E Commerce Management Process Tn


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This presentation provides an overview of the system of e-commerce based on a customer centric approach. The test case of this model was a newly established e-commerce shop for DIY home automation devices in Germany.

E Commerce Management Process Tn

  1. 1. Consumer Centric Enriched E-commerce Process:<br />Consumer Electronics<br />Marketing<br />Management<br />3/19/2011<br />TN-Management 2007<br />Offer<br />&<br />Content<br />Management<br />Customer<br />Services<br />Management<br />Encompass<br />CRM<br />Campaign<br />Management<br />Logistics<br />Management<br />Administration<br />Management<br />1<br />
  2. 2. Value Chain: Consumer Buying Process<br />INSTALLATION<br />&<br />USAGE<br />EVALUATION<br />&<br />DECISION<br />PROBLEM <br />DEFINITION<br />PURCHASE<br />ORIENTATION<br />Human Resources (back office planning, etc)<br />Technology development (CMS; CRM; CMT, CDB, PDB, etc)<br />Margin<br />Finance (budget; payment; stock, etc)<br />Infrastructure<br />PURCHASE<br />&<br />PAYMENT<br />SERVICES<br />DELIVERY<br />SERVICES<br />INSTALLATION<br />SERVICES<br />USAGE<br />SERVICES<br />INFORMATION<br />PROVISION<br />SERVICES<br />3/19/2011<br />TN-Management 2007<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Suppliers<br />Enriched e-commerce management: a coherent system of processes<br />Service<br />providers<br />Marketing<br />Management<br />Customer<br />Services<br />Management<br />Call Center<br />Back office<br />Offer<br />&<br />Content<br />Management<br />Off-line<br />Marketing<br />Encompass<br />CRM<br />Shipment<br />companies<br />Logistics<br />Management<br />Campaign<br />Management<br />On-line<br />Marketing<br />Finance<br />Management<br />Administration<br />Management<br />Logistics<br />&<br />Warehouse<br />Company<br />3/19/2011<br />TN-Management 2007<br />3<br />
  4. 4. Marketing Management<br />Marketing<br />Management<br />Satisfied customers<br />Turnover & Margin<br />Satisfied stakeholders<br />Customer Data base<br />Customer insight<br />Cross selling opportunities<br />Offer & content <br />Campaigns<br />Customer services<br />Customer data<br />Service Provider data<br />Campaign<br />Management<br />Customer<br />Log-file<br />Creation<br />Delivery<br />Service<br />Installation<br />Service<br />User<br />Service<br />Information<br />provision<br />Order<br />&<br />Payment<br />Customer<br />Services<br />Customer<br />Satisfaction<br />Measurement<br />3/19/2011<br />TN-Management 2007<br />4<br />
  5. 5. Encompass CRM<br />Encompass<br />CRM<br />Enriched customer database<br />Customer behavior data<br />Customer purchase data<br />Customer satisfaction data<br />Evaluated campaigns<br />Customer contact files<br />Data output queries<br />Campaign results<br />Customer services<br />Customer leads<br />Customer behavior data<br />Sales log files<br />Behavior<br />Logging<br />Data analysis<br />&<br />Research<br />Campaign<br />Management<br />Evaluation<br />&<br />Adjustment<br />Customer<br />Log file<br />Purchase<br />logging<br />3/19/2011<br />TN-Management 2007<br />5<br />
  6. 6. Offer & Content Management<br />Offer<br />&<br />Content<br />Published content<br />Product and service offer<br />Web-statistics<br />Customer leads<br />Customer feedback<br />Marketing strategy<br />Purchase strategy<br />Content information<br />Product information<br />Customer satisfaction data<br />Web design<br />Systems<br />Offer<br />(re) design<br />Data <br />consumption<br />logging<br />Campaign<br />Evaluation<br />Marketing<br />Strategy<br />Data analysis<br />&<br />Research<br />Content<br />(re) design<br />3/19/2011<br />TN-Management 2007<br />6<br />
  7. 7. Customer Services Management<br />Customer<br />Services<br />Management<br />Value added<br />Satisfied customer<br />Activity registration<br />Customer log file<br />Sales log file<br />Follow up action registration<br />Installation service booked<br />Consumer info. request<br />Product offer data<br />Content data<br />System request<br />Customer log file<br />Sales log file<br />Inbound<br />Telephone<br />Call<br />Customer<br />Log file<br />Creation / <br />Mutation<br />Log file<br />Creation / <br />Mutation<br />Follow-up<br />&<br />Implementation<br />Consumer<br />Feedback<br />Trigger<br />Inbound<br />E-mail<br />System<br />3/19/2011<br />TN-Management 2007<br />7<br />
  8. 8. Campaign Management<br />Campaign<br />Management<br />Potential customer leads<br />Additional up and cross sales<br />Customer questionnaires<br />Satisfied customers<br />Marketing strategy<br />Market analysis<br />Customer & sales log files<br />Google analytics data<br />Content consumption data<br />Product sales data<br />Execution<br />Data logging<br />Evaluation<br />Data<br />Analysis<br />Campaign<br />Development<br />3/19/2011<br />TN-Management 2007<br />8<br />
  9. 9. Logistics Management<br />Logistics<br />Management<br />Delivered Goods<br />Acknowledgement of receipt<br />Basic Stock <br />Active Inventory<br />Satisfied customers<br />Bills of shipment<br />(Returned) goods<br />Arrival Notice<br />Consignment Stock<br />Bills of shipment<br />Purchase orders<br />Back Order<br />Stock parameters<br />Shipment orders<br />Order<br />Management<br />Outbound<br />Management<br />Inbound<br />Management<br />Storage<br />Management<br />Returned<br />Goods<br />3/19/2011<br />TN-Management 2007<br />9<br />
  10. 10. Administration Management<br />Administration<br />Management<br />Registered goods in flow<br />Registered good out flow<br />Registered sales flow<br />Registered service sales flow<br />Bank transfers done<br />Tax declarations done<br />100% data and process accuracy<br />Logistics in / out data<br />Sales files data<br />Product data<br />Supplier data<br />Customer files data<br />Tax<br />Declarations<br />Book<br />keeping<br />Bank<br />transfers<br />Controlling<br />3/19/2011<br />TN-Management 2007<br />10<br />