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My webquest brothers fighting brothers


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My webquest brothers fighting brothers

  1. 1. Mr. Timothy <br />U.S. History<br />Civil War Section<br />Grade Level: 11th grade<br />Webquest assignment – 100 points possible<br />The Civil War: In conjunction with our Civil War section, the following assignment will help you to solidify event of the war. This assignment will be done in groups of 3-4 and should be completed within this class period. Divide questions among group members, do the assigned tasks, and discuss findings your with the group. Combine your answers into one document and turn that document in to me at the end of our class period. A maximum of ten (10) points will be awarded for each question answered based on thoroughness, completeness and personal insight described in your answers. <br /><ul><li></li></ul>Go to this web site. On the left hand panel, go to “Causes of the War”. Read this page and write at least one (1) paragraph listing and explaining at least two (2) causes of the war that you think were the most important mentioned on this page.<br /><ul><li></li></ul>Go to this web site. List the order and date of the first six (6) states that seceded from the United States of America (Union). Also list the name and date of the last state to secede.<br /><ul><li></li></ul>Complete all the following tasks.<br /><ul><li>Go to this web site. Scroll down and click on the link called “Histories and Bibliographies”.
  2. 2. Scroll down and click on link “The Gettysburg Address” under heading of Documentary Records.
  3. 3. Read the first paragraph about The Gettysburg Address next to President Lincoln’s photo.
  4. 4. Scroll down to “Related Multimedia” and click on “read more and launch video”. Watch 3 minute video.
  5. 5. After watching the video, scroll down and click either “Hay Draft” or “Nicolay Draft” of The Gettysburg Address, click on “view transcript and read Pres. Lincoln’s speech.
  6. 6. Write one or two paragraphs describing the events surrounding The Gettysburg Address, how long did Pres. Lincoln speak for, what did Pres. Lincoln say would be the outcome of the war (2nd paragraph), what were Lincoln’s final words concerning this nation (last 4 or 5 lines)?
  7. 7.</li></ul>Go to this web site. Read the article on this page. In one or two paragraphs describe the use of railroads before, during, and after the Civil War. Include in the paragraph(s) at least five (5) ways the railroads influenced the war, either as a positive or a negative. <br /><ul><li></li></ul>Go to this web page. Click on 4 or 5 of the photographs on this page one at a time. Analyze the images for content and describe in a sentence or two what the photographer is trying to tell us. Analyze and describe in a sentence or two your feelings as you look at these photographs.<br /><br />Go to this web page. Scroll down and click on the link “The Refugee: Narratives of Fugitive Slaves in Canada”. Read two stories told by former or escaped slaves. Write one or two paragraphs describing their stories and experiences as a slave.<br /><br />Go to this web site. Click on the date between 1860 and 1866. Choose a month by reading the months’ synopsis and then read about the specific events of that month during the Civil War. In your own words describe five (5) and events from different times during the war, and tell why you think are the most important events of the war. Make sure you list the dates of the events you choose. <br /><br />Go to this web site. Scroll down to the link for “The Emancipation Proclamation”. Read the explanation of The Emancipation Proclamation. Scroll down and click on the link “Transcript of the Proclamation” and read the actual proclamation. Write one or two sentences explaining the following questions: Who did this proclamation free? What were some of the limits of the proclamation? What did this do for the slaves of the Northern states?<br /><br />Go to this web page. Scroll down to the link “Casualties in the Civil War”. Remember the term “casualties” includes all deaths, injuries, and deserters. In a sentence or two, answer the following questions; What was the total number of casualties of the war? How many casualties for the Union? How many casualties for the Confederacy? Click on the link, “The Ten Costliest Battles of the Civil War.” From the highest casualty rate the least, what were the five (5) worst battles and what was the total number of casualties for both sides?<br /><br />Watch this five (5) minute video. This is obviously a re-enactment of the Battle of Gettysburg, but after all we have talked about how does it make you feel? Would you have had the courage to walk into the fire of the cannons and lines of men with loaded guns? Why do you think the men that fought and died in the Civil War did what they did?<br />Civil War Webquest Answer Key<br /><ul><li>Causes of the Civil War according to web site:
  8. 8. Missouri Compromise
  9. 9. Abolitionists
  10. 10. Compromise of 1850
  11. 11. Kansas – Nebraska Act
  12. 12. Fugitive Slave Laws
  13. 13. Names and dates of first 6 states to secede from the Union:
  14. 14. South Carolina, December 17, 1860
  15. 15. Mississippi, January 9, 1861
  16. 16. Florida, January 10, 1861
  17. 17. Alabama, January 11, 1861
  18. 18. Georgia, January 19, 1861
  19. 19. Louisiana, January 26, 1861
  20. 20. Last state to secede; Tennessee, June 8, 1861
  21. 21. The Gettysburg Address:
  22. 22. was given at the dedication of the Soldiers National Cemetery in Gettysburg Pennsylvania
  23. 23. President Lincoln spoke for about two (2) minutes
  24. 24. President Lincoln said the outcome of the war would be proof if this or any other nation could survive under Democratic Rule (“so conceived”)
  25. 25. President Lincoln said, “That we here highly resolve these dead shall not have died in vain; that the nation, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people by the people for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”
  26. 26. Before the Civil War the railroads were a new and relatively untried invention. However, during the war the nation’s railroads became a strategic resource and a military target for both sides. Students should expound on the advantages to both sides and the draw-backs of the railroad.
  27. 27. Analyzing photographs is a subjective element depending on photos selected and personal insight and feelings of war. Assessment will be made on an individual basis.
  28. 28. Like the photographs, choosing and analyzing slave narratives is a subjective thing. There are only five (5) narratives on the page so it won’t be hard to quantify the students work.
  29. 29. With six (6) years of the war there are over 72 months to choose from. By checking on dates listed by students and according to their answers, evaluation may be slow but doable.
  30. 30. The Emancipation Proclamation freed only the slaves living in the states rebelling from the Union. The limits were many but mainly, freedom would only come about by victory of the Union Army. The slaves held by the Northern states were still held as slaves, their status was unchanged at the time.
  31. 31. Casualties of the Civil War:
  32. 32. Total casualties: 618,222
  33. 33. Union casualties: 360,222
  34. 34. Confederate casualties: 258,000
  35. 35. Battle of Gettysburg: 51,112
  36. 36. Battle of Chickamauga: 34,624
  37. 37. Battle of Chancellorsville: 30,099
  38. 38. Battle of Spotsylvania: 27,399
  39. 39. This is another subjective answer. Assessment will be made on an individual basis according to content of student’s response. There is no wrong answer to this question.