Motorola xoom android tablet review


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Motorola Xoom is the genuine rival to the iPad two.You'll have to consider pros and cons before you determine whether it's correct tablet for you. Read more

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Motorola xoom android tablet review

  1. 1. Tablet Pc Comparison Info Finding the Best Tablet PC for you: Make the right decision_______________________________________________________________________________________ Motorola Xoom Android Tablet Review
  2. 2. Tablet Pc Comparison Info Finding the Best Tablet PC for you: Make the right decision_______________________________________________________________________________________The Motorola Xoom was one of the first major Android tablets on the market, andstill does well despite strong competition from the likes of Samsung. It’s got anumber of excellent features that make it a genuine rival to the iPad 2, but you’llhave to take a look at the pros and cons below before you decide whether this is theright tablet for you.Key Specs For The Motorola Xoom* Roughly $588 - $799* Released in 2011* Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS* 9.8 x 6.6 x 0.5 inches in size* Weighs 1.61 lb. / 0.73 kg* 10.1 HD screen* 1280 x 800 resolution* 32 GB storage* NVidia Tegra 2 Dual 1 GHz Processor* Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connection as standard - can also buy 3G/ 4G model* Two cameras: 5MP & 2MP* 10 hours battery lifeWhat’s Great About The Motorola Xoom…Processor: The processor is among the best in the world of tablet computers today.The Xoom features a Tegra 2 Dual Core processor, up with the best of the Androidtablets with regards to speed.Connectivity: The Xoom comes in two main forms. You can get the Wi-Fi only optionfor around $600, or you can opt for the Wi-Fi + 3G/4G option for $800 (both alsocome with Bluetooth). The latter option is an excellent addition for anyone lookingto connect to mobile broadband on the move, though youll have to sign up with aVerizon Wireless contract to do so.Note that 4G is not yet available but will be added with a free upgrade in the comingmonths. This is something not yet featured on many tablets (the iPad, SamsungGalaxy and others dont yet have it) so is a real plus point for the Xoom. Itll meanthat you can download large files, such as movies, within minutes. Verizon currentlyadvertises speeds of around 5-12 megabits per second. And songs will take just a few
  3. 3. Tablet Pc Comparison Info Finding the Best Tablet PC for you: Make the right decision_______________________________________________________________________________________seconds to download!(Remember, the 4G network currently reaches around a third of Americans but isexpanding all the time)Motorola Accessories: Although the accessory market is not as developed as thosefor the iPad, there are still a good number of useful accessories available to expandthe power of your Xoom. Some notable accessories include the speaker dock andother stations used to charge the tablet. The dock can even send content from theXoom directly to your television. Motorola have also developed specific cases,though remember that tablet sizes are pretty standard and you can use a wholerange of generic cases to keep the device protected.Camera: The Xoom comes with two cameras. The rear-facing camera is suitable fortaking photos and recording videos, coming in a 5 megapixels (very impressive whencompared to other tablets on the market) with a dual-LED flash, auto-focus, anddigital zoom. You also have the ability to capture HD 720p videos, and see them in alltheir glory on the Xooms HD display!The front-facing camera is there so you can make video calls when connected to theinternet. This camera comes in at 2 megapixels, which is more than adequate for itspurpose.Flash Support: Unlike the most famous iPad, the Motorola Xoom does support Flash.This means you have the added flexibility of being able to watch Flash movies andvideos, play Flash games and view Flash websites. This is a massive benefit for userswho know they browse a lot of Flash content - but do bear in mind that non-Flashsupporting devices such as the iPad can still let you view YouTube and other onlinevideos in a different format.Battery: The advertised battery life is 10 hours - impressive in the world of tabletcomputing. This is up with the best of them. Of course, youll see the battery drain ifyoure using more intensive operations such as games or playing movies, but thedevice charges very quickly which also comes in handy.Micro-SD Card Slot: Some people are disappointed by the fact that the MotorolaXoom doesnt come with any storage options beyond the default 32GB. If youre thekind of person who needs more space for your music, apps and videos then dontworry, because the inclusion of a Micro-SD card slot means you can expand your
  4. 4. Tablet Pc Comparison Info Finding the Best Tablet PC for you: Make the right decision_______________________________________________________________________________________memory up to another 32GB, matching the iPad’s top 64GB option.Ports: The Xoom trumps the iPad in terms of ports, including a micro USB port (notused for charging). It also features an HDMI audio/ video port to allow you toconnect up to a big screen via a separate HDMI cable.What’s Not So Great About The Motorola Xoom…Cost: The price of the Motorola Xoom may put some people off. The cheapest Wi-Fionly option is still almost $600, which is a lot compared with other tablets on themarket. However, the 3G/4G option is more cost effective given that it will include4G functionality that other tablets dont have, and you can save up to $200 whenyou purchase the tablet on a Verizon contract.Weight: Although theres very little in it between the biggest tablets on the market,you will notice that this tablet weighs more than other big names. This is somethingyoull notice in terms of how comfortable it is to use and carrying it around with youwherever you go. The screen is also thicker than tablets such as the iPad 2, but itisnt noticeably thick. The Xoom does, however, feel solid in your hands (in a goodway).Operating System/ Ease Of Use: Whether the operating system is a pro or con doesreally depend on what youre used to. If youre used to iOS on the iPhone then youmay find that Honeycomb isnt as easy to get your head around. Of course, theAndroid store still doesnt match up to the iPad App Store in terms of sheer numbersof apps available, but the choice is still more than good enough for most users.Charging: Many users have complained that the Xoom doesnt charge via its includedmicro USB port. This is down to how much charge is required, so youll need to use aseparate charger.ConclusionWhen it comes to the inclusion of 3G and 4G technologies on an Android tablet, theXoom is pretty much your top choice available (until Samsung release their 3GGalaxy). It has some notable features, looks sleek and performs well. You can’t reallygo wrong with this tablet.
  5. 5. Tablet Pc Comparison Info Finding the Best Tablet PC for you: Make the right decision_______________________________________________________________________________________Table PC Comparison is not easy. There are now much more choices accessible thanever, with smaller producers taking on the big ones like Apple and Samsung.But the choice ultimately comes down to the particular features you need from yourdevice.To get a guide to probably the most essential factors to think about visit