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Apple i pad 2 review

  1. 1. Tablet Pc Comparison Info Finding the Best Tablet PC for you: Make the right decision_______________________________________________________________________________________Apple iPad 2 ReviewIn the world of tablet computers, the Apple iPad currently holds the crown. Thecurrent generation (the iPad 2) saw a number of improvements to the original iPad,notably the addition of two cameras and an improvement on the original processorto boost speed. Its also sleeker and thinner than ever, but is it really the right tabletcomputer for you?Key Specs For The Apple iPad 2* Costs $499 - $829* Released in 2011* Runs on iOS 4 (soon to be iOS 5)* 9.5 x 7.31 x 0.34 inches in size* Weighs 1.33 lb. / 0.60 kg* 9.7 inch screen* 1024 x 768 resolution* Storage options: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB* Apple A5 1 GHz processor* Wi-Fi/ 3G & Bluetooth connectivity* 1MP & 0.3 MP cameras* 10 hour battery life
  2. 2. Tablet Pc Comparison Info Finding the Best Tablet PC for you: Make the right decision_______________________________________________________________________________________What’s Great About The Apple iPad 2…Design: Lets start with one of the iPads most impressive features: the design.Theres no denying that the iPad 2 looks fantastic, and feels great in your hands.Theres now a choice of black or white versions of the device, and the new smartcovers (see below) help you to personalize the color even more.Apple has set the bar high when it comes to build quality. Other tablets come closeto the iPad 2 in terms of the way they look, but theres no denying that the iPad haslead the way in terms of how tablets are expected to look.Weight: The new iPad 2 is lighter than before, coming in at 1.33 lb. When comparedto the other bestselling tablets on the market, this is extremely light (only beaten bythe Samsung Galaxy Tab). This is an important improvement, as not only does itmake it more portable but it also means that the iPads now easier to use for longerperiods of time.Processor: The new dual core processor in the iPad 2 means that it’s on a par withthe other high-end tablets currently on the market. You can browse the web or loadapps with speed (a lot faster than with the original iPad).Gaming: Many people also use the iPad to play games, and the good news is that thegraphics are noticeably better with the iPad 2. Couple this with having the best appstore in the world, and the iPad 2 is probably the most attractive tablet option forgamers.Apps: As mentioned above, the Apple App Store is the biggest in the world. Thereare hundreds of thousands of apps available: this is where Apple really has the edgeover all other tablets. That said, Android Market is catching up and is more open todevelopers. This means that the Apple App Store wont necessarily hold the crownforever. For now, however, it will probably have everything you could ever want froman app (and more).Operating System: The App store isnt the only good feature of the iOS operatingsystem. iOS is widely regarded as having the best interface among tablet computers.It works well, with a number of inbuilt "gestures" that help you achieve what youneed to simply with the way you move your fingers.That said, there are some complaints of the system. Many people opt for Androidbecause its what theyre already used to from their smartphone, or they simply
  3. 3. Tablet Pc Comparison Info Finding the Best Tablet PC for you: Make the right decision_______________________________________________________________________________________dont like Apples system for notifications and multitasking. Theres no doubt thatthe operating system you choose does come down to personal preference. But if youalready use and love the iPhone, then youll be happiest sticking to iOS for yourtablet.Keyboard: The iPad keyboard works very well. Not only is it extremely responsive,but Apple also has a good autocorrect function when you type things incorrectly(which is very important on a touchscreen keyboard). If you do a lot of typing(emails, documents and so on) then a good quality keyboard is a must. You can alsoget hold of a keyboard dock or wireless keyboard to turn your iPad into a morepowerful desktop computer alternative.Accessories: Because the iPad is one of the most popular tablets on the markettoday, there is a huge range of accessories available (both official and third-party).Whether you want a trendy case for your iPad, a keyboard dock, speakers, carcharger or anything else, itll be easy to find it.With the release of the iPad 2, Apple also unveiled the new Smart Cover. Although itdoesnt come cheap, it is somewhat unique in the world of tablet computers. Itattaches to your iPad magnetically, and automatically wakes up or puts your iPad tosleep when you remove it or put it back on. This is a great, colorful way to keep yourscreen scratch-free (unfortunately it will scratch if you leave it uncovered).Battery Life: The battery life on the iPad 2 is second to none. There are currentlyonly a few other tablets that can match the advertised 10 hours (namely theSamsung Galaxy and Motorola Xoom). This is good news if you want to be able totake your iPad out and about for long periods of time, away from a power source.What’s Not So Great About The iPad 2…No Flash Support: Any review of the iPad has got to include one of its biggestcomplaints - there is no Flash on the device! Apple have purposely chosen not tosupport Adobe Flash, despite the fact that its used in many games, websites andvideos around the net. Thankfully Apple does employ technology that means youcan watch videos from YouTube and other websites. However, if youre into Flashgames then this could be a deal-breaker for you.Screen: Theres no denying that the screen looks great, and has a good viewingangle. However, at 9.7 inches with a resolution of 1024 x 768, there have been noimprovements since the original iPad. Many people have questioned why Appledidnt bring out an HD screen, even though the camera can record HD quality videos.
  4. 4. Tablet Pc Comparison Info Finding the Best Tablet PC for you: Make the right decision_______________________________________________________________________________________Cameras: Many people have also questioned Apple’s choice not to include camerasin the original iPad. Although the cameras make a welcome addition to the iPad 2,they are still far behind most other tablets on the market. The front-facing camera(designed for video chats using FaceTime) is extremely low quality. And the rear-facing camera, for photographs and videos, isnt much better. These dont make forfantastic photographs, but they do the job.No USB: This is another common criticism of Apples iPad. USB ports are somethingthat many of the iPads rivals have chosen to include. The lack of USB ports meansthat you cant attach flash storage drives or external peripherals (unless they useApples specific connection), and theres also no memory slot for adding additionalstorage space.ConclusionAs you can see from this review, even the king of the tablets is far from perfect.There really is no such thing as a perfect tablet computer. For many people whoalready enjoy the Apple operating system on their smartphones, the iPad does comepretty close. Its very hard to match it in terms of user interface and sheer style,though you may choose to go elsewhere if features such as Flash, USB ports orexpandable memory are something youre really looking for.Table PC Comparison is not easy. There are now much more choices accessible thanever, with smaller producers taking on the big ones like Apple and Samsung.But the choice ultimately comes down to the particular features you need from yourdevice.To get a guide to probably the most essential factors to think about visit