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New Features: Lead Generation, Twitter Metrics and More


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The Tagkast team seeks to not just understand but also shape how social media and technology will influence the future of the event sponsorship industry.

We’re dedicated to continuous and cutting-edge product innovation to help brands digitize and make the most of their live event marketing initiatives. Because we strive to remain the top event-based social marketing platform, we’re rolling out some impactful, advanced features in the 1.23.1 version of our app.

Learn about our newest features like lead capture and automated twitter metrics.

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New Features: Lead Generation, Twitter Metrics and More

  1. 1. NEW FEATURE RELEASE 1.23.1
  2. 2. 2   Tagkast was founded in 2013 to help brands connect deeper with event attendees while reaching millions of new consumers through authentic and natively shared brand content. The Tagkast team is dedicated to continuous improvement, expert customer support, and cutting-edge product innovation.
  3. 3. 3   Streamlined Tagging Interface and Caption Entry Automatic Twitter Reporting and Metrics Consumer Lead Generation Tagkast caters to our brands and their consumers in a direct and meaningful way. To help brands optimize their event sponsorship and live marketing initiatives, we’re rolling out some impactful, advanced features in the newest version of our social marketing app, 1.23.1.
  4. 4. Release 1.23.1 1. LEAD GENERATION Tagkast’s social marketing platform now captures leads while spreading brand content on social media - enabling brands to increase sponsorship ROI and lower the risks associated with event marketing programs.
  5. 5. 5   With the new lead generation feature, brands have the technology and support needed to transform events into initiates that measurably drive lead cultivation and future sales. Using Tagkast’s social marketing platform as a part of an event-based media strategy allows brands to grow awareness, reach more consumers, increase market share, and drive more revenue. LEAD GENERATION
  6. 6. 6   Our brand-new Lead Generation feature will allow clients to collect custom information directly from consumers on-site. This information can be easily downloaded from the portal and used for post-event communication, data collection, etc.
  7. 7. Release 1.23.1 2. TWITTER METRICS Our proprietary tablet software is built around key motivators of engagement and leads the industry with unmatched rates of participation and social media sharing.
  8. 8. 8   Tagkast now delivers actionable Twitter insights through the Admin Portal. And our custom reporting offers clients the ability to not only track but also adjust their campaigns in real- time. Brands sponsor events to reach new target audiences and further their relationship with consumers. Tagkast helps event sponsors and event marketers do this in a more efficient and measurable way. Automatic Twitter Reporting and Metrics
  9. 9. 9   Estimated Twitter reach & impressions are now automatically calculated within the Tagkast Admin Portal. Each campaign also tracks your important KPIs like emails captured, new page likes or followers, digital engagement, and link clicks.
  10. 10. Release 1.23.1 3. ADVANCED USER INTERFACE With Tagkast’s custom built interface, up to 95% of guests at events engage with our platform and on average 65% will share branded content – photos, videos, links - to their personal social networks.
  11. 11. 11   To boost real-time sharing and grow reach, Tagkast’s technology is optimized to help consumers easily broadcast their photos to their own Facebook or Twitter accounts directly from the event.  Our custom built tablet interface is designed to maximize social conversion during all stages of the user’s experience including social account log-in, data capture, and now, photo tagging. Streamlined Tagging Interface and Caption Entry
  12. 12. 12   To advance the user interface, tagging instructions are now overlaid on each photo to expedite the tagging process and we’ve added a new caption entry with customized character count for each social platform.
  13. 13. LEARN MORE ABOUT TAGKAST 13   Let our experienced event marketing and social media experts show you Tagkast and give you a free tailored analysis based on your organization's specific needs and priorities. Fill out this webform, or give us a call today. CONTACT US TODAY: Phone: (888) 354-5761 Webform Request: