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Published in: Education, Economy & Finance
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  1. 1. By Kelsey
  2. 2. Kool-aid flavors Kool-aid has many flavors. Some of the flavors are strawberry, candy apple, scary black cherry, artic green apple, orange pineapple, shark berry fin, purple saurus rex , blue moon berry, rock a dile red, golden nectar, rootbeer, and many more.
  3. 3. My opinion about kool-aid  Kool-aid rocks.  Kool-aid tastes great.  drink Kool-aid it’s the best.  Kool-aid comes in different kind .  Try kool-aid it has flavors you may like.  Kool-aid tastes like angels flying in your mouth. probably-aid is so good I can probably drink it all day if I can.
  4. 4. When kool-aid was made and whomade it Edwin E. Perkins was the person who made kool- aid. Kool-aid was made in Hastings 1927.
  5. 5. Festivals for kool-aid Hastings has a festival called kool-aid day on the second weekend in August.
  6. 6. Fun facts Edwin E. Perkins moved kool-aid to Chicago in 1931
  7. 7. pictures
  8. 8. references[images][ images][ information] I hoped you enjoyed