Light Defeats Darkness


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LIGHT of the world series

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  • You are a Samaritan and have a demon! (v48)They assume a right/yes answer, may have been a standing argument (Morris/Tenney)“[‘Samaritan’ was] the most contemptuous expression possible” IronsideOne who was an enemy to their national faith – PinkOne who has been disloyal to the faith by only following the basics of the Judaism = not the traditions of the elders -- Morristhe incarnation of opposition to his position and race and nation – MorganOne obsessed by a proud and lying spirit – Pink“demented” Morgan. “crazy… a disordered mind and under the influence of evil” Tenney“Completely vanquished in argument, they resort to vulgar and blasphemous declamation.” Pink
  • I do not have a demon (v49)I told you the truthI am doing the will of GodI am honoring my Father by following/copying HimRejection of Jesus is rejection of God and dishonors HimI am not seeking my own glory (v50)Although he could for he is worthyI will be judged by God in the endIf anyone keeps my word He will never see death (v51)This protection is from the second death, connected with judgmentThe first death is a servant to usher us into the presence of GodThis is Jesus’ purpose statement
  • You definitely have a demon! (v52)Abraham and the prophets are deadAre you greater than they are? (v53)They assume a no answerWho do you make yourself out to be?
  • I do not glorify myself (v54)I know the Father and keep His word (v55)ginowsko – by experience, learned (JEWS)oida – by intuition, perception of fact (JESUS)Abraham rejoiced that he would see my day (v56)By faith in promises of God (Gen 12:3, Heb 11:3, 10, 16) – Pink, Tenney, MorrisIn type of His son, Isaac – Pink, TenneyIn special revelation (Ps 25:14) -- PinkBy his current existence in heaven even now – Morgan, Morris but in past tense, not presentIn Melchizedek (Heb ) –Morgan“…Abraham's general attitude to this day was one of exultation, rather than refer to any one specific occasion in the life of the patriarch.” Morris
  • “…He insists on His pre-existence. He is the ever-living Christ who came into this world as our Redeemer.” Ironside“My day did not begin when I was born into your world. My day stretches back, and includes all the past.” Morgan“The ‘I am’ claims the eternity of existence, antedating the whole of the Hebrew economy, existing in eternal being. These are the words of the most impudent blasphemer that ever spoke, or the words of God incarnate.” Morgan, p.161“’I am’ implies continuous existence, including existence when Abraham appeared. … Furthermore, I AM was recognized by the Jews as a title of deity.” Tenney , p.99
  • Light Defeats Darkness

    1. 1. The LightDefeats Darkness John 8:48-59
    2. 2. Obi-Wan vs. Anakin
    3. 3. Confrontation• My words find no place in you (37)• You seek to kill me (37, 40)• You are doing the works your father did (41)• You cannot bear to hear my word (43)• You are of your father, the devil (44)• You do not believe me (45, 46)• You are not of God (47)
    4. 4. “Apart from spiritual discernment,the religious professor presents himself before us … [with] a mask which no human eye can penetrate. It is not until such professors are exposed to the searching light of God that their real characters are laid bare.” - A.W. Pink
    5. 5. Attack !• You are a Samaritan and have a demon! (v48) – They assume they are right, but they are not – They may have used this argument frequently – “Completely vanquished in argument, they resort to vulgar and blasphemous declamation.” (Pink)
    6. 6. Counter• I do not have a demon (v49) – Everything that I do and say honors my Father – Rejection of the gospel is a rejection of my Father• I am not seeking my own glory (v50)• If anyone keeps my word He will never see death (v51) – A disciple is safe from ‘second death’ and final judgment (Rev 2:11, 20:6; Heb 9:22-28)
    7. 7. Attack !• You definitely have a demon! (v52) – Important people die every day• Are you greater than they are? (v53) – The assume not, but actually, He is – Their messages all point to this Savior and His substitutionary death
    8. 8. Counter• I do not glorify myself (v54) – God, who you claim to believe in, glorifies me• I know the Father and keep His word (v55)• Abraham rejoiced that he saw my day (v56) – By faith in the promises of God, Abraham lived with excitement
    9. 9. Attack !• You are not old enough to have seen Abraham! (v57)
    10. 10. Counter• Before Abraham was, I am (v58) – Jesus claimed eternal existence – Jesus claimed deity
    11. 11. Decision PointLIAR, LUNATIC, or LORD?
    12. 12. Attack !• They picked up stones to throw at Him (v59)• But Jesus was hidden from them (v59)
    13. 13. Counter• In the end, Jesus wins (v59) – His goal is not annihilation, injury, or forced surrender – His goal is accomplishment of the perfect plan• In the end, the Jews lose (v59) – They reject His correction, confrontation, and invitation – He hides himself
    14. 14. “…from the self-righteous and self- sufficient but blinded religious formalists, Christ still hides himself; those who deny that they need to be made free from theslavery of sin He still leaves to themselves.” - A.W. Pink
    15. 15. Another Classic Battle• Believe Jesus’ claims and surrender.• Hear and do the will of God.• Glorify Him before the watching world.