Sculpting a Successful PPC Advertising Account


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  • The sculptor Michelangelo said that “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it’s the task of the sculptor to discover it.” The same applies to a PPC Account. It starts out like the block of marble…
  • We spend most of our work day on PPC, it’s not getting any easier and reliable automation isn’t really much of an option in our PPC philosophy.
  • The old adage “Trust by Verify” is imperative. But realize that verification is a full-time job.
  • There is a Google Match Type called “Expanded Broad match” that most advertisers don’t know about.
  • You always want to put your best ad and best landing page possible out for each keyword. You don’t always get that luxury with Natural Search. This is one of the greatest benefits of PPCAgain – human beings at the search engine aren’t making decisions to match these keywords. Relevance is determined by CTR not logic.
  • Use negatives as a way to improve conversion quality of traffic and improve click through rate by eliminating impressions.
  • When starting a new Campaign, I use the Google keyword tool and look for “synonyms”. The synonyms are again based on CTR and not human logic. Just add the negatives for the irrelevant keywords to eliminate them before they happen.
  • Google has such a huge sample size that when we find a negative with a large number of impressions and clicks we typically ad it as a negative on Yahoo and MSN Bing.Additionally, the better your Quality Score the more expansive broad matching gets.
  • Once the Blackberry Storm was released we were overwhelmed with searches for “Blackberry Storm Cases” that were not targeted for our client’s product offering.
  • Transition…Negative keywords cut away the bad keywords, You also need to grow and accentuate good keywords that you didn’t initially use in your keyword lists.
  • If you use all three match types, do a keyword report for a month or more data and sort by clicks. Are Broad matches still getting the most clicks? You probably need to add keywords or filter out negatives.
  • Most of the conversation to this point has been about excluding and restricting. We’re now going to talk about expanding and sculpting what does work with your account into something bigger.You can always expand your impressions by budgeting more and bidding higher, but that’s not always cost effective or possible.Restructuring your accounts can get you more ad impressions for your best performing keywords and Campaigns. Restructure to max out CTR and Quality Score where you want more results.
  • You can get a rough view of missed impressions on Yahoo Sponsored Search in different areas. But we don’t think it’s very accurate. At best it tells minimum spends to get full budgeted impressions.MSN really has nothing like this – there’s just too little traffic and it’s too inconsistent to know.
  • You get better keyword coverage with all three match types. Use of Phrase Match and Exact Match helps ensure you get better keyword matches to ad copy.Customized Ad Copy to the keyword searched can have a huge impact on improving CTR – and it’s Free!
  • Searchers are looking for relevance not your branding message. You have very little space to write – give them what they want to see and realize they are quickly skimming the ads and not reading. Company branding and slogans are better used on the landing page.
  • Use of small keyword specific ad groups and ad copy just makes sense. Realize that your message is for both the customer & the search engine algorithm. Use tactics that both meet your goals and engines goals.
  • You may discover that the keywords and ad copy you thought would work most effectively don’t. When you let the customer conversion metrics “decide” what your tactics and emphasis will be you might be surprised the direction that they take you.The “masterpiece” you expected might actually end up looking quite different than you though it would, but you need to go with it to be most effective.
  • Sculpting a Successful PPC Advertising Account

    1. 1. Sculpting a Successful Pay Per Click Advertising Account
    2. 2. About Search Mojo • Search engine marketing firm founded in 2005 – Search engine optimization (SEO) – Pay-per-click advertising management (PPC) – Post-click marketing • Offices in Charlottesville, Va. and Denver, Colo. • Featured in the Washington Post, B2B Magazine, MarketingSherpa, Visibility Magazine and many blogs, including Marketing Pilgrim and Search Engine Journal • Speakers at PubCon and Search Engine Strategies • Clients include: MazdaUSA, National Geographic, American Heart Association, Clorox, Taco Bell, Georgetown UniversitySeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    3. 3. Pay Per Click AdvertisingThe Quick Basics if You Don’t Already Know
    4. 4. Pay Per Click Advertising – What Are We Talking About?September 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    5. 5. The Paid ResultsSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    6. 6.  How Does It work? It’s an Ad Auction with bid price determining ad position on the Page. The top result is the highest bidder. But it’s more than just a simple auction – Quality Matters Google Quality Score Yahoo Quality Index Quality for a Search Engine essentially boils down to Click Through Rate (CTR) CTR = Clicks / Ad Impressions Search Engines make more money by prominently showing the most clicked ads Keywords/Ads with high Quality Score/Quality Index get shown more, can have lower bid prices and stronger ad positionsSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    7. 7. Why Advertise with PPC? • Do you have a Goal? – Sales – Leads – Key Performance Indicators: Specific Actions you want searchers to take on your site • Today’s conversation isn’t just about traffic – It’s very easy to drive traffic with PPC. But, what does that traffic do? • Optimizing PPC means maximizing clicks that meet your goals and minimizing or eliminating clicks that don’tSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    8. 8. PPC is a Great Way to Achieve Conversion Goals. But it isn’t One Size Fits All • Most Advertisers start and stay with the PPC Platform’s Default Settings • You need to evaluate if these settings are in the best interests of meeting your goals – Geographic Settings – Advertising HoursSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    9. 9. Ad Networks • Google, Yahoo & MSN all offer contextually targeted “Content Network” Ads – Ads can appear on participating sites that have content matching your keywords – You can choose to opt out • All 3 Engines also “syndicate” their search to other sites – Syndicated traffic is actually the majority of Yahoo traffic, but you can’t opt out. – Google ads are syndicated with AOL and Opt out is All or Nothing.September 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    10. 10. Advertising on iPhones • Google Adwords now shows ads on iPhones and other phones with full internet browsers – T-mobile G-Phone – Palm Pre • Is your website viewable on mobile phones? • Are your conversion actions possible on your mobile site?September 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    11. 11. It’s Easy to Filter Your PPC Traffic  Check or un-check the boxes for search networks, content networks and mobile devices depending on your goals and abilities.September 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    12. 12. Use All 3 Keyword Match Types • The Default Keyword Setting on All 3 Search Engines is Broad Match – Yahoo calls it “Advanced Match” • Google says Broad Match “Allows your ad to show on similar phrases and relevant variations. Even if those terms aren’t in your keyword lists. – If you use Broad Match on the keyword “tennis shoes” your ad will show for searches on: • Tennis • Shoes • Buy tennis shoes • Tennis shoe photos • Running shoes • Tennis sneakersSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    13. 13. Phrase Match Type • Phrase Match Type allows your ad to show when search queries match an exact phrase – Add the keyword in quotation marks “ “ – Ads will show when that exact phrase is used in query – The query can contain other words, as long as the exact phrase is contained in it – Example: Phrase matched “tennis shoes” shows ads for queries on: • Red tennis shoes • Buy tennis shoes • Tennis shoes picturesSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    14. 14. Exact Match Type • Exact Match allows ads to show for searches that show the exact phrase exclusively – Enter the keyword in brackets [ ] – If the keyword is [tennis shoes] your ad will only show for a search on tennis shoes & nothing elseSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    15. 15. How to Take Control of Your PPC
    16. 16. Are You the Block or the Masterpiece? “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it” MichelangeloSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    17. 17. It’s Going to Be Some Work • Most PPC Campaigns are not executed with a lot of sophistication – but to operate efficiently it takes a great deal of regular optimization. You need to think of your PPC advertising like a work of art. The default settings & what they bring equate to a "Block of Marble" – you need to free the work of art inside it by chiseling away at the pieces that dont belong. “If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldnt seem so wonderful at all.” MichelangeloSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    18. 18. Understand the Reality • Realize that Search Engines are a Business – Their job is to get as many clicks as possible – your job is to get as many conversions as possible for the least amount of money. They arent the same goal. • Search Engines provide the means to advertise – its up to you to make it profitable. This takes work. "You cant set it and forget it.“ • For the most part the tools to make your advertising successful are available from the engines. Again its up to you to find them and be diligent about using them effectively.September 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    19. 19. Broad Match is a Double Edged Sword • You need to realize that only using Broad match is lazy. And a HUGE revenue stream for the Search Engines. – Google says “let us do the legwork” & not to ‘sweat over getting the perfect keyword list’ • Broad Match is getting More Expansive every day • Google explains “Expanded Broad Match”: “With expanded broad matching, your ads automatically appear on additional terms we’ve matched to your keywords” – Human beings aren’t matching these keywords by relevance – Click Through Rate of searchers is determining “Relevance”.September 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    20. 20. Broad Matching is Far from Being Perfect Storm=Hurricane How are these the same? Case=Vase Adwords thinks they are the same Storm Case The Most Rugged Carrying Case in the world. Hurricane Glass Vase A dainty fragile glass vaseSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    21. 21. Broad Matching is Far from Being Perfect = XXX This very tan couple who are into very public A Car “displays of affection” This car is a “Coupe” This couple might be found for searches like: •“amateur couple porn” •“couple live sex” •“live couple sex” Coupe = Couple What does this car have to do with these two?September 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    22. 22. Broad Matching Competing Brands • There are numerous trademark rules with advertising on competitors branded terms and it’s discouraged on Google and not allowed on Yahoo & MSN • But if you have a popular brand they have no problem broad matching it your competitors brand keywords for youSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    23. 23. Broad Matching Competing Brands • Google had a lot of trouble with our clients unrelated Automotive brand broad matching to “Mitsubishi” – Especially to the hundreds of misspelled versions of “Mitsubishi” + 500 different “Mitsubishi” KeywordsSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    24. 24. Untargeted Broad Matching for Your Own Brand • Example - Three different vehicles: – “Car Brand X3” – “Car Brand X5” – “Car Brand X6” • All three keywords Broad Match to Each Other – But Ad Copy isn’t targeted to right car – Landing Page isn’t targeted to right car – Conversion Performance isn’t optimalSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    25. 25. Use Negative Keywords • Negative keywords ensure your ad Does NOT show for any search that includes them – Match Types apply to Negative keywords also – Just ad the minus sign – in front of the keyword you want to be a negative – Free – Used – ProblemsSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    26. 26. How to Find Negative Keywords • Google Adwords Search Query Report is your weapon against un-targeted Broad & Phrase matching. • The new Adwords interface also provides easy access to the exact keywords that triggered the matchingSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    27. 27. Run the Google Search Query Report • Export to Excel • Filter and Sort Data by Broad & Phrase Match • Find the Negative Keywords that aren’t relevantSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    28. 28. Search Query Reports • If you have a large Yahoo account with an account rep ask for a “Subphrase Report” • Otherwise rely on the much larger search sample from Google and apply the highest trafficked negatives to Yahoo & MSN • Search Query Reports can be HUGE and very time consuming. – The bigger your spend, the more you need to review themSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    29. 29. You will never be finished… • 20% to 25% of the searches that Google sees every day it has NEVER seen before. As a result you can never ignore broad match possibilities – Example: Storm Cases Storm Case Blackberry Storm Blackberry Storm CasesSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    30. 30. Broad Match Isn’t All Bad… • You often find more good keywords that you missed than bad ones – Use Broad Match as a safety net • Add keywords. Especially if they converted after broad matching • Again use all 3 match types of keywords when adding. “The more the marble wastes, the more the statue grows” MichelangeloSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    31. 31. Max Out with Exact Match • The real cost of a keyword is the exact match CPC – It’s the Most Targeted. Broad or Phrase may sometimes look cheaper, but if you factor in all the irrelevant matches over time they aren’t cheaper. • In our experience Exact Match almost always has the lowest Cost Per Conversion, Highest Conversion Rate and Highest Conversion Volume. • Exact Match has highest CTR • Depending on how Savvy Competition is it has the lowest CPC • Sort your keywords by total clicks – shouldn’t be any Broad Match at the top of the list.September 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    32. 32. Get More Ad Impressions for Free • Search Engines reward high CTR – Search Engines maximize total clicks by showing the ads with the highest CTR the most • Find out what how many impressions you are losing on Adwords by running a Campaign Report – How much lost to inadequate budget – How much lost to poor Ad Rank • Click Through Rate impacts Ad RankSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    33. 33. Check the Extra Boxes on the Campaign ReportSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    34. 34. Maximize Your CTR • Use all 3 match types – Get as many Exact Matches that convert as possible • Get Granular with Ad Groups – More smaller, very keyword specific ad groups – Match the keywords as much as possible to ad copy (Bold Ad Copy increases CTR)September 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    35. 35. Ad Copy Best Practices • Find the best performing Ad Copy from a CTR and Conversion Rate Basis – Eliminate ad copy that drags down CTR – Don’t use too many ads (Waters down CTR) • Test 2 to 3 Ad Copies at a time – No More than 3 – Realize that PPC is about RELEVANCE for the searcher – Relevance first, Branding if there’s any room left • Ad copy that focuses on Brand message & not keyword searched drags down CTR & Impression Share.September 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    36. 36. “Grow” Good Impressions • You can increase impressions on keywords that convert best for you – Search Engines don’t operate by logic, they use CTR to determine relevance as part of an Algorithmic formula • Maximize CTR and they will reward you: – Lower Costs per Click – Stronger Ad Position – More Ad ImpressionsSeptember 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    37. 37. Conclusion • Chip away at the bad keywords, add the good keywords that convert with all three match types. • Maximize and “Sculpt” a larger CTR to maximize your impressions for keywords that are converting for you.September 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    38. 38. Conclusion • Use the conversion data of the searchers as your guide – The most successful tactics might not be what you think they are…September 19, 2012 Copyright 2009
    39. 39. Contact Information Tad Miller Account Director Search Mojo e: o: 800-939-5938 x102 t: @jstatad, @searchmojo w: b: 19, 2012 Copyright 2009