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The real world of Kyoto Tycoon


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Published in: Technology
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The real world of Kyoto Tycoon

  1. 1. The real world of Kyoto Tycoon @tagomoris 2015/02/26 Datastore Masakari Talks #dsmasakari
  2. 2. Satoshi Tagomori @tagomoris 無職(仮)
  3. 3. Kyoto Tycoon Kyoto Cabinet + Network RPC Revival of Tokyo Tyrant KVS memory db, file db, dir db, ... transaction! built-in Lua!
  4. 4. Kyoto Tycoon Protocol RPC, RESTful Binary protocol! (part) Pluggable server! Replication Master-slave Dual master!
  5. 5. Client library Quality problem in node.js ex: swdyh/node-kyoto-tycoon ex: wezm/kyoto-client Maintenance problem new version of node.js + nightmare of coffee script
  6. 6. Too Many Database Types ...
  7. 7. 2years after bye KT...
  8. 8. 2years after bye KT... 2011-01-18 Mikio Hirabayashi <> - Release: 0.9.25