waste)will end up in the dump. 83 square kilometres of wrapping paper will be thrown away. 1 billion Christmas cards will end up in the rubbish bin.
  4. 4. About 200,000 trees are destroyed to make all the cards that are sent every year. About 50,000 trees end their life as Christmas wrapping paper. About 13 billion rubbish bags are filled overthe Christmas period.
  5. 5. The British eat about 3 million turkeys on December 25. Many turkeys live incrowded, windowless sheds. In order to grow them as fast as possible, they are fed antibiotics and become so overweight that they can’t move.
  6. 6. Perhaps it is the time to findout more about recycling – andmaybe next year your rubbishbags after Christmas will besmaller.
  7. 7. Christmas trees – this always creates a realdebate. Is it better to go natural or artificial? An artificial tree uses toxic materials, takes alot of energy to produce, and it doesn’t evenlast forever! Not so green after all!
  8. 8. Decorate your home withnatural and recyclable materials.Recycle your wrapping paper. Recycle or reuse your Christmas cards. Compost all your food peelings.Unwanted Christmas presents -send them to the charity shops, re-gift them OR take them back to the shop.
  9. 9. Over 80,000 tonnes of oldclothes will be thrown awaythis Christmas. So make sure you donateyour old clothes to alocal charity shop. Recycle your tree after Christmas.