Colleges all around us


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Colleges all around us

  1. 1. Rowlandas Colleges
  2. 2. Pratt University Great Fashion programs and Rowlanda would like to go herbecause it is located near her house and has a very big campus
  3. 3. Julliard The Performing Arts here isphenomenal . The school is knownfor the many artist , dancers, and musicians that come out of the school make it big in the world.Rowlanda would like to go her forexcellent fashion because it would give her a lot of connections
  4. 4. Brown University Great Sports teams who are knownfor their determination and drive to win . Also Brown University and is a historical College . Also the Camp is very diverse and there are many student some to study from other countries .
  5. 5. Georgetown University Located at our Capital and isrenowned for its liberal artsprograms . Rowlanda would like to go there for the big campus . The family environment , and the factthat it is accessible the city
  6. 6. FashionInstitute forDesign andMerchandise ExcellentPrograms forDesign, Marketing , and alsonetworkingyourself in thefashion world .Can help youjumpstart youcareer
  7. 7. My Top Five Colleges By Alysha McKenzie
  8. 8. Columbia University Oldest institution of higher learning in the State of New York
  9. 9. Yale University A school that is very accessible for ones needs but also has a great medicine program and is done in a very fun
  10. 10. John Hopkins University Excellent programs for Psychology , Neurology , and Cardiology
  11. 11. DePauw University One of the top schools for liberal arts
  12. 12. Harvard Medical School Top Ivy League School for Medicine
  13. 13. Colleges All Around Us "Education is not preparation forlife; education is life itself." John Dewey
  14. 14. John Jay College of Criminal Justice • Has many opportunities that are beneficial • Special programs that can get your career started • Is located in New York City • Very diverse with students from all over
  15. 15. St. JohnsUniversity • Has several schools in New York City • There is one in Queens, one in Manhattan, and one in Staten Island
  16. 16. Pace University • Located in New York City • Has many opportunities • Has places around the building that can be helpful during the school year like book stores, and lunch areas
  17. 17. Bard College • Has dorms • Large campus • Diverse with many students • Helps students become independent and learn to live on their
  18. 18. TrinityCollege • Has financial help • Campus • Variety of sports • Jobs for students on campus • Diverse student body
  19. 19. Colleges: