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Managing revision time


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Published in: Education
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Managing revision time

  1. 1. EFFECTIVELY MANAGING REVISION TIMENano Science and Technology Consortium & Skill ZipA 105, Level-III ,Sector - 63, NoidaE-mail : Website :
  2. 2. Complex Revising Situations Lack of time to make all revisions. When different reviewers give contradictory advice. When boss suggests changes that the writer doesn’t want to.
  3. 3. Guidelines to Manage Revision Time Adjust your effort to the situation Determine how good and error-free a communication needs to be:  Usability and objective of the communication  Consider possible readers: Polished communication is required while addressing people at higher level, people outside or when trying to gain something(proposals) rather than give something (notes to co-workers)  Ask your boss/co-workers about the quality needs
  4. 4. Guidelines to Manage Revision Time Make the most significant revisions first  Identify revisions that make greatest improvement in the shortest time  Location of revision: Improvements made by revision of an opening summary of a report is more significant than revision of the appendix as it increases the persuasiveness and usability of the report.  Correct mechanical errors: Irrespective for revising for ‘greater improvement in the shortest time’ approach, focus on correcting mechanical issues like spelling, punctuation, grammar, numbering of figures, consistency and attractiveness of your communication.
  5. 5. Guidelines to Manage Revision Time Be Diplomatic Negotiate with reviewers about changes they have asked for