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Invatand prin explorare


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Invatand prin explorare

  1. 1. Coaching Traffic lights example Supporting other testers in learning We start with a training based on: Cem Kaners How we do it on-line courses (this helps the people to get How I see learning familiar with the basic concepts like quality, oracles...) OWN EXPERIENCE We respond to any questions that may have been risen and check the degree of understating THINKING, not memorizing DIRECT COMMUNICATION AND QUESTIONS "test applications" Testing activities on several demo projects - coaching and exploratory testing PLAYING with the application IMITATIONopen source applications Working on "real" projects - coaching and exploratory testing CONTINUOUS PROCESS JT go back to the initial materials Reading books and other resources LEARNING BY EXPLORING like BBST, RST Training dice game Games pattern recognition games and others Template but no structure Focus and Defocus Pair Learning by imitation Testing Slow learning Critical thinking Slow and boring reviews Testing ideas Late feedback How and why we Downside while learning use exploratory Documenting throug test cases testing? Checklist Reduced adaptability Coverage Reduced responsibility Sessions: time control No investigation/exploration Planning Understanding the mission SBTM examples: - changing a password, - paintings Debriefing:feedback, review Prioritization Mindmaps Tools Rapid reporter Spreadsheets Pencil +paper Others