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Cambodia and www

  1. 1. Cambodia’s Daughters of MarieHelp of Christians and wwwPhnom Penh,June 8th, 2013Tadeja Mesojedec, dipl. nov. (UN)
  2. 2. Step by stepPublic relations(what)and their purpose(why)Media, www,social media (paths)Techniques:practicalwayExamplesTimeframe(we never leave a meetingwithout next date)What wealreadyhave 
  3. 3. Method of work• Informal – ask, comment• Get involved!• max. 2 hours• 2.30 to 4.30 pm
  4. 4. ‘’I would like then to invite Christians, confidently and withan informed and responsible creativity, to join the networkof relationships which the digital era has made possible. Thisis not simply to satisfy the desire to be present, but becausethis network is an integral part of human life. The web iscontributing to the development of new and more complexintellectual and spiritual horizons, new forms of sharedawareness.’’Pope Benedict XVI
  5. 5. How did I come here?• E-mail newsletter• E-mail application• Google search (how many schools?, where?,pictures, children?)• My family and Google search• Facebook
  6. 6. Public Relations• Transfer of Information• Who do we address with our work?• How do we do it?
  7. 7. Who are we: public image of theorganization• Specialty of church institutions (internationalsupport in publicity)• Recognizable due to the individuals(missionaries)• Do we want more?▫ Wishes▫ Strategy▫ Finance▫ Time
  8. 8. Purpose• Objective(NGO, policy, values in Cambodia)• Subjective(networking, recognition,benefactors, positioning)
  9. 9. What can we communicate?• The mission of the organization• Individual projects, events• Products, services• Charity• Information about school, enrolments
  10. 10. To whom do we speak?• Each public has its own personality, range,interests, lifestyle, priorities, organization,political influence
  11. 11. Internal vs External PRInternal PR External PRWithin the organization structure Outside the organization and its structuresStudentsEmployeesAdvisorsTrainersTechnical staffLocal unitsVolunteersSponsorsDonorsOther non-governmental organizationsRelated organizations, associationsParentsFuture and Past StudentsReligious communitiesCivil initiativesMedia
  12. 12. External PR• A set of information filter, ‘gatekeeper’• One person or more?• Many channels (web site, social media, media,newsletter, public events: home countries andCambodia, leaflets …)• Decision obligate us to act in the long term
  13. 13. Remember to RACE!• Research• Analysis & Planning• Communication• EvaluationRESULTS
  14. 14. Channels of communication• Existing channels• Do we use them?• Are we able to put more effort?
  15. 15. Web page• Yes, we need one!• Possibilities:▫ simple web page with presentation of work andpictures (including logotypes and some hyperlinks)▫ more complex with more information, exchange ofinformation, participation of users• Urgent reply: what do you want to achieve with it?▫ Presentation of our work (involving new / oldbenefactors)▫ Information (on events, applications for futurestudents etc.)▫ Increasing recognition in Cambodia / world▫ Interactivity
  16. 16. Examples• Don Bosco Nigeria• Don Bosco Slovenia• Salesian Sisters Slovenia• Salesian Sisters UK• Salesian in East African Province• Salesian Sisters Zambia• Salesian Missions
  17. 17. Some general questions for discussion• Who are potential visitors of this page (benefactorsor also local people who search information aboutschool)?• What is our main purpose (maybe two)?• Is it possible that we post news regular (minimumtwo times per month, but much better one perweek)?• How much money can we invest? (free version vs.expensive)• Would we like to present Teuk Thla / Cambodia /Province?
  18. 18. How to do it? Simple ways• as a blog; basic information + posting lettersfrom sisters to their countries• as a simple web page with basic information• with news (photos!) and a responsible person• as a Facebook page (example)
  19. 19. Social networks
  20. 20. Step 1: YouTube (video) presentationof missions• Video• YouTube (not yet!)
  21. 21. Thank you!One step towards youth andtowards reaching our mission!