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  1. 1. THE SEARCH FOR A HEALTHY LIFECarmen Rocío Toro SaavedraRocío Toro MacíasSergio Camarena GonzálezAlfredo Fernández Westphal
  2. 2. Question 1: Determine which markers are above or below a healthy level. Explain briefly what this marker is and the effect it can have on your body in general The marker that is below of the normal mark is the hemoglobine. This illness is call `anemia´ and cans produce: -Lack of colour in the skin -Irritability -Tachicardies -Irregulars menstrual cicles -Breathing difficultly -Ulcers and inflamtion of the -Lack of energie of tongue. general tiredness -Increase of the liver -Nauseas -Delay of the grow -Vertigo -Slowly cicatritation of the -Illness of the head hurts and tissues
  3. 3. Question 2: Calculate the Body Mass Index (BMI) of that person.B.M.I. = weitgh/heigth2B.M.I. = 40/ 2.40 = 16.6
  4. 4. Question 3: What should be the minimum weight for this person to have a healthy BMI?The minimmum weight = (Minimmum BMI x Kilograms) : BMIThe minimmum weight = (18.5 x 40) : 16.6 = 44.57 kilogramsIn conclusion, this girl is unhealthy because she is skinny.
  5. 5. Question 4: What should be the maximum height for this person to have a healthy BMI?The maximmum weight = (Maximmum BMI x Height) : BMIThe maximmum weight = (24.99 x 1.55) : 16.6 = 2.83 metres
  6. 6. Question 5: Do a general assessment of this person and answer the following questions:-Can you link the results to a know disease?Yes, we can. This dissease is called `anemia´.-What lifestyle factors (diet, phisycal exercise, etc) may have caused this result for this person?The factors are:a) The stress.b) Eat less than the necesary.c) Eat unhealthy.d) Eat food less in iron.
  7. 7. Question 6: Recommendations → Imagine you are the doctor, what advice would you give to this person on improving their diet, physical activity, and general health?Advice: this person has to eat more food rich in iron DIET -For breakfast, this person can drink orange juice and eat a few toast. -For lunch, this person can eat vegetablesand a piece of fish or meat. -For dinner, this person can eat soup or meat and a lot of fruit.
  8. 8. PHYSICAL ACTIVITIESThis person must to be more healthy, so this person has to do 2 hours of gimnastic all days. If this person does little sport exercices everyday, she will be very healthy! CONCLUSIONThis person has anemia, produces by a less disease in iron. To be healthy, she has to eat more food rich in iron (like fishes, meats and fruits) and does gymnastic every days.
  9. 9. THE END