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Open source in companies - An introduction


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Open source software often plays only a minor role in companies. Often the full potential of free software is not used. Many projects facilitating the usage of open source in companies fail because of prejudices or wrong expectations. Many decision makers chose is discard open source software because of gut feeling and believes. An objective reflection of the topic is necessary to avoid wrong decisions.

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Open source in companies - An introduction

  1. 1. Open source in companiesOpportunities for open source inenterprises
  2. 2. Prejudices• Users cannot work with the software• Open source software is just forhobby programmers and nerds• Open source has not reached theenterprise level• There is not support for open sourcesoftware• Open source software does not focuson the needs of the businessQuelle: Foto von CC by-nc bre pettis –
  3. 3. The facts• The acceptance of employees correlateswith the time spend on training• Service-, consulting-, and softwarecompanies offer support and advice• Open standards facilitate a highintegration• Open source is already used incompanies – but often on backend serversystems• The decisions for or against open sourceeis often a question of believeQuelle: Foto von CC by Dome_au_Cap_Espichel –
  4. 4. Example cases• Open source operates on manyservers as operating system• Free software often supportscommercial solutions• Company specific and criticalsoftware exists, however israrely put into use• Most cloud-based solutions arebased on free softwareQuelle: Foto von CC by-nc-nd Extra Medium –
  5. 5. Conclusion• Open source software is often notdesigned for end-user• For a successful integration, the IThas to incorporate the users closelyand support them• The project management in freesoftware projects has to integrateusers at an early stage in the project• Believes and ideology must notintervene in the decision makingprocesses of a companyQuelle: Foto von CC by-nc-nd golazphil –
  6. 6. DEMONSTRATE PATIENCE AND A LONG BREATHWHEN INTEGRATING FREE SOFTWARE„There are more people who surrender, than those who fail.”–Henry FordQuelle: Foto von CC by-nc ThomasThomas –
  7. 7. Do you have further questions orsuggestions?…. Just contact me!E-Mailtorsten.maus@cbs-mail.deXing