Wilson Pipeline: Spring 2010 Newsletter


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The Newsletter of Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. for Spring-Summer 2010.

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Wilson Pipeline: Spring 2010 Newsletter

  1. 1. The Bath Issue Spring 2010 The Wilson Pipeline Your Conduit to Technical Expertise 445 W. Cedar St. Akron, OH 44307 Paul Talk-Bathroom Renovations 330-535-5386 E a c h body sprays, as well as new their full glory for present OH License # 12735 year we paint and wallpaper. The list and future generations to are in- can be as long as the imagi- enjoy. Wilson Plumbing and The Wilson volved nation! About half of our Heating is particularly Team: in about jobs fall into this category. qualified to perform this 50 bath- historically sensitive kind of President: Paul Wilson r o o m Our BathPeople contrac- work. renovations. These range tor team employs the finest Controller: Linda Hahn from ―mini-remodels‖— craftsmen in the Akron area, In addition, we have re- Office Manager: with many years of experi- cently partnered with a such as simply replacing Lana Mihaly ence in renovating and re- leading European designer vanities, pedestal basins, Marketing Director: toilets, tubs and shower storing bathrooms to our of barrier-free shower sys- Tabitha Martin stalls— all the way to major customers’ expectations. We tems and bathroom acces- renovations. These types of pride ourselves on quality sories. Their products are Heating & Cooling Service Manager: major jobs might involve work, attention to detail and not only accessible for those Wes Nestor removing all the fixtures, good communication with with limited mobility, but opening walls and floors, our customers. also beautiful. We think that BathPeople Installation repiping water and drain this partnership will enable Manager: Lee Jarvis The Akron/Fairlawn area lines, rewiring and installing us to address the specific Boiler Installation is abundant with beautiful needs of our customers even new lights and fans, install- Manager: Art Espie older homes with rich family better. ing ceramic tile, building histories that deserve to be General Service Tech: custom shower stalls com- John Wilson plete with showerheads and maintained and restored to -Paul Inside this Coming Soon! issue: Wilson Website Under Construction ―Meet the Team‖ 2 Sign up online to find out  Customer kudos  “Bath & Boiler Bucks” when our new features are Customer Referral Energy Tax Credits 2 added:  “Ask Paul” question Program submission ―Ask Paul‖ 3  Articles by Paul  Before & After photos  Newsletter archive Bathroom Checklist 3  ―Aging in Place‖  Boiler maintenance Resources  How-to videos information Backflow Preventers 4
  2. 2. Page 2 The Wilson Pipeline American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Residential Energy Credits Available The ARRA provides various able energy tax credit will credits in many ways. For tax incentives for individu- help individual taxpayers your heating needs we rec- als to invest in energy- pay for qualified residential ommend Weil-McLain’s efficient products. energy efficient property, Ultra hot water boilers. such as solar hot water Also, Navien’s high effi- Navien’s tankless The credit applies to im- water heaters qualify: heaters, geothermal heat ciency tankless water NavienAmerica.com provements such as adding pumps, and wind turbines. heaters can save you insulation, energy efficient The new law removes most money by reducing your gas exterior windows, and en- of the previously imposed bill, and taking advantage ergy-efficient heating maximum amounts and of the tax credit. and air conditioning maintains the 30 percent systems. credit for the purchase of Ref: Publication 4787 (1-2010) Catalog Number 53156F Depart- Weil-McLain’s qualified property. “Ultra” hot water Modification of credit for ment of the Treasury Internal boilers can qualify: Revenue Service: www.irs.gov Weil-Mclain.com residential energy efficient Wilson P&H can help you property: This nonrefund- take advantage of the tax Stay Home: Save Money & Be Safe Sometimes As our population grows older, many Ohioans are finding that they need more help around the house. Depending on the level of care that is needed, sometimes the only alterna- a few tive is a care facility. But for those whose needs are minor, it is often much less expensive to bathroom make some home modifications, enabling them to stay in their house and still receive the care they require. alterations are all it More and more older adults are reluctant to give up the home they have lived in for many years. With the costs of long-term care rising, a few alterations may be all it takes for takes to be them to be safe at home, especially in the bathroom, where many accidents happen. With the able to stay addition of grab bars, a low– or no-threshold bathing facility and a shower seat, a typical at home bathroom can become easy-to-use for both the occupant and a caregiver. safely. To find out more about how updating your bathroom can increase your home’s ―longevity‖ and ultimately save you money, please call the Wilson offices to schedule an ―aging in place‖ assessment: 330-535-5386. We’d love to work with you! Meet the Team: Office Manager Lana Mihaly When you need something done at Wilson P&H, you call Lana! Not only is she usually the smiling voice you hear when you call the Wilson offices, but she’s been in charge of the workflow scheduling and billing since 2003. Lana is the smiling This proud new grandmother (of Luke, 6 months) is also the head of billing at voice you Wilson. Luke shares the soft spot in Lana’s heart with her dog Jack, who is the hear when focus of Lana’s love of dogs (at home, at least, since our ―office dog,‖ Hunter gets you call her while she’s at work!). Wilson! Last September, Lana faced her fears and did the zipline at Hocking Hills park, embracing her adventurous side.
  3. 3. The Bath Issue Page 3 Wilson P&H Becomes an AKW Partner To Better Serve Customers AKW is a manu- install a barrier-free system The combination of quality, facturer of high saves time and money. experience, function and end shower sys- fashion is one that is sure to tems that are ―By partnering with AKW, please anyone who has or designed to help we are able to expand our anticipates a need for these people with lim- abilities to serve a growing specialty products. ited mobility . segment of the population who would prefer to stay out With over 50 years of bath- The designs not of a long-term care facility. room renovation experience, only improve These products are a perfect Wilson’s BathPeople team is quality of life, complement to our years of ideally suited for the job. For they bring beauty bathroom renovation ex- more information, contact and relaxation to perience,‖ says Paul Wilson, the company at: 330-535- Improved shower design helps people with limited mobility a home. Plus, the President of Wilson Plumb- 5386. capability to easily ing & Heating, Inc. AARP’s Bathroom Checklist A list of design & product suggestions for a  Knee space under sink for seated users home bathroom to increase safety, comfort, convenience and livability:  Countertops with rounded edges Check the Wilson  36 inch-wide door for easy access  Built-in bench/chair in shower website for  No threshold walk-in/roll-in shower  Reduced-slip tile or non-skid floor more “Aging  Hand-held, adjustable showerhead  Bright, non-glare lighting in Place”  Toilet centered 18 inches from wall or tub  Full-length or tilted mirror resources!  Grab bars or wall-blocking for tub & toilet Exerpted from AARP Education & Outreach: www.aarp.org “ A s k P a ul ” Y o u r Q u e s t i o n s A n s w e r e d NEW EPA LEAD CERTIFICATION REQUIRED Q: Anything special I should know about hiring a company to renovate my bathroom? A: This is very timely question! As of April 22, 2010, contractors engaged in almost any type of renovations—such as plumbers, painters, electricians, etc.—and doing work in a home con- structed prior to 1978 where lead paint is a possibility, are required to have a special EPA certification. This certification must be posted during the renovation work. Submit your question on our site: This specifically relates to bathroom renovations since it is almost always necessary to open floors www.WilsonPlumbing or walls to access the drains and water lines. andHeating.com Wilson Plumbing & Heating is one of just a few renovation companies in the Akron area that carries the EPA Certified Renovation Specialist certification. Feel free to call us if you have questions about lead certification or any other bathroom renovation questions.
  4. 4. BBB GOLD STAR AWARD 3 YEARS COMPLAINT-FREE! Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. 445 West Cedar St Akron, OH 44307 OH License # 12735 Wilson Plumbing & Heating is Akron’s only second-generation plumbing and heating com- pany that claims to specialize in steam & hot water boilers, historically sensitive bathroom renovations, barrier-free shower installations, as well as backflow preventer certifications. Over the last 50 years, our business has grown, but our philosophy remains the same: prompt, quality service at a reasonable price. Call us today: 330-535-5386 Backflow Preventers and You: Don’t forget your certification! What is a Backflow Preventer ? Wilson Plumbing & Heating has 3 cer- certification (We can only do the tification specialists to make sure your certification after the water is A backflow preventer is a device that backflow preventer is up to snuff. on!) prevents the water from a commercial building or residential sprinkler system Give yourself peace of mind by calling If you’re installing a system: from backing up into the city water us today to schedule your certification system. appointment! 1. Call your landscaping company to see if they install sprinkler sys- This keeps our drinking water safe If you have a sprinkler system: tems. Or call us for a recommen- from possible contamination! dation. 1. Call your sprinkler company to According to Ohio law, backflow pre- have them turn on the water 2. Once the system venters need to be tested and certified and check the system. is up and running, call every year by a trained certification Wilson to get your specialist. 2. Then call Wilson Plumbing to certification. renew your backflow preventer Newsletter Special $ 10 0 of f A B a r r i e r - f r e e S h o w e r E n c l o s u r e One coupon per job, cannot be combined with other offers. Present at time of service.