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Retail Channels for Interacting with Customers


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Retail Channels for Interacting with Customers

  1. 1. RETAIL CHANNELS By Megan Hultz and Tabitha Smith
  2. 2. MULTICHANNEL RETAILERS Multichannel retailers are retailers that sell merchandise or services through more than one channel. By using a combination of channels, retailers can leverage the unique benefits provided by each to attract and satisfy more customers.
  3. 3. STORE Stores offer several benefits to customers that they  cannot get when they shop through catalogs or on the internet  Benefits Browsing  Touching and feeling merchandise  Cash payment  Instant gratification  Personal service  Entertainment and social interaction  Risk reduction 
  4. 4. CATALOGS Catalog channel provides benefits to customers  that are not available from the store or internet channels.  Benefits Convenience   Safety  Portability and easy access
  5. 5. INTERNET Shopping over the internet provides the  convenience offered by catalogs and other non- store formats. The internet, compared with store and catalog channels, also have the potential to offer a greater selection of products and more personalized information about products and services in a relatively short amount of time.  Benefits Convenience   Safety  Personalization  Broad and deep assortments