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This is Tagit sales brochure

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Tagit brochure sales

  1. 1. RFID SalesIntroductionPartnering with Tagit means institutions and end customersbuilding and maintaining a are provided with an efficient,long-term business relationship. fast and professional service.By understanding the full extent Our experienced teams assessof our clients’ business and and advise clients throughoutoperational objectives, Tagit’s project development,professional approach aim’s to implementation, operations,deliver a rigorous development deployment and sales andprocess by reaching sustainable after-care services. Tagitand realistic agreements inline with partner expectations. supports its partners with sales and marketing initiatives, VisionWe endeavour that our clients, training and developmentservice providers, financial activities. Tagit’s vision is to be the leading provider of simplified RFID integrated solutions. OurRFID Technology applications are designed to optimise business process by streamlining and automatingRFID (Radio-Frequency scanned wirelessly, with no recurring tasks. We prideIdentification) is the most requirements of line of sight. ourselves in understandingrobust and cost-effective The RFID tag reader has one customer requirements andtechnology available for or more antennas that emit the ability to develop specificmanaging or tracking. This radio waves and receive solutions that can generate antechnology is transforming signals back from the tag expeditious ROI for our clients.many industries by offering which consists of a microchipreal-time visibility into attached to a radio antenna.inventory and productmovement thus helping to The reader then relays the information in digital form to Missionimprove productivity and loss the backend software.prevention. RFID technology can be Tagit’s mission is to becomeAn RFID tag serves the same used in any industry and the global leader in deliveringpurpose as a bar code; any environment where it is RFID strategies for cross-sectorproviding a unique identifier necessary to track an object, business process alignmentfor that object, yet unlike a streamline a process or diffuse towards achieving customerbar code, an RFID tag can be a bottleneck. satisfaction.Profile after-sales. Senior developers manage solutions on site supported by a team of programmers. ensures a smooth flow of raw materials in and out of the facility. Tagit prides itself on its customerTagit started with research efforts Tagit project managers are also support structure. For onlinein RFID in 2005 at Ohio State engaged in designing, industrial customer support, programmers areUniversity, USA. The comprehensive manufacturing and out-fitting in place to address questions andstudy of potential use in sectors hardware in every contract. A troubleshoot via email or throughcontinues to render Tagit with a senior manager is responsible for a chat page on the Tagit customercompetitive advantage over our the Tagit factory where a retinue website www.tagitglobal.com. Ascompetitors. of skilled workers manufacture brand liaison, Tagit has engaged aKey account managers are in each and every tag required for PR and Communications managercharge of client relationships deployment. A fully resourced for client and media relations andhandling contracts, training and materials management team event activities.
  2. 2. Positioning USPTagit’s key partnerships to further their business The USP is underpinned by thewith premier suppliers growth with the use of RFID strength of its business creativityand customers, allows technology, Tagit’s cutting edge – the ability to discover a newTagit to position itself as a solutions and involvement channel, service and componentsmarket leader and top-of- with key partners increases that create new businessmind solution provider. For our visibility and builds Tagit’s opportunities for our clients. Forprospective clients looking brand equity in the market. example, Tagit jewellery tags were originated and designed in-house solely for the JewelleryTagit Tags industry, before it was conceived anywhere else. This concerted focus on pushing the frontiersTagit’s Tag solution family of solutions for several sectors of what is possible with RFIDproducts is sourced from globally in a variety of usage. Typically technology, is revolutionisingleading suppliers of passive Tagit RFID tags and inlays product and asset tracking andRFID products specialising in the are used to solve issues accounting for Tagit clients. Ourdevelopment and high-volume for example, in supply R&D department is continuouslyproduction of HF, NFC and UHF chain management, airline offering innovative solutions andRFID tags and inlays. Tagit baggage handling, industrial upgrades to existing technology.aspires to be a leader in product logistics, pharmaceuticals We follow through with solutions,yield, quality and performance, and healthcare, brand advice and continual monitoringwhile continually expanding its protection, libraries and media of clients’ businesses, ensuresrange of RFID products in various management, mass transit that our partners gain in theformats and frequencies for use and event ticketing as well maximum Return on Investmentin limitless RFID applications as near field communications through the efficienciesworldwide. Collaboration with (NFC) applications. introduced. Underscoring thisindustry-leading partners Bespoke deployments entire effort is Tagit’s mostensures the best possible RFID are available for specialist professional operations and after-solutions for any application requirements and the most care service team.area. popular applications have beenTagit’s RFID tags have bundled into solutions that areestablished innovative ready, off-the-shelf. THR: Tagit Handheld Reader 2.0 R2400 Zebra Rfid Printer Tagit Consignment Box TCB 3.0 Tagit DEF© enabling end-to-end integration with ERP systems, Award winning Tagit RFID Middleware©
  3. 3. Solutions Overview Sales andTagit COUNT – The mostcomprehensive solution for in/sign-out function to a robust system for managing authorised after-carestock counting on a retail orwholesale floor. It allows for movements, this solution can offer tremendous savings and Servicesautomated logging of stock security in the most unobtrusive After signing a contract, Tagitmovement and quicker data fashion. For example, in thecollection for statistical analysis. automotive industry it is used offers a standard warranty onSuch information is used for to ensure that only authorised hardware and software andstock check-in, checkout, test drivers use the cars during also on 3rd party hardwaretransfers and reconciliation. service. In the jewellery industry, employed by Tagit. Post Tagit HRID can be used to enable standard warranty, TagitTagit ICE – Ice is designed to the proper handover of items offers an Annual Maintenancegive the jewellery industry between different processes contract (AMC) for the entirea one tag answer for the within the manufacturing or solution. Maintenance ismovement of pieces from retail environment. provided on 3rd party hardwarethe factory to their client’s by Zebra certified engineersfinger. Powered by the NLOS Tagit AMS – TagitAMS is a and Tagit certified engineers.Solitaire tag, Ice allows for solution for asset tracking and In addition, Tagit offers avirtually-instant stock counts, streamlining of operations by preventative maintenanceconsignment memo generation, reducing manual scanning time regime for clients in the formPOS and exhibition stock during asset audit. TagitAMS of on-site support. Tagit offersmanagement. tags are multi-tasking. They are online support to customers multi-directional with no line 7 days a week to answerTagit CARID – CARID is a of sight required for scanning. any queries via email and asolution designed for vehicle TagitAMS tags can be placed customer chat page is alsomovement tracking within a on multiple surfaces with no compromising on readability available on the Tagit customerfacility allowing for the exactlogging of car movement and accounting. TagitAMS tags support website www.along with the time spent in are highly durable and result in tagitglobal.com.different locations. This instantly financial savings.updates the information, giving Tagit’s manufacturing plantreal-time data and identifyingbottlenecks. based in Dubai, UAE, also produces customised tags to Environment,Tagit HRID – The answer for order, for independent/private clients for their specific business Health andautomated staff attendance andmonitoring. From a simple sign- needs. These tags may be branded by the clients. Safety All Tagit RFID equipment sold to customers are approved under local telecommunications authorities in each geography. Tagit offices and factory operate a smoke–free environment. Tagit conducts regular safety workshops for all staff and development teams. The Jewellery Tags factory area operates under EHS and CED certificates. CarID TagsShortest Turnaround Asset Tagstime on customised tags
  4. 4. Client OverviewTagit clients are from a range Gems and Jewellery instant data on their vehicles viaof industries with disparate At Rosy Blue Diamonds LLC, SMS or online.operations. Tagit RFID tags Tagit ICE is extensively used forare working in the fields of consignment tracking and sales Retailasset management, jewellery whilst the deployment at the KP At Estilo Optics in Dubai, Tagitwholesale, automotive, retail Sanghvi Head Office in New York RFID technology is used to trackand logistics. allows for items to be transferred stock. Faster and quicker data between locations using RFID collection allows recognitionAsset Management to verify the transaction. The of sales patterns, identify deadTagit RFID has facilitated a solution handles stock from stock and reduce shrinkage. Atcomplete asset management factories around the world Orra Jewellery stores, Tagit RFIDsolution for Siemens and throughout the supply chain and manages daily stock counts.EROS. It allows each company is distributed in internationalto count and identify assets markets. Logisticsat the speed of light and Technocare is one of the largestrely less heavily on manual Automotive Industry mobile repair and service centers inlabour. In the past, a manual AGMC (BMW, Mini, Rolls Royce the UAE. Tagit developed an RFIDaudit or even barcode scan dealerships for Dubai and Box that can house the phonestook too long and presented Northern Emirates in the UAE) and its accessories all together.a greater challenge on a uses Tagit carID to keep track Once scanned, packed and shippedlarger company’s campus, of vehicles within the facility along the logistics channel, theneeding a substantial and for streamlining service and box allows for faster scanning andworkforce. delivery. Customers can even get quicker handling of units.Marketing OverviewCustomer Benefits opportunity for RFID solutions of clients that have takenTagit believes that customer applicable in improving advantage of Tagit solutionscare, transparency in operational costs within several including Siemens, Arabianinformation giving and swift industries working along Gulf Mechanical Centre, EROS,attendance to customer traditional accounting lines. Rosy Blue Diamonds and manyand clients questions is With a bespoke approach to more.a cornerstone of building integrating RFID solutions, Tagit’s key partnerships withtrust and stronger business Tagit has been first to market premier suppliers and customersassociations. For carID there in several geographies such allows Tagit to position itselfis a real-time handling of as Dubai, Belgium, India and as a market leader and amovements and with partner Hong Kong. Based on continual trusted name by Fortune 500AGMC, there is customer Research and Development companies.information forwarding and in RFID capabilities, Tagit hasupdating through an online pioneered solutions for blue- CSRapplication. TagitICE benefits chip organisations and sectors Tagit promotes entrepreneurshipclients by eliminating human hitherto unexposed to RFID’s in the community and supportserror in accounting by modern, time saving and educational forums onempowering owners with on- cost saving results in these Technology Development withindemand inventory available locations.A focused approach businesses. Tagit’s managementglobally. and delivery of systematic and team participate at business rapid deployment of these leadership conferences such asCompetitive Advantage innovations has resulted in our at American University SharjahIn 2008, Tagit determined an partnerships with a variety (AUS) in 2011.Partners & Clients AGMC BMW Importer www.bmw-dubai.com info@tagitglobal.com | www.tagitglobal.com