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What mobile strategy? Everything You Should be Doing With Mobile Marketing, But Probably Aren't


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Everyone acknowledges the importance of online marketing on mobile devices, but few are actually doing anything about it right now. In fact, approximately 90% of the top 1,000,000 websites in the world do not currently have a mobile ready website (you know who you are). The future is NOW when it comes to online mobile marketing and there are abundant opportunities to reach mobile customers.

This webinar will bring business website owners up to speed on the opportunities they need to be taking advantage of in online mobile marketing with an emphasis on search marketing on mobile devices.

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What mobile strategy? Everything You Should be Doing With Mobile Marketing, But Probably Aren't

  1. 1. EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD BE DOING WITH MOBILE MARKETING …BUT PROBABLY AREN’TSpeaker:Tad Miller, Vice President of Accounts, Search MojoModerator:Janet Driscoll Miller, President/CEO, Search Mojo @SEARCHMOJO SEARCH-MOJO.COM 800.939.5938
  2. 2. • Search engine marketing firm founded in 2005 – Search engine optimization (SEO) – Pay-per-click advertising management (PPC) – Social media advertising • Headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia • Featured in the Washington Post, B2B Magazine, MarketingSherpa, Visibility Magazine, Media Post and many blogs including Search Insider • Speakers at SMX, SES, PubCon, Internet Retailer and MarketingProfs B2B@searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
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  4. 4. ’ …• A recent 2012 Mongoose Metrics study of the top 1 Million Websites found that: – Smartphone market share is now at 44% and it is expected to increase to over 52% by 2014 – mobile search currently represents approximately 9% of all searches – Of the 1 million websites examined in this study, only 9% were deemed mobile ready@searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  5. 5. • A specific mobile version of a website – Not a one size fits @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  6. 6. #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  7. 7. • Mobile Navigation can have a significant positive impact on use and can alleviate frustration and abandonment – Make it “Thumb Friendly” @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  8. 8. • A 2011 Compuware Survey found: – 71% of global mobile web users expect websites to load as quickly, almost as quickly or faster on their mobile phone compared to the computer they use at home – Nearly 60% of web users say they expect a website to load on their mobile phone in three seconds or less – 74% are only willing to wait five seconds or less for a single mobile web page to load before leaving the site. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  9. 9. • Separate Mobile Sub-Domain from main website – usually with device detect redirects to mobile pages @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  10. 10. Responsive web design: A website that responds to the device (or window size)that accesses it and delivers the appropriate output for it uses responsive design.Rather than designing multiple sites for different-sized devices, this approachdesigns one site but specifies how it should appear on varied devices.@searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
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  12. 12. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  13. 13. ’ • If you have equivalent mobile and desktop pages you need to give search engines a way to know they are connected • Annotations in HTML code (sometimes called switchboard tags) can accomplish this • On the desktop page, add a special link rel="alternate" tag pointing to the corresponding mobile URL. This helps Googlebot discover the location of your sites mobile pages. – <link rel="alternate" media="only screen and (max-width: 640px)" href="" > • On the mobile page, the required annotation should be: – <link rel="canonical" href="" > • You can also accomplish the same thing in your site’s XML sitemaps:@searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  14. 14. @SEARCHMOJOSEARCH-MOJO.COM 800.939.5938
  15. 15. MOBILE PAID SEARCH Paid Mobile Search is different…Playing in mobile paid search is imperative to be successful in mobile marketing@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  16. 16. MOBILE SEARCH IS ABOUT GOOGLE • Google Mobile Search Market Share in US is 96.9% --Forbes@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  17. 17. MOBILE PAID SEARCH IS EXPLODING! • A recent study from IgnitionOne showed that: – Mobile Paid Search Spend is up 269% Year over Year – Mobile Paid Search Impressions are up 317% Year over Year• Marin Software Study says that 14% of all Q1 2012 Paid Search Clicks were on mobile devices• Marin predicts that 25% of all Google Paid Search Clicks will by from mobile by December 2012 @searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  18. 18. SERP PAGE LAYOUT MAKES A DIFFERENCE • PPC Ads have much higher CTR on Smartphones and Tablets #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  19. 19. ADS GET ALL THE PAGE REAL ESTATE• Visibility of Natural Results can require a lot of scrolling @searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  20. 20. THE GOOD NEWS! - IT’S RELATIVELY CHEAP • Low competition & High CTR = Low CPC Marin Software – The State of Mobile Search Advertising in the US@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  21. 21. BREAK OUT CAMPAIGNS BY DEVICE• Use separate campaigns for PCs – Tablets and Smartphones• Significant Performance Differences by Device@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  22. 22. PERFORMANCE DIFFERENCES• Online conversion performance differences are significant Not as bad as it seems – more on this in a little bit@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  23. 23. MOBILE GRANULARITY • Different Bids • Different Budgets • Different Ads (click to call) • Different Day-parting • Can also have device specific Campaigns – iPad and iPhones can sometimes have dramatic performance differences than Android Devices@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  24. 24. GO BIG OR GO HOME • No Sidebar ads on Tablets or Smartphones • Smartphones typically 2 ads on top and 2 to 3 on the bottom • Tablets typically have 3 ads on top • You need to bid aggressively to get top of page positions@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  25. 25. MOBILE AD SITE LINKS ARE BIG DEAL • Site Links can push down competitor results • Tablet Site Links are just like PC site links • Google claims site links can improve CTR 30%@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  26. 26. MOBILE PAGE ONE@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  27. 27. MOBILE DISPLAY NETWORK • The Google Display Network exists on mobile devices also • Contextual targeting is poor in comparison to PCs – Google expands mobile Display to mobile Apps • • AdMob • Little to No Context on Apps@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  28. 28. DOING MOBILE DISPLAY RIGHT • Opportunities to use Location Specific Banners to drive store visits • Great for local businesses • Great for pushing promotions@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  29. 29. @SEARCHMOJOSEARCH-MOJO.COM 800.939.5938
  30. 30. UNDERSTANDING LOCAL INTENT • Google says that 1 in 3 mobile searches is to look up LOCAL information – 95% Use mobile weekly to look up local information • 61% look up local business phone numbers to call • 59% to visit a business • 44% to make a local purchase • 54% find a retailer – 87% have taken action after Looking up Local Content Source: Google: The constantly connected consumer@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  31. 31. LOCAL INFO SEEKERS TAKE ACTION@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  32. 32. SMARTPHONE CONVERSIONS ARE IN THE STORE • Smartphones have lower online conversion rates – But high in-store conversion Source: AT&T Interactive Local Insights Report Q1 2012@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  33. 33. SMARTPHONE USAGE ON-THE-GO• 68% of smartphone users search “On-The-Go” – Most popular search location: The car – Want to find and locate businesses Source: xAd/Telmetrics Mobile Path to Purchase Study 2012 @searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  34. 34. OPTIMIZE FOR LOCAL INTENT • Google gives mobile searchers the option to “Search With My Location” • Search for “Sushi” and Google provides local restaurant listings • Google needs local context from websites to figure this out@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  35. 35. GET STORE LOCATIONS FOUND• Create individual pages for each store location – Don’t hide them behind a “zip code wall” – Build a Directory Structure that search engines can crawl if you have multiple locations Add redundancy for search engines@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  36. 36. GIVE SEARCH ENGINES A CLUE • Use structured markup to give search engines some local context • • RDF • Micro-formats • Rich Snippets • “Mark-up” Addresses@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  37. 37. DO A GOOGLE+ LOCAL PAGE FOR GOOGLE MAPS Formerly Known as a Google Places Page@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  38. 38. @SEARCHMOJOSEARCH-MOJO.COM 800.939.5938
  39. 39. WHEN PEOPLE USE MOBILE DEVICES • Waiting • Watching TV • When they get up • Mobile usage spikes in the evenings • At Home (Tablets)@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  40. 40. MOBILE PICKS UP ON THE WEEKENDS • Google says mobile search spikes on the weekends• Smartphones are stronger than tablets in terms of weekend search volume. @searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  41. 41. TABLETS ARE DIFFERENT THAN SMARTPHONES • A recent AdMob/Google Study said that Tablet users: – 82% primarily use their Tablet at Home – 69% use their tablets mostly on the weekdays – 62% primarily use their tablets at night – 68% spend at least an hour a day on there tablet@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  42. 42. MULTI-TASKING WITH MOBILE “Media Stacking” is using 2 or more forms of media simultaneously@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  43. 43. ADVERTISE ON TV – CONVERT WITH MOBILE• TV commercials push the brand or product• Many mobile searchers (especially Tablet users) immediately go to search@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  44. 44. CASE STUDY: MAZDA USA • Mazda didn’t have a Super Bowl TV Commercial, but did have a new vehicle (the CX-5) that was directly competing with Honda’s CR-V • Mazda advertised in Search Engines on the CR-V’s Ferris Bueller Commercial keywords • Over 2 million mobile searchers saw Mazda Ads instead of Honda Search Ads during the Super Bowl and many thousands clicked and did KPI actions@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  45. 45. @SEARCHMOJOSEARCH-MOJO.COM 800.939.5938
  46. 46. OPTIMIZING FOR IN-STORE SEARCH • Shoppers are scanning bar codes to check prices and check for product availability more than ever@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  47. 47. START TAKING ADVANTAGE OF QR CODESFollow us on Facebook Write a Review on Google+ Watch a Video About UsConnect with your customers and get them to do these key actions with theirbar code readers on there phones • Put them: • In-Store Q2 2012 had over 16 Million code scans • Customer Lobby and averaged 120 scans per minute – • On a trade show booth ScanLife Trend Report • On a product • On a window • On a magazine or newspaper ad @searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  48. 48. OPTIMIZE FOR BARCODE SEARCH • You must utilize UPC product codes on your product pages – Use them in Page Title Tags • Selling Books? Must use ISBN numbers on page • You should also buy UPC and/or ISBN numbers as PPC keywords – Really cheap Cost Per Click & great conversion rates@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  49. 49. CONTACT Tad Miller 800-939-5938 x102 Twitter: @jstatad Google+: 02572648610590564638/posts@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  50. 50. QUESTIONS@searchmojo #Mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM