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Bib arch


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Bib arch

  1. 1. Jesus’ Ministry and Last Days in Judea Chapter 6 Archaeology & the New Testament John McRay
  2. 2. The Pool of BethesdaJohn 5:1-15 tells us about one of Jesus’visits to JudeaJesus went to a festival in Jerusalemand healed an individual who had beeninvalid for thirty eight years at the Poolof Bethesda
  3. 3. The Pool of BethesdaThe Bible tells us that many disabledindividuals hung out at the Pool ofBethesda
  4. 4. John 5:2 poses some questionsabout the location of the miracle What was the name of the city?: Bethesda Bethzatha Bethsaida
  5. 5. Where did the miracle at the Pool of Bethesda occur? Some believe it is a pool near the sheep gate Others believe it happened in a near by building
  6. 6. Pool of Bethesda
  7. 7. Evidence of The Pool of Bethesda?The Copper Scroll from the Qumran written between A.D. 25 and 68 it lists places in Jerusalem fitting the description of the Pool of Bethesda Hebrew name: Beth Eshdathayin (House of the Twin Pools)
  8. 8. Evidence of The Pool of Bethesda?this may also be the pool, “in the pouredout waters,” mentioned in theOxyrhynchus as the Pool of David wherepeople would bath for purification
  9. 9. Other evidences of The Pool of BethesdaArchaeologists found two large poolsthat had been cut into the rock andplastered the two pools were found about 100 yards north of the Temple Mount’s Northern Wall and about 100 yards from west of Lion Gate (Stephen’s Gate)
  10. 10. the excavations were done by the WhiteFathersMissionaries of Our Lady of Africa ofAlegeria
  11. 11. The White Fathers
  12. 12. Excavations began near the Church ofSaint Annethe pool on the south side s 215 feet wideon the southern side and 190 feet acrossat its northern edge, east and west sidesmeasure 160 feetthe smaller northern pool is 175 feet onthe southern side, 165 feet on the northside, and 130 feet east and west
  13. 13. around the pools excavators found manyfragments of column bases, capitals,and drums probably belonging to the five porches the Pool of John mentions
  14. 14. Wilkinson argues that the miracledidn’t happen in a pool but in a nearbybuildingThe Gospel of John says the invalid wasnear a pool with steps around wherepeople gathered.There haven’t been any remains of thebuilding found
  15. 15. The Pool of SiloamJohn 9:1-41 tells us of when Jesus putclay on the eyes of a blind man thentold him to wash his eyes in the poolthe pool is the Pool of Siloam
  16. 16. The Pool of SiloamGreek= Shiloahbuilt by King Hezekiah in the 18thcentury B.C.King Hezekiah built a tunnel to bringin water from the Gihon Spring to thepool
  17. 17. The Pool of SiloamIn 1897 F. J. Bliss and A. C. Dickieuncovered the 75 square feet court, inthe center of it was the Pool of Siloam
  18. 18. Pool ofSiloam
  19. 19. Hezehiah’s tunnel Brought water from theGihon Spring to the Pool of Siloam
  20. 20. Which pool is the Pool of Siloam?Josephus locates the Pool of Siloamoutside the city walla second pool was found south of thefirst poolthis is the modern day Birket el- HamraWilkinson believes this is the poolJosephus speaks of
  21. 21. Problem?the directions don’t match up inJosephus’ other statementsJosephus mentions the Solomon Poolthe Solomon Pool is between the SiloamPool and the Temple Mountthis reference is possibly referring to theGihon Spring
  22. 22. Solomon made an aqueduct from theGihon Spring†he rock basin of Gihon is possibly whatJosephus refers to as Solomon’s Pool
  23. 23. Tyre and SidonMatthew 15:21-28 and Mark 7:24-30tell us that Jesus visited the Gentilelands of Tyre and Sidon towards theend of his ministrythis is modern day Lebanon
  24. 24. Tyre and SidonJesus went to preach to Jews but insteadhealed a woman’s daughter because ofthe woman’s faith
  25. 25. Tyre and SidonIn 1947 Roman remains were foundbeneath the ruins from Byzantineperiod.none of the remains dated back to NewTestament timesremains from the second century A.D.
  26. 26. Tyre and Sidonsome of the remains included amonumental arch that had beenpartially restoredexcavators found a Roman road that waslined with tombs which was typical ofRoman highways
  27. 27. Tyre and SidonSidon was twenty eight miles north ofTyre and 31 miles south of Beirutaround 1900 tombs were found datingto the fourth century B.C. to theByzantine periodthey found many white marbleanthropoid sarcophagi
  28. 28. The Corban VowMark 7:9-13 tell us that the Phariseeshad forsaken their obligation to supporttheir parentsthey claimed the money that would beused for this purpose was corbancorban- “an offering” to God
  29. 29. Understanding the Corban Vowa sarcophagus from the early Christianperiod was found in a Jewish tomb in theKidron Valleythe Hebrew inscription warns potentialgrave robbers that the money is anoffering only for God
  30. 30. Understanding the Corban Vowat the Double Gate in the Southern Wallof the Temple Mount in Jerusalem therewas found a stone vessel with the‘corban” inscribed on it
  31. 31. BethanyJesus went to Bethany six days before thefinal Passoverhe raised Lazarus from the deadBethany is modern day village ofel-‘Azariyeh
  32. 32. Tomb of Lazarus