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Leads which can change future of your business


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what you buy is not lead rather data. what we give is information of students. counseling is done before giving you information. try our educational leads may it be for educational loan , or students seeking admission in MBA , engineering , medical or study abroad

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Leads which can change future of your business

  1. 1. Our counselling brings best leads for educational business
  2. 2. How we counsel • Students put queries to us , we get 150-200 queries everyday • Our team calls these students and ask for Paid or free counseling. • Paid counseling is taken by individual corporate for students for which we pay 20$/hr for online or telephonic session. • For free counseling our own experts or coaching centers take online or telephonic session with students
  3. 3. Your old leads explanation • You buy data or numbers of students at Re 1 appearing for CAT , MAT , XAT , IIT JEE etc from your data vendor • 70% of numbers are wrong • 1 telecaller whose salary is 12000 works for 25 days means about 500 Rs daily cost in which she makes 5060 calls. Per call costs you 500/60= Rs 9 and 1 Re telephone bill, Add 1Re more to infrastructure cost as electricity etc , in which 3 out of every 10 is only correct so your call cost for every • Total cost of 10 calls : Rs 10 for 10 number + Rs 100 call cost= Rs 110 for 3 calls so total cost per data is= RSRs37 37
  4. 4. Leads which can change future of your business Guaranteed double drilled leads.
  5. 5. • • • • • 4th largest educational portal of India. Inhouse product of software company RUVA Engineered by 4 IIT’ans 2 IIM ites 10000 visitors every day 80% visitors from search engine who search requirement on google and pages comes on top.
  6. 6. A snap shot of our few top queries from Google
  7. 7. How our Leads get generated Suppose a student is searching at google “top MBA colleges in India by placement” Google suggests him/her many pages and ‘” comes at top. Student feels its detail to which our team sends mail & we call and verify , if our team think that to be lead. This is how we understand requirement of student & counsel them thus we call it lead.
  8. 8. Top sections for which we get queries • • • • • • • • • • • MBA colleges Engineering colleges MBA coaching Engineering coaching GATE coaching Foreign education Education Loan Hotel Management colleges Tuition requirements Distance learning Job requirements
  9. 9. Counseling Leads This is how one of our lead looks like Another form of lead
  10. 10. Get your leads free of cost For single and double drilled leads we charge which starts as low as Rs 30/lead
  11. 11. Even if you advertise through google then please check per click cost and actual leads generated
  12. 12. To know more