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BigQuery, Fluentd and tagomoris #gcpja


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Published in: Technology
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BigQuery, Fluentd and tagomoris #gcpja

  1. 1. BigQuery, Fluentd, and tagomoris gcp ja night #28 2014/09/16 TAGOMORI Satoshi(tagomoris)
  2. 2. Satoshi Tagomori (@tagomoris) LINE Corporation Analytics Platform Team
  3. 3. スーパードゥラアア アアァァァァァァア アアアアアアアァァ イイイイイイイイイイ イイイイイイィィィィ ィイイイイイイイイィ イィイイイイィイィ
  4. 4. 極度乾燥 (しなさい)。
  5. 5. BigQuery What all of us love :)
  6. 6. Fluentd It is that with cute logo :)
  7. 7. Fluentd Readable configuration Flexible buffer system Various input/output plugins Very simple/easy plugin system High performance for many uses
  8. 8. fluent-plugin-bigquery Insert events from Fluentd into BigQuery over streaming inserts Table Sharding inserts
  9. 9. versions v0.0.x ~ v0.1.x by @tagomoris many patches from @yugui v0.2.x KAIZEN platform Inc (@naoya_ito)
  10. 10. tagomoris: I want new maintainer for fluent-plugin-bigquery, who uses BQ actually....
  11. 11. naoya_ito: OK, KAIZEN platform will do!
  12. 12. tagomoris: Great! I’ll transfer my repository to KAIZEN’s account... Can I have commit bit for Fluentd related fixes?
  13. 13. naoya_ito: Sure!
  14. 14. ( д) ゚ ゚
  15. 15. Disclosure: I’m an employee of LINE now!
  16. 16. performance Use Table Sharding inserts tables table1,table2,table3,table4 Use many threads for concurrent insertion num_threads 4 (Same with tables)
  17. 17. Features Authentication auth_method compute_engine auth_method private_key Schema specs per fields schema_path fetch_schema
  18. 18. API Quota number of records over streaming inserts 10,000 rows per sec per table 10MB per sec per table Use Table Sharding Max row size: 20KB Max data size per insert: 1MB Max rows per request: 500
  19. 19. Hobby programming & Cloud services For hobby programming To setup environments is very troublesome... Cloud services are easy to use! Cloud service specific limitations/restrictions are funny to play with!
  20. 20. Enjoy!