Pfizer global ra summit poster wachjudi indonesia 2013


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A Poster that was presented in New York re the effort of our hospital team work (Rumah Sakit Umum Pusat Dr Hasan Sadikin Bandung) re Rheumatic Patient education and advoction

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Pfizer global ra summit poster wachjudi indonesia 2013

  1. 1. Jalan Pasteur 38 Bandung, ID 40161 WHAT WE DO Target Audience : People with arthritis and autoimmune diseases, their relatives, and care giver Events The Rheumatology Division of RSHS is the centre of health services, education and medical research for West Java Province in the field of rheumatology and autoimmune awareness. OUR MISSION • To increase a sustainable quality of life by empowering people, patients, and supports groups by ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find the cures Patients and supports group activities Weekly Gathering for brief information followed with Rheumatism Gymnastic. Monthly and Annual gathering with supports groups. Research activities Since 2006, our hospital has become the first research center in West Java Province Indonesia, investigating novel therapy for rheumatology and autoimmune disease. Policy activities A better health access for the patients, held meeting with ministry of health together with support groups RECENT SUCCESS Situation Overview • In our Rheumatology Clinic, 2 of 5 biggest visitation are disease that effect productive age and mostly are women. Giving that another burden to their family particularly and of course to the country. Especially Rheumatoid Arthritis that hit the young women aged 18-40, leading cause of disability for those, as well as evidence that early detection saves quality of lives, reducing hospital visitation and also reducing what we call “doctor shopping” with polypharmacy taken, regardless still many of those do not follow recommended rheumatology health practices, and have many misconceptions about the disease. Goals • Develop a campaign to other remote area that breaks through the social commitment to position Rheumatology and autoimmune health as priority. • Early awareness from those who might have the disease, and for those around them. • To get government attention, this rheumatology disease will be in their priority so that health facilities will be accessible for those who need it Action WHO WE REPRESENT • • Rumah Sakit Dr Hasan Sadikin (RSHS) is a top referral hospital for West Java Province with 22.500.000 population, and also and a teaching hospital in conjunction with Padjadjaran University in Bandung We develop a patient oriented health care and research including people with arthritis and autoimmune diseases OTHERS WE WORK WITH • Together with other support groups (eg. Syamsi Dhuha Foundation) along with the pharmacy and supported by the government sharing hand in hand in empowering patients and society and providing a more proportional information so they have a better access and opportunity receiving their needed therapy. We thank them for their commitment to increase the quality of life for people with rheumatisms and autoimmune diseases • The meetings delivered important health messages in a manner that engage, empowered and affected behavioral change among the audience. • Held a meeting with the Ministry of Health, to gain access for the drug needed. • Develop books or information flyer about the disease for community to increase early awareness Result • Every week number of patients joining the weekly gymnastic increasing reaching to 6080-100 patients. • Early age detection disease reducing mortality and morbidity in our communities.