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CAREER is the most solemn and thought provoking word that is
ruthlessly shot at the youngsters by their parents, teachers,
relatives and every single wannabe well wisher, isn't it? If you
observe the careers of all successful global personalities, they
have one thing in common, they've made their hobbies their
career! Some people have unique point of interests like robotics,
couture, candle making, etc. But hobbies of most of us today
include going online, checking statuses, socializing on social
media, online shopping, sur􀀱ng YouTube, downloading apps, etc.
If you belong to the 'most of us' category, I have a good news
for you, you have a bright career in Digital Marketing!
In this eBook, I will tell you how your love for Internet and
Digital Media can endow you a rewarding career in Digital
Media Marketing.

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Careers in Digital Marketing Industry - Ebook

  1. 1. CAREERS in Digital Marketing
  3. 3. SOCIAL MEDIA BEGINNERS GUIDE About the Author We like to think of him as the 10th Generation Intel Chip for his multitasking abilities. Habib, the captain of our Black Pearl , has been a web connoisseur since the dawn of the Internet Era. He introduced the concept of Integrated Inbound Marketing to the Indian Digital Arena and he is the founder of India s rst Integrated Inbound Marketing Agency. Habib Mehmoodi Founder, Creative Director Brand Metasis Follow Habib on: As an inbound marketing expert; he has given numerous lectures and written extensively on driving web traf c, nurturing leads, customer engagement on social media and how to successfully utilize inbound marketing techniques. He is your go to guy when it comes to implementing inbound marketing campaigns, online reputation management and ways to improve your search engine ranking. When he is not developing marketing campaigns for clients, chances are, that he has teleported himself along with his backpack to some unexplored destination.
  4. 4. Ind Prologue Introduction to Digital Marketing Digital Media Marketing = Next Big Thing Streams of Digital Media Marketing ·Search Engine Marketing ·Mobile Marketing ·Social Media Marketing ·Pay Per Click Marketing ·Digital Games Marketing Hottest Jobs in Digital Media ·Digital Strategist ·Web Developer ·Graphic Designer ·Business Development ·Executive ·SEO Specialist ·Copy/Content Writer ·Account Manager ·Social Media Executive Advantages of Working in Digital Marketing Industry Tips for aspiring Digital Marketers Conclusion
  5. 5. Prologue CAREER is the most solemn and thought provoking word that is ruthlessly shot at the youngsters by their parents, teachers, relatives and every single wannabe well wisher, isn't it? If you observe the careers of all successful global personalities, they have one thing in common, they've made their hobbies their career! Some people have unique point of interests like robotics, couture, candle making, etc. But hobbies of most of us today include going online, checking statuses, socializing on social media, online shopping, sur ng YouTube, downloading apps, etc. If you belong to the 'most of us' category, I have a good news for you, you have a bright career in Digital Marketing! In this eBook, I will tell you how your love for Internet and Digital Media can endow you a rewarding career in Digital Media Marketing. Here, I will edify you about the various career options in Digital Marketing, industry insights, expert tips and everything that you need to know to build a rewarding career in Digital Media Marketing. Career in Digital Marketing
  6. 6. Introductio t Digita Marketin According to Wikipedia, Digital Marketing is the process of using electronic devices, such as computers, tablets, smart phones, cell phones, digital billboards and game consoles to engage with consumers and other business partners. But Wikipedia is way too serious seriously! Here's a simple and much more graspable version of the de nition: Digital Marketing is promoting a product or a service with the use of various digital channels, which include social media, emails, mobile, search engines, websites, QR codes, social/mobile apps, etc. Now this short de nition will get you just 3/10 in your examination but in an interview, it's a 10 on 10 thingy! Career in Digital Marketing
  7. 7. Digita Marketin = N Bi in Digital Media Marketing has become the most loved tool of modern day marketers and it rightfully deserves the attention it is getting. Along with the marketing fraternity, Digital Media has become hottest destination for the brands also! Here are some cool facts that'll show you the might of Digital Media Marketing. Career in Digital Marketing
  8. 8. Stream of Digita Medi Marketin Search Engine Optimization In current scenario, there's not a single movie we watch, restaurant we visit or vehicle we purchase without consulting Google rst. Search Engines, especially Google, has become one of the most prominent part of our lives and some even consider it as the biggest invention of the century! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of promoting a website, blog, or a portal by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimization. When you Google something, what appears on the rst few pages of the SERPs is most probably the result of good Search Engine Optimization. Career in Digital Marketing
  9. 9. Mobile Marketing Mobile is the future. Every Advertiser. Mobile Marketing is promoting a product or a service through mobile channels, such as SMS, apps, service messages, multimedia messages, etc. Smartphone users have increased phenomenally over the last 5 years. If you are a Smartphone user, you should open the app store and your text inbox to see some examples of mobile marketing. Career in Digital Marketing
  10. 10. Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing is a process of interacting with the masses on social networking channels to enhance brand image, drive traf c to desired destinations, build buyer persona and ll sales funnel through 'engaging' content. You can ease up folks, coz the process is much more interesting and fun than the de nition! Who isn't on social media today? India alone has more than 65 million social media users and therefore, companies are giving their best shot to get the attention of social network junkies. If you get good amount of likes and retweets on your posts generally, you should de nitely try your hand at Social Media Marketing. Career in Digital Marketing
  11. 11. Pay Per Click Marketing The ads you see on various Digital Media platforms, such as social media sites, search engines, websites, etc are a result of Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing, also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). In pay per click model, advertisers pay the publisher when their ad gets clicked. This is a form of interruption marketing but still, it is pretty popular amongst the marketers. The rate per click totally depends upon the popularity and traf c of the source channel. Career in Digital Marketing
  12. 12. Digital Games Marketing Don't you just love playing Candy Crush time and again? Don't you love boasting your Temple Run high scores on Facebook? Of course yes! This is the craze of digital games in the recent times. The digital games are not made for the sake of entertainment only, they are made for the promotion purpose too. Until recently, there hasn't been a really memorable 'promotional' game but buzz through the grapevine is that companies are investing mammoth amount on game and app development, which means, if you love gaming and are a good conceptualizer, you can unlock your success in this stream! Career in Digital Marketing
  13. 13. Hott Jo i Digita Medi Whatever your specialization, you can kick-start an awesome career in Digital Marketing Industry if you know how to cash-in on your talent and strengths! Here are some of the most wanted designations in Digital Media Marketing at present. Career in Digital Marketing
  14. 14. Digital Strategist Job Description Description of Duties The role of a Digital Strategist is to conceptualize, develop and implement effective digital media marketing programs/activities for the existing clients as well as new business prospects. This position requires deep knowledge of digital platforms and solutions along with the skills to develop, draft and present digital media strategies. Planning and implementing persuasive digital media strategies across complete digital marketing spectrum. Discovering useful digital media insights and using that data for ful llment of client's objectives and bringing in new business. Understanding client's perspective, competition and their brand goals/objectives Supporting and communicating the planned digital strategies to internal teams and clients. Working in liaison with production/technical department and account management unit to ensure smooth execution of the project. Developing meaningful metrics and recommendations for continued improvement. Career in Digital Marketing
  15. 15. Web Developer Job Description Description of Duties A web designer/developer holds extreme importance in digital marketing agencies of any shape and size. Web designer/developer is responsible for the design, layout and coding of a website. They take care of technical and graphical facets of a website or application like how it'll work and how it'll look. Maintaining and updating the existing site is also a web designer / developer's responsibility. Writing the programming code either from scratch or by adapting existing website software and graphics packages to meet the project requirements. Testing the website/app, identify technical problems if any and xing the bugs. Uploading the site onto a server and registering it on various search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Career in Digital Marketing
  16. 16. Graphic Designer Job Description Description of Duties Graphic designers are the creative backbone of a digital media agency. Their job is to produce designs that get their clients' messages across with maximum visual impact. Graphic Designers work on variety of ventures, including websites, apps, eBooks, display/cover pictures, web banners, stamp ads, social media signals and many more of such creativity craving elements. If art and painting is your forte, this pro le needs you! Designing presentations, logos, icons, event graphics/collateral, infographics, eBooks, white papers and web based-elements. Coordinating with copy and account management department to ensure the quality and accuracy of the designs. Conceptualizing and creating designs and original concepts for various online channels, such as our website, social media, blogs, PDFs, etc. Career in Digital Marketing
  17. 17. Business dev. Ex. Job Description Description of Duties A Business Development Executive is the one who is envied by every employee of a digital media agency coz the BD guys are generally the eye candy of a CEO! BD Executives are responsible for bringing in new business for the agency by pitching a digital media marketing plan to them. They can do it by whatever means they see t, such as cold calling, references or emailing. When you excel in your eld, you can become a Business Development Head or even CMO (Chief Marketing Of cer)! Keeping a tab on the market and new clients that can be acquired. Generating leads through market research and relationship building. Pitching to clients through Calling/Emailing. Convincing potential clients about the services. Managing Clients as Accounts, and maintaining healthy business relationships with them. Payment collection management. Ensuring the swift execution of assignments provided by client Coordinating with Recruitment Specialists to deliver pro les on time. Brainstorming on various ideas being considered to grow the company even bigger Drafting processes related to recruitment strategies, training new-employees, goal/target de nition and achievement plans, etc. Career in Digital Marketing
  18. 18. SEO Specialist Job Description Description of Duties When the client wants to appear on top of the Google Search results, the SEO expert is the one to they seek. The SEO Specialists are responsible for implementing SEO and social media strategies for clients. They have to quickly understand and support initiatives to contribute to the goals and success of client's campaigns. SEO Experts have to be always on their toes considering the erratic nature of search engines. Taking care of on-page activities like keywords research, Meta Tags creation, header tags, etc. and off page activities like directory submission, social bookmarking, Articles submission, forum posting, Blog Commenting, etc. Planning, executing and evaluating link building strategies. Ensuring high ranking on all search engines for the identi ed keywords. Recommending and implementing strategies to improve share of organic search traf c Ensure all SEO work, both off-page and onpage is at par with Industry Standards Identifying and implementing innovative SEO strategies. Provide useful insights using Google Analytics and making necessary improvements. Maximizing organic search engine ranking positions. Career in Digital Marketing
  19. 19. Copy/Content Writer Job Description Description of Duties A copy/content writer is the sheet anchor of a digital marketing agency. They are the ones who design the fortune of a brand with the 26 keys on their keyboard! Be it just a social media post or a full- edged digital campaign, the copy/content writers are the ones who are responsible for conceptualizing and drafting the ideas. If you are good at the art of storytelling, this designation is calling you. If you excel in your stream, you can become a copy/content head or even, a creative director! Conceptualizing communication strategy for the digital space. Drafting content for a variety of digital channels, including banners, mailers, landing pages, websites, microsites, social media, applications, mobile assets, games, viral videos etc Writing copy for digital campaigns and other communications. Ideating the core theme of a campaign and creating buzz around the web through persuasive content. Staying on top of trends in the digital space to be able to translate that into trendsetting work. Helping the BD team with their pitches and creating cluster breaking ideas to attract new business. Ensuring a smooth interaction between the copy, art and BD Team for implementation and execution of digital campaigns. Career in Digital Marketing
  20. 20. Account Manager Job Description Description of Duties Digital Account Manager acts as bridge between the client and various departments of a Digital Marketing Agency. As a Digital Account Manager, one's responsibility includes planning and delivery of digital marketing activities across a diverse portfolio of clients. They have to work closely with Business Development team and creative producers to ensure effective management of projects and timely execution of the deliverables. If you excel in your job, you can become an Account Director of your agency! Building solid, trusted relationships with the client's representatives and acting as the main point of contact for the clients throughout project or campaign lifecycle. Effectively coordinating with internal agency resources to deliver client campaigns against agreed objectives, timelines and budgets. Ensuring that all communications, reports and deliverables are in accordance with internal quality control processes to guarantee the highest standard of quality for all agency outputs. Understanding client's business, market and audiences to effectively plan the development process. Taking responsibility of timely nancial management of client projects, including budgeting, reconciliation and invoicing. Career in Digital Marketing
  21. 21. Social Media Executive Job Description Description of Duties This designation will catch the serious attention of Social Media Junkies out there. A job of a Social Media Executive is to manage and deliver overall social media activities for the clients. Social Media Executives are required to create a client's presence across all social networking channels and maintaining the accounts on client's behalf. Their job responsibilities range from creating social media accounts for the client, to making social media analytics report. It is not as tough as it sounds if you are addicted to social media and love socializing. If you excel in your job, you could become the social media director of your digital marketing agency! Designing and launching client's accounts across all social networking channels Creating an exciting and valuable content experience for communities across multiple platforms. Designing, creating and placing digital advertisements on a variety of ad networks (Google Adwords, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) Taking full responsibility of ORM (Online Reputation Management) and ensuring timely replies to the queries and comments on all social media channels. Developing strategies, tactics and editorial calendars to support client's business priorities. Monitoring social media campaigns to ensure maximum ROI for the client. Determining all relevant analytics, making monthly reports and presenting them to the client representatives. Career in Digital Marketing
  22. 22. Advantag of workin i Digita Marketin Industr I thought of naming this section the Advantages and Disadvantages of working in Digital Marketing Industry, but unfortunately, the disadvantages of working in Digital Marketing Industry are yet to be discovered! Here are some perks of being a part of Digital Marketing Fraternity: 1 You can be yourself: Dear Sir, do I have the permission to knock on your door so that you can reply with 'come in'? is a strict no-no in the Digital Marketing Industry. People are cool and the formal aka boring aka corporate tonality is not needed here at all. You can be yourself and communicate with your boss or boss' boss like the way you communicate with your buddies. The industry is young and so are the people working in it. Career in Digital Marketing
  23. 23. 2 Wear what you wear: 3 Carry your headphones: 3 Get paid to socialize: 4 Convert your hobby into a career Unless you are Business Development executive, you can sport the latest fashion apparels of your choice to your workstation but there's a catch, if you have a poor fashion sense, beware of the fashion Nazis! In Digital Marketing Industry, only thing you need to wear on a regular basis here is the right attitude. Unless it's the weekly Dubstep bash where there's already loud music being played, you can listen to your favorite music on headphones as long as it doesn't hampers your productivity and trust me, if music is good, it won't affect your output, it'll increase it! Just make sure to complete your deliverables on time to avoid the sweet chin music from the boss. Remember the time when your mother said Shut the Facebook and open your textbook in shrilling voice. It's time for some payback! In Digital Marketing Industry, if you are not active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, you are not paying attention to your job! All of your favorite social networking sites must be open in your browser if you want to be the best at what you're doing. Sounds tempting? Whatever your hobby is in your high-school or college, can be your plus point in your resume while applying for a job in Digital Marketing Industry. Suppose, if you are popular for cracking sidesplitting jokes, you can create good viral videos, which will ultimately endow you a well-paying job! Career in Digital Marketing
  24. 24. p for pirin Digita Marketer Ideally, you just need a sound knowledge to become a digital marketing a cionado but when you want to be a part of this industry and lack required pro ciency, here are some tips that'll help you attain the essential expertise of the Digital world. 1 Increase your Social Quotient: In other industries, recruiters do a little background check of the applicant before hiring. Just like that, in Digital Marketing Industry, recruiters check out your social media quotient to see how well you've promoted yourself as a brand. So if you aspire a career in this industry, increase the frequency of your tweets, update more frequently on Facebook, start pinning on Pinterest and be present at every single social media site that's available. Remember, the number of followers you have to Twitter can decide the amount of your starting pay package! Career in Digital Marketing
  25. 25. 2 Follow Expert bloggers 3 Start Collecting eBooks: 4 Attend Seminars & Workshops: 5 Use Linkedin as your Resume: In Digital space, blogs are the most effective way of gaining knowledge about anything, literally, anything! Use your Google skills to search the best blogs on Digital Marketing, bookmark the most relevant ones and follow the authors who according to you serve the best insights and anecdotes of the industry. eBooks are a tough competition to the universities, it's a fact! Apart from saving the environment, eBooks save your money as well, coz most of the eBooks come for free like the one you are reading right now! You can also get in touch with the authors to get some personalized help and believe me, they really don't mind helping the budding talent. On an average, every week there are 3-4 seminars or workshops on Digital Media Marketing. These seminars and workshops are conducted by industry experts and the quality of knowledge, tips and practical insights that you'll get there are unparalleled. LinkedIn might not be your favorite social networking site but when it comes to careers, it the most powerful tool! Make your LinkedIn pro le as precise and attractive as possible coz in Digital Marketing industry, every recruiter will check out your LinkedIn pro le before going through your resume. Ask your friends/contacts to recommend and endorse you on LinkedIn, this will add good weightage to your pro le. Career in Digital Marketing
  26. 26. Conclusion Choosing a career is not a casual task, only after profound research, market study, SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis and a lot of introspection, you should choose your future path. Digital Media Marketing is a young, evolving and an awesome industry to work in. The future here is bright, promising and above all, exhilarating. If you have a will to be the best at whatever you do, this industry awaits candidates like you! Career in Digital Marketing
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