Operating with Precision


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LIGHT of the world series

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Operating with Precision

  1. 1. Operating with Precision John 8:12, 31-47
  2. 2. Any surgeon, operating onme, must have plenty of… Rest Patience Surgical Skill Sharp Tools Light
  3. 3. “I am the LIGHT of the world…” Jn 8:12 Light exposes sin. Light directs to safety. Light diagnoses sickness.
  4. 4. In the OR• In vv. 31-47, there are 4 cycles of exchange• Jesus, the Master Surgeon, examines the darkness that is still inside them• He uses the bright light of truth• After each exchange, Jesus cuts a little more
  5. 5. True Disciples• Discipleship begins with belief or faith• Discipleship continues to listen and obey Jesus’ words of truth – There will be a growth in the understanding and application of truth – There will be freedom from error
  6. 6. Exam 1: As Jesus evaluates hearts with His light, Have I ever truly believed? Am I growing in my truth application skills? Do I desire more error-free living?
  7. 7. Error  Confusion error brings confusion.
  8. 8. Error  Confusion• “We are offspring of Abraham” is not a good solution – I am exempt from these issues – I am not enslaved by any people or things – I do not understand your terms
  9. 9. Free Disciples• Everyone has been in bondage to sin• Sin will keep you from an eternity with God• The Son has made a way for you to be free-- permanently
  10. 10. Exam 2: As Jesus evaluates hearts with His light, Have I ever owned my slavery? Am I a slave or a son? Am I set free from sin’s grip?
  11. 11. Truth  Clarity truth brings clarity.
  12. 12. Truth  Clarity• If you think that being related to Abraham will save you, you are dangerously wrong – While I try to help you, you are trying to kill me – You do not understand your problem – Your problem is a hereditary genetic flaw• Your case has been discussed, it’s known fully• You are trapped in a deadly pattern of sin
  13. 13. Error  Resistance• “Abraham is our father” is not a good solution – We are clean from any inherited disease – We are following carefully all of the man-made rules passed down from generation to generation – We do not have a problem
  14. 14. Truth  Accuracy• Disciples act like their Master Teacher – While I try to help you, you are trying to kill me – You are not listening to diagnostic truth – Your problem is with God• Your actions speak louder than your profession
  15. 15. Error  Accusation• At least we have a legitimate father! – You have no right to lecture us on sin – I am not responsible to your standards• God is our only Father.
  16. 16. Healthy Disciples• Disciples love Jesus and follow Him only• Disciples recognize His authority• Disciples understand His words• Disciples accept His words, without accusations or resistance• Disciples believe Jesus and belong with Him
  17. 17. Exam 3:As Jesus evaluates hearts with His light, Do I understand discipleship? Am I obeying truth without conditions or excuses?
  18. 18. Truth  Conviction• You are not of God.
  19. 19. As Jesus evaluates hearts with His light, Are you “true”, abiding in the Word? Are you “free”, forgiven and fleeing from sin? Are you “active and healthy”, doing His will with strength and determination?