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Week 5 tuesday


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Week 5 tuesday

  1. 1. Week 5 – TuesdayZombie forecast; RUN!!!!!!
  2. 2. Quick ReviewWhat is a primary source? What is a popular source? What is a scholarly source?
  3. 3. One-minute write upsYour thoughts on APA: A little confusing Doesn’t seem so bad Not sure yet Don’t like it, but it’s fineOther things Slow down Can we have help? Can I turn in late work? I don’t understand the Zombies?
  4. 4. Special Message
  5. 5. Training: Website Evaluation What? Evaluation = critically thinking Why? about a sourceReasons to Evaluate web sources:Anyone can publish anything! It’s hard to tell who the real author isThere are NO web standardsDo you trust what this guy has to say?
  6. 6. Training: Website Evaluation
  7. 7. Training: Website EvaluationHow? Currency Relevancy Accuracy Authority Purpose
  8. 8. Training: Website EvaluationCURRENCY When was the site created? When was it last updated? Is it regularly maintained? Is the information cited new, or outdated?RELEVANCY Does the site pertain to your topic? Does it contain information you would expect it to?
  9. 9. Training: Website EvaluationAccuracy Are there grammatical or spelling errors? Is there an editor? Can the information be verified? (& are sources cited?)Authority Who is the author? What are the author’s credentials? Who is the publisher? What is the author’s affiliation?
  10. 10. Training: Website Evaluation Purpose Why does this site exist? Is it biased? Are there lots of advertisements?Other things... What is the URL ending? Check out pages 123-124 Who is the intended audience? Trust your gut!
  11. 11. Training: Website EvaluationSide bar: Wikipedia Michael ScottPOLL: explainsWhat do you likeabout Wikipedia? Wikipedia The gang fromBut….What’s the problem 30 Rockwith Wikipedia? demonstrate the problemWhere does it fail withthe CRAAP test? Wikipedia in two steps. Remember, this guy, our Evaluation Mascot, could be one of the authors!
  12. 12. Training: Website Evaluation Convenient Fast New information LOTS of great information out there – you just have to find it in the sea of crap.
  13. 13. In – Class Assignment
  14. 14. Today’s ConCepTs:Website Evaluation …CRAAP …Wikipedia …Pros & Cons of the Web
  15. 15. Fifth Brain Trust MissionChoose two websites you found in missions 3 & 4Evaluate them using the CRAAP testDetermine if these two sources areworthy to be included in your finalproject! DUE THURSDAY.