Let me think about it audience ida dolci - 14 april 2012


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Let me think about it audience ida dolci - 14 april 2012

  2. 2. Outline of the presentation “Teaching effectiveness" and "effective teaching" What is a professional teaching portfolio and how is it used? What should be included in it ? ABP Faculty and Management’s perspectives of the assessment portfolio used at Zayed University Final thoughts Reflection and Questions
  3. 3. Teacher Effectiveness and Effective Teaching Are you an effective teacher? How do you know? Would you like to be a better teacher? How can you achieve that? Peter Doolittle (1994): certification Linda Darling-Hammond (1998): rigorous standards How do we as teachers, provide evidence of our effectiveness ?
  4. 4. What is a professional teachingportfolio?Is it…..simply a folder laden with teaching artifactsand evaluations?
  5. 5. It should be…. a living document created by the teacher …. a means of reflection…. an opportunity for critiquing our work ….. a chance to evaluate the effectiveness of lessons, or interactions with students and peers…… a means for management to make decisions regarding faculty performance over an extended period of time…
  6. 6. How is a portfolio used?First, portfolios are used as a  Probationary/ new FORMATIVE evaluation process faculty The review is FORMATIVE to increase reflection and provide an ongoing record of a teachers growth. ………AND  Mid contract to provide feedback to teachers so that they may improve their The review is teaching and level of DEVELOPMENTAL professionalism.  Contract renewalSecond, teacher portfolios can be SUMMATIVE and be used The review is SUMMATIVE as a means of authentic assessment in evaluating the effectiveness of a teacher for promotion and/or employment
  7. 7. Zayed University ABP programProbationary/ new faculty Mid contractthe review is FORMATIVE The review isFocus based on: DEVELOPMENTALestablishing developmental Focus on : goals and settling into the Instructor’s performance to date program Instructors contribution to thedeveloping a strong rapport with dept and university both students and faculty Incorporating technologyincorporating technology into the Professional development teaching/learning mix activities undertaken Review of goal planning and any other future goals.
  8. 8. Contract renewalThe review is SUMMATIVEFocus on:• the instructor’s performance to datein the classroom• the instructors contribution to thedevelopment of the ABP and ZayedUniversity• incorporating technology into theteaching/learning mix and ability touse technology in carrying out theirresponsibilities in the ABP• any professional developmentactivities undertaken• achievement of past goals and anindication of future short and long termgoals
  9. 9. What should be included in a professionalportfolio?Background information-Teaching reflections-Professionalinformation  Resume and teacher background  A personal statement of teaching philosophy and goals  Lessons plans, class descriptions , assessments  Video/audio tape of class lessons  Colleague observation records  Written reflections on teaching  Samples of students’ work and assessments  List of professional activities and seminars attended/given  Formal evaluations
  10. 10. What documentation is required by Zayed University ABP ?  resume and professional development General section  peer and management feedback Teaching effectiveness  reflection & periodic self-review section Service  faculty review of student performance at Contribution the end of each course Section  student feedback at the end of a course Scholarly and creative  teaching materials produced, used and activities peer reviewed  student pass rates
  11. 11. Management vs. Faculty perspectives What is the aim of a portfolio? Management’s Faculty’s perspectives perspectives Provides a starting point for  Makes teachers reflect on what they discussion with management on are doing/need to do and set goals attainment of professional standards  Gives managers data about how as laid down by the workplace. /what teachers are thinking Gives management insight  Gives teachers an opportunity to Used as an assessment of faculty talk about their teaching groups teaching, performance and and to compare their perception with evaluation against defined standards that reflected in the good or bad Allows faculty to reflect on their SELEs. teaching practice and to set teaching  Pointless, time consuming and and personal development goals required by management Provides objective data via Seles  To collate evidence of and reflect on (student evaluation of learning teaching and development activities environment), Sedona, courses during an academic year. taught and reflection.  To observe probationary teachers and for contract renewal purposes
  12. 12. Final thoughtsPortfolio should help us to: have an understanding of how students learn and a concern for their intellectual development want to work with and learn from colleagues reflect continually on our own professional practice use research on teaching in our discipline
  13. 13. Reflection and questions for discussion What do I know about portfolios now that I didn’t know before? What are the advantages of creating a portfolio? How can a portfolio help me develop as a teacher? Do I have any reservations about portfolios?
  14. 14. References and websites Christison, M., & Murray, D.E., Eds. ( 2009). Leadership in English Language Education: Theoretical Foundations and Practical Skills for Changing Times, New York: Routledge. Coombe, C. et al Eds. (2008) Leadership in English Language Teaching and Learning, Michigan: The University of Michigan Press. Doolittle, Peter. 2002. http://ericae/net/db/edp/ED384608 Knapper, Christopher K. 1995. "The Origins of Teaching Portfolios." Journal on Excellence in Teaching 6 (1): 45-56. Nolan, J., & Hoover, L.A., (2004). Teacher Supervision and Evaluation: Theory into Practice. New Jersey: John Wiley and Sons, Inc. The Reflective Practitioner: How profession … in Action. Basic Books. New York Seldin, Peter. 1993. Successful Use of Teaching Portfolios. Bolton, MA: Anker Publishing. Wolf, Kenneth. (1996) Developing an effective teaching portfolio. Educational Leadership 53 http://www.teachervision.fen.com/pro-dev/teaching- methods/20155.html#ixzz1rHPiWLDF http://www.cs.tufts.edu/~ablumer/portfolio.html#What