Summer/Winter Trainings & Project Work


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Summer/Winter Trainings & Project Work

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Summer/Winter Trainings & Project Work

  1. 1. Summer/Winter Training & Project Work
  2. 2. Project Ingredients Online Study Materials  Topic wise study materials generated by dedicated team of in house experts. eLearning Management System
  3. 3. Project Methodology Project Organization  Enough information related to every field of Science and Technology.  Updates  Glossary  Quizzes, Online Exams & Project report Writing  Review Paper Writing Online Assistance through  Chat with Faculty  e-mails  Discussion  Grade Books
  4. 4. Daily Study Students log on to for 24x7 using user-id and password to access the material.
  5. 5. Entering the e-Learning Zone
  6. 6. Accessing the Project Front Page Contains:  Guidelines  Important Activities  Project Topics
  7. 7. Topic Wise Learning Project Outlines  Project Topics  Study Material according to the Topic  Topic Selection  Study of Material based on that Topic
  8. 8. Learning Through e-Books Reading Material  e-Books according to the subject  Online Notes
  9. 9. Learning Through Power Point Presentations
  10. 10. Weekly Quiz to Test the Participants Participate in online quizzes  to test yourself  to test your knowledge level
  11. 11. Monthly Self-Evaluation Assignments  Self evaluate yourself by doing monthly assignments.
  12. 12. Communicate for Problems and Queries Contact to faculty members  chat for any doubts while studying the material  send e-mails to instructor for queries.
  13. 13. Project Report Writing and Evaluation  Write a Project Report on your subject related topic.  Get evaluated by NSTC experts.  Submit this report to NSTC.
  14. 14. Certification  Get a Certificate from NSTC after completion of the Project
  15. 15. Review Paper Writing and Publication  Write a Review Paper on the related topic under guidance of NSTC experts.  Get continuous support of NSTC experts.  Publish this paper in one of 40 STM (Scientific, technical and Medical) Journals such as NanoTrends.  Or post this paper on Nanoconnect (Nano website of NSTC)
  16. 16. In the Project  Up to date information and knowledge  Regular assignments, quizzes & tests, scheduled in such a way that they do not interfere with college examinations and test schedules. One will Find:  Learning at college, office or at home!  Secure site which only enrolled students can access 24x7 Access  Easily adaptable schedules that put no pressure on the normal course of studies/work  Instant feedback of exercises, assignments & quizzes  Check grades anytime & anywhere just by accessing  Close interaction with the project coordinator on one-to-one basis guidance
  17. 17. Nano Science and Technology Consortium A-105, 3rd Floor, Sector-63, Noida-201301, U.P., (India). For Queries/ Concerns Tel: +91-120- 4781217 Mob: +91-9818206463 Website: E-mail: Chat: Yahoo ID- nstcchat