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Trabajo etica y e.d.


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Published in: Sports
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Trabajo etica y e.d.

  1. 1. Sports andhuman limits
  2. 2. INDEX• The most serious cases of athletics• Doping• Our opinion about doping• What would we change…
  3. 3. The most serious cases of athletics• We had chosen the athletics because there were some bad acts such as:• The fight between two companies: The French Mehdi Baala and Mahiedine Mekhissi Benabbad started a fight after the 1500 meters run that was disputed in the Monaco’s Diamonds League.• The Drummond’s sanction: The United States runner didn’t want to leave the track after being disqualified on the quarter-finals of the 100 meters.• The Dora’s case: Dora Ratjen was a German athlete that participated in the Olympic Games of 1936. In 1938 she participated in the European Champion of Vienna, and she obtained the world’s record for long jump, but really she was a man and his name was Hermann Ratjen and he lost all his records.• The bus’s case: Rosie Ruiz is an American athlete that won the classic Boston marathon in 1980. Rosie took a bus for to finish the Boston and New York’s marathon.
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  5. 5. Doping’s cases• There were a lot of cases of doping in history. For example: Marion Jones won 5 medals in the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000. All these medals were won by the effects of prohibited substances. She Herself said that she was guilty and she was condemned for 6 months.
  6. 6. • The Tim Montgomery’s case: Tim has many records in the 100 metre world race. He was discovered in the Olympic Games of Athens in 2004 of doping. He was condemned for 4 years for consuming prohibited substances. He was also condemned for 5 years because he sold heroin.
  7. 7. Our opinions about doping• Jorge and Emilio’s opinion: we think the doping would be a bad option because we would train very much before the run to win it. If we won without help or doping, we would feel very happy. We think that if other runners used doping, it would be a good option to say it to the jury.
  8. 8. • Jesús and Antonio’s opinion: we think the doping it is not a very good idea but we would use to win the race, because if we won the run we would win lots of money and would be very famous. If the other runners used doping, but they did’t win we wouldn’t say anything, but if they won we would say it to the jury.
  9. 9. What would we change?• We would change the control of the races, in all the races we would do very serious control of drugs and prohibit substances. We would also try to censure the bad behavior with very strict sanctions for this sport would be fair.
  10. 10. • These project was realized by:• Antonio Blanco• Jesús Galindo• Emilio Gil• Jorge Jimenez