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Kidsmart Rollout: Early childhood project - Carl Klitscher


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Kidsmart Rollout: Early childhood project - Carl Klitscher
Carl has been involved with the teacher training component of the IBM Kidsmart Early Learning program in New Zealand since its inception 6 years ago. This session covers the inclusion of Open Source software into that program some of the experiences gained.

There are a wide range of opinions about the use of ICT in the early childhood sector, as you might expect. What we found was that while the pre training comments ranged from negative through ambivalent to cautiously positive, the post training comments are universally positive with the Open Source programs (Tuxpaint, Audacity, Stellarium, Celestia, OpenOffice etc.) playing a major role in that turnaround. Even after six years of operation it is very rare for us to come across people who know of Open Source Software programs before the training sessions but once they realise the power and capability of the software and how it can be used with the curriculum they are very enthusiastic.

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Kidsmart Rollout: Early childhood project - Carl Klitscher

  1. 1. IBM KidSmart Program Rollout Training Carl Klitscher IBM New Zealand Ltd
  2. 2. Agenda ► Kidsmart Program Background ► Initial Experiences ► Training Program Contents ► Open Source Software ► Sample Slides ▬ GIMP and Open Office ▬ Audacity and digital video ► Summary ► Backup slides ▬ Free/Libre download sites ▬ Useful Links Slide 2 of 11
  3. 3. Kidsmart Program Background ► A computer contained in a securable plastic housing ► Windows based ▬ Kiddesk ▬ Millies Math House ▬ Baileys Book House ▬ Etc... ► Operating in NZ for 6 Years ► Over 500 Units deployed ► Targets lower decile kindergartens and Childcare centres ► Installed by IBM volunteers ► Slide 3 of 11
  4. 4. Initial Experiences ► Pilot and year one rollout... ▬ “Computers have no place in Early Childhood Education” ▬ “We don't think the kids would like it” ▬ “It's just a marketing ploy by <Multinational Company X>” ▬ “It's too solitary...” ► Within a week of the Pilot... ▬ “How do I connect to the Internet?” ▬ “Can you give us a copy of Microsoft Office?” ► How do we address these concerns? ▬ Joint ECE/IBM training program was proposed. ▬ Cover both pedagogy and technical aspects. Slide 4 of 11
  5. 5. Training Program contents ► Pedagogy ▬ What is the value? ▬ Where does it fit? ▬ How do we address concerns? ► Technical ▬ Basic care and operation ▬ Why it is the way it is ▬ How the supplied programs work ► What else can you do? ▬ Introduction to Open Source ▬ Install and use TuxPaint ▬ Demonstrate Audacity, Open Office, GIMP, Stellarium etc. Slide 5 of 11
  6. 6. Open Source Software ► TuxPaint ▬ Child oriented painting program ► The GIMP ▬ Digital photo manipulation ► OpenOffice ▬ Word processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation software ► Audacity ▬ Audio capture and manipulation ► Firefox and Thunderbird ▬ Secure Internet Browser and e-Mail client ► TrueCrypt ▬ Password protect USB sticks ► Stellarium and Celestia ▬ The night sky and universal travel... Slide 6 of 11
  7. 7. GIMP and OpenOffice Samples ► GIMP for Image processing ▬ Crop, resize, highlight, airbrush... ► OpenOffice for text and image ▬ Full word processing capabilities ► Tutorials available on the internet Slide 7 of 11
  8. 8. Audacity and digital video ► Audacity – Audio file manipulation ▬ Bass, tempo, pitch, wahwah... ▬ Mix multiple channels ▬ Noise reduction ► Of the sample... not the kids ► Windows Movie Maker ▬ Digital video capture (video or camera) ▬ Import and edit video ▬ Trim, story board and overlay audio ▬ Fade in/out and Transition effects Slide 8 of 11
  9. 9. Summary ► ICT should support the curriculum, not the other way around ▬ ICT is a means to an end so what else can you do with it? ▬ Digital cameras, microscopes and Projectors ▬ Portfolios, Kiosks, Screenshows, Talking books... ► Hands on experience is a great Open Source sales tool ▬ Number 1 request from evaluation forms is more time to learn ▬ Number 2 request is a follow up session ▬ 100% positive post session comments ► Open Source Software is invaluable ▬ License is a good match for the education sector ▬ Allows family and whanau to participate ▬ Positive promotion whenever and wherever you can Slide 9 of 11
  10. 10. Free/Libre Software downloads ► Audacity ▬ ► Celestia ▬ ► Stellarium ▬ ► Firefox/Thunderbird ▬ ► TuxPaint ▬ ► OpenOffice ▬ ► The GIMP ▬ Slide 10 of 11
  11. 11. Useful Links ► The OpenDisc ▬ Open Source software as supplied by the NZOSS ▬ ▬ ► ClamWin ▬ Free antivirus software ▬ Slide 11 of 11