MOOCs for Professional Development


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On completion of this workshop you will be able to:

1) Identify and evaluate MOOCs for your professional development

2) Develop a general strategy for participating in MOOCs effectively

3) Identify key characteristics between cMOOCs and xMOOCs

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MOOCs for Professional Development

  1. 1. 13:00 – 14:30 April 11th 2013 in DG10 Bea Orpen MOOCs for professional development MOOCs are freely available online courses that are offered On completion of this by universities worldwide. workshop you will be able to: We will discuss what MOOCs are, where to find them, and 1) Identify and different strategies for evaluate MOOCs for engaging with them for your professional professional development. development The workshop is based on my 2) Develop a general experiences with MOOCs as a strategy for participant and I will do a tour participating in MOOCs of a current MOOC so that effectively participants can see how a MOOC might function in practice. Dr. Eloise Tan, Learning Innovation Unit, Dublin City University
  2. 2. What was the experience like? What was your motivation? How much time didDid you achieve your you spend a week onpersonal goals? it? Was the technology easy Did you complete? to manage?
  3. 3. What appeals toyou? What are you hoping to achieve?What concerns you? @t_eloise Dr. Eloise Tan 2013
  4. 4. M Massive Can accommodate large numbers of students, sometimes tens of thousands. O Open Anyone can register, no institutional affiliation necessary, ‘free’, discussed in detail next. Online Delivery, feedback, and assessment (if any) O are done virtually. Sometimes supplemented with physical ‘hang outs’. C Course There is a curriculum although in some cases it is very flexible.Video explaining MOOCs @t_eloise Dr. Eloise Tan 2013
  5. 5. ‘Open’ carries many meanings…“Open Learning – trying to define and apply to K12 …again”Posted on October 30, 2012 by Verena Robert @t_eloise Dr. Eloise Tan 2013
  6. 6. MOOCs are early on in Gartner’s Hype Cycle @t_eloise Dr. Eloise Tan 2013
  7. 7. @t_eloise Dr. Eloise Tan 2013
  8. 8. cMOOC s xMOOCs (Ex. Coursera, EdX, Udacity) Connectivist MOOCs • Focus on connected aspect of learning , building a community • Usually video of practice content and • Can feel ‘chaotic’ as it is learner-driven discussion forums • “inherently personal and • Automated testing subjective, as participants create their meaning and build and navigate their own web of • Instructor-guided connections” lesson • No fixed competencies and usually • no certification. Often run by professional • Linear associations (ex. ALT ocTEL, Association for Learning • Fixed competencies. Technology), but always (ex. Uni. • Of Edinburgh’s EdCMooc) Learners encouraged to add to the “ Learning is seen as curriculum in their own spaces such as blogs, Google Hangouts, something that can be Twitter. tested and certified.”What is a MOOC? What are the different types of MOOC? xMOOCs and cMOOCsPosted on August 23, 2012 @t_eloise Dr. Eloise Tan 2013By Martin Lungton
  9. 9. FixedLinear Instructor-led competencies Learner @t_eloise Dr. Eloise Tan 2013
  10. 10. cMOOC xMOOC• I’m comfortable with learning • I’m ‘okay’ with learning technologies and social media technologies, but I• I want flexibility in my online wouldn’t call myself an learning, in terms of where I expert. can post, how I work through • I want my learning to content. happen in one online place.• I’m very interested in connecting with others around • I want to learn specific this topic content or competencies.• A big part of my learning • Connecting with others is process is departing from the nice but it is not my curriculum and exploring on my priority. own• My focus is gaining a deep • I need a learning understanding of the topic, not experience where I can log- so much acquiring facts or on and tick the boxes. specific competencies. • Certification is not my• I’m looking for a learner main aim, but it is an centred experience. objective.• Getting a certificate at the • I have the time, space, and ‘end’ is not important to me. resources to manage my own• I have the time, space, and online learning. resources to manage my own online learning. @t_eloise Dr. Eloise Tan 2013
  11. 11. Where to find MOOCscMOOCs xMOOCshttp://www.conne Class Central aggregates xMOOCs from Coursera, EdX,Connectivist Udacity, and others.Moocs aggregatescurrent and Alsoprovides helpful oncMOOCs. @t_eloise Dr. Eloise Tan 2013
  12. 12. Udacity Coursera EdX- Able to sign in with Facebook - Great range of courses - Good range of coursesor Twitter covering many subject areas covering different subject- All advertised courses are - Lots of information provided areasavailable to enroll onto on individual courses - Lots of informationstraight away (apart from 4 - All courses feature a video available on individualcourses which are coming soon) introduction to the course courses- All courses feature a video - Many of the video lecture have - Most courses have a videooverview of the course an option to display subtitles introduction in languages other than English- Courses do not follow a - Some courses have foreign - Almost all courses offertraditional textbook format language options, either in certification- Highly interactive tutorials text transcription or whole - Offer a career matching- Able to learn at your own service course formatpace with no deadlines - Central forum, following a - Certificates of mastery- All courses offer gamification rewards system available for all coursescertificates - Proctored certificates also- Community forum where user available if exam is takenare rewarded for participation under proctored conditions- Some courses offer a (there is a fee for this)proctored exam (fee payable - Course forums available to interact with peers of that course- Limited range of courses - Not all advertised courses- Not much written information - Not all advertised courses are are currently available toon individual course contents currently available to enroll enroll onto- Does not currently offer any onto - Some courses that requireform of translation into - Operate peer grading for some prior knowledge offer a self-foreign languages exercises which can be off assessment but this is not putting available until the course has - To achieve certification you actually started must meet all course deadlines - Estimated weekly hours and - Estimated weekly hours and deadlines can be difficult to deadlines can be difficult to for some people to meet meet for some people Catherine Round ‘The Best MOOC provider” review-of-coursera-udacity-and-edx/ @t_eloise Dr. Eloise Tan 2013
  13. 13. Once you found one •Log-in before the MOOC starts to become familiar with the platform.•Set a day/time for •Check if you are expected to engage over Twitter, Google MOOCing. Hangouts.•Register at least two •Secure a headset to watch weeks before the MOOC videos, make sure there is a mic starts. if there are synchronous•Check how many hours the sessions to participate in. instructor recommends •Try to find someone who is spending each week. willing to help you with the technology throughout the course•If there are synchronous if you get stuck. components check the time •Before the course starts set up zone. Time Technology a separate folder in your email and a filter that will send all emails there. CPD Plan Resources •Is there a book you •If it is for CPD inform your line need to buy? manager/head •Do you have a •Include it on your c.v. suitable space where •Strive for completion. you can learn? •Identify how the MOOC will fit with other courses or with other MOOCs, create a year long MOOC plan or integrate with other learning. @t_eloise Dr. Eloise Tan 2013
  14. 14. Don’t let MOOCs do this to your lifeImage part of the Microsoft Blue Monster series.Sourced here: @t_eloise Dr. Eloise Tan 2013
  15. 15. Phil Hill’s 4 MOOC studentarchetypes in-moocs/ Active Participants – Intend to participate in the MOOC, including consuming content, taking quizzes and exams, taking part in activities such as writing assignmentsLurkers and peer grading, and actively participate in discussions via discussion forums, blogs, twitter,– observe or Google+, or other forms of socialsample a few media.items at the most. Drop-Ins Passive – These are students who Participants become partially or fully active participants for a – view a course as content to select topic within the consume. - watch videos, course, but do not perhaps take quizzes, but attempt to complete the tend to not participate in entire course activities or class discussions. @t_eloise Dr. Eloise Tan 2013
  16. 16. @t_eloise Dr. Eloise Tan 2013
  17. 17. What to expect from an xMOOC• Videos – You can adjust speed of videos. – Sometimes the video lectures are verbal presentation of content available elsewhere, decide which suits you : reading or watching.• Discussion forums – Brush up on your netiquette. – Be aware that anyone can be in a MOOC, so conduct yourself professionally. – Posting anonymously is of limited value. – Be careful of ‘auto-subscription’ to forums lest you get 100s of emails overnight. – Choose one or two forums and interact with those. – Posting in a discussion forum is different than writing academically, read others to get a feel for tone.• Quizzes – These are knowledge checks, so be realistic about your expectations. – If you want a certificate find out what the requirements are.• Peer assessment – The experience of others on the MOOC will vary so be open to the various types of feedback you might get. @t_eloise Dr. Eloise Tan 2013
  18. 18. Recap• Now you know a little about MOOCs, xMOOCs, cMOOCs• You know where to find them• How to choose between xMOOCs and cMOOCs• A little about what to expect and tips on how to prepare for taking a MOOC for professional development @t_eloise Dr. Eloise Tan 2013
  19. 19. The world of MOOCs changes rapidly UK Platform will launch in 2013 with Russell Group http://futurelearn.c om/March 2013 an Australian MOOC platform haslaunched: @t_eloise Dr. Eloise Tan 2013