Day of the dead work sheets (3)


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Day of the dead work sheets (3)

  1. 1. Day of the Dead Quest SheetsNombres __Alessandra Bove & Tiana Anthony__ Clase__Español 3__ Periodo __1st__Day of the Dead Quest SheetOctavio Paz writes the Mexican has no problems with death that he "... chases after it, mocks it,courts it, hugs it, sleeps with it, it is his favorite plaything and his most lasting love." In your opinion,how is this idea similar to or different from our "United States" view on death? -When talking about death, The US thinks of death as a scary thing and sometimes people willdo things to try and avoid it.When is All Saints Day and All Souls Day celebrated? -All Saints Day is celebrated November 1st & All Souls Day is celebrated November 2nd Even though each region in Mexico celebrates Day of the Dead differently, what are things that theydo have in common. -Common to all, are colorful adornments and lively reunions at family burial plots, thepreparation of special foods, offerings laid out for the departed on commemorative altars and religiousrites that are likely to include noisy fireworks.November 1 is reserved to remember deceased infants and children, often referred to as angelitos (littleangels).November 2 is reserved to remember those who have died as adults. From mid-October to the first week in November, what are some of the items markets and shopsstock up on? -Sweet bread, candles, and flowers.List 5 edible goodies enjoyed on Day of the Dead. 1. Pan de muerto 2. Chocolate 3. Pumpkin candy 4. White Chocolate Molé 5. Chalupa
  2. 2. What are some things that are used to create an altar? -The peoples favorite food, photos, candles, soap, things to show their personality, champagne,What occurs on November 2? -All Soul’s DayHow do Aztecs view death? -Unlike the Spaniards, who viewed death as the end of life, the natives viewed it as thecontinuation of life. Instead of fearing death, they embraced it. To them, life was a dream and only indeath did they become truly awake.In Mixquic, what takes place to celebrate Day of the Dead? -They prepare the graves, street festivals occur, & light candles around the graves.
  3. 3. Food Quest SheetNombre ________________________ Clase _________ Periodo ____ Who is la Catrina?-A skeletal figure in a plumed hat and dress, has become an instant visual sign of El Dia de Los MuertosAltars are set up October 30 and 31 .What are some foods that are made during Day of the Dead?- Sweet, egg-rich breads of the dead. Not so spicy foods and candies would be provided. What are the different types of Pan de Muertos or Bread of the Dead?-Sugar coated, and they represent skulls or bones with their shapeWhat do children love to eat?-Sugar skullsWhat is the purpose of having a glass of water at the altar?-After the dead’s journey, they are thirsty and tiredIn your own words, describe the cemeteries in Mexico? What do you like or dislike about the cemeterydecorations?-families clean and repaint cemetertery and they have flowers with pictures. My favorite is thatmariachi bands go to the gravesites and sing.Look at the two recipes along the right side of the page. Would you eat either one of these recipes?What do you like and do not like about each?I would eat pan de muerto. I like bread.I would not eat sweetened bean tomale filing. I do not like tomales.Nombre_____________________ Clase __________ Periodo ________ Wordplay Quest SheetUnscramble the vocabulary word, then using the glossary, write the definition. 1. Avlasecr- Clavares- Spanish word for skull 2. oelm –melo- death note
  4. 4. 3. lpoalic- capilla- restaurant in Mexico that celebrates day of the dead 4. otlae-atole- an ancient drink made from corn meal and water and flavored with various fruits 5. gatnielso-angelitos- the souls of the children who have died; literally "little angels" 6. tacera –careta- mask worn by dancers to scare the dead away at the end of the celebrations 7. acavler-calvera- a skull; also a slang term for "daredevil" 8. fodraen- ofrenda- offering, or altars to pray respects 9. qfelnaieu- an annual event that takes place in the city of Toluca, Mexico in which vendors sell traditional sugar skulls with names 10. apn ed osl ermtuso-pan de los muertos- official bread of the dead 11. zpamchtcleui-cempazuchitl- a yellow marigold, a symbol of death Day of the Dead vs. Halloween Halloween Day of the deadNorth America Other parts of the WorldOctober 31 Costumes November 1 and 2 Not a celebration of the dead Treats and candy ALTAR Centered around death Honor the dead Parades