Build your website portfolio on your pad in 2 hours


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Quickly and easily create your portfolio online in 2h exclusively on your iPad to share each of your achievments on social network or by QR code.

The iPad could display it offline too.

Try the free version on to evaluate

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Build your website portfolio on your pad in 2 hours

  1. 1. Goal: post my portfolio online in 2 hours I use only my iPad
  2. 2. The steps 1. Brainstorming : what do I need for further display ? 2. I collect my pictures 3. I get my text in shape 4. I build up my portfolio 5. I input interface texts 6. I fill out my gallery 7. I fill out my page 8. I fill my home (page) 9. I fill out my contact form10. I post
  3. 3. 1 - BrainstormingAdvice1. A portfolio is not a picture catalog2. A portfolio contains my best pictures3. A portfolio is build ??to sell me4. A portfolio should introduce myselfMy requirements ● I am limited to 8 boards for my galleryMy record1. I am a wildlife photographer2. I want to highlight one race inconspicuous: the chins3. I want to introduce myselfMy plan1. Home2. My page "About"3. My galerie of Snoop & Toufoo, 2 chins illustrious
  4. 4. 2 - I group my picturesConseils ● I use my source images, I reformaterais in tabFolio ● I use mostly pictures of more than 200 kbMy requirements1. A gallery must have 8 boards maximum2. The board format used must be compatible with iPhoneBeforeI transferred all my photos on my iPad via ● itunes ● or dropbox then in the Photo app ● or by ftp
  5. 5. 3 - My textsAdvice1. A portfolio is not a website, but a business card, a preview2. A portfolio should not be limited to photosMy requirements ● I use layouts with predefined stylesHome ● My lastAbout1. My past2. My trainingContact1. My details
  6. 6. 4 - Build the tabFolio
  7. 7. 5.1 - Edit text Mode changeI use the editor palette I switch to text editing
  8. 8. 5.2 - Edit text Choice of texts6 texts to modify in 2 areasMy header 1. I touch "My name" to replace "AnomaPics" 2. I touch "My activity" to replace "Photo Animalière"My browsing 1. I touch "Bio" to replace "A propos" The header 2. I touch "Gallery" to replace "Exemples" 3. I touch "Le lorum..." to replace "Me contacter" Browsing 4. I touch "© My name, 2012" to replace "© AnimaPics, 2012"
  9. 9. 5.3 - Edit text Input, replacement1/ I input 2/ I save
  10. 10. 5.4 - Edit text VerificationI return to preview
  11. 11. 6.1 - Editing images Mode change1/ I go to my gallery 2/ I change to image editing 3/ I click on the picture to replace
  12. 12. 6.2 - Editing images Image upload1/ My picture on my iPad, I change tab 2/ I choose my picture in the photo library 3/ My picture is uploaded
  13. 13. 6.3 - Editing images Image formatingI can edit image ● zoom in, zoom out ● crop ● rotate
  14. 14. 6.4 - Editing images VerificationI return to preview mode
  15. 15. 7.1 - Editing the page Texts replacement1/ I go to my page 2/ I replace the texts 3/ I check out
  16. 16. 7.2 - Editing the page Image replacement1/ I replace the images 2/ I copy my website url where my picture is 3/ I confirm the url and display the pictures 4/ I import my picture
  17. 17. 7.3 - Editing the page Add a link to a picture1/ I select the picture 2/ I input or paste the website url
  18. 18. 8 - Edition de laccueil 1/ I return to home2/ I replace the texts 3/ I replace the picture 4/ I check out
  19. 19. 9 - Editing the form1/ I display the form 2/ I replace the picture 3/ I replace the texts 4/ I check out
  20. 20. 10 - Publishing1/ I view the settings window 2/ I configure the interface 3/ I change the font 4/ I configure my publishing 5/ I publish
  21. 21. I communicate I share my page on all social networkI display the QR code to my contact