Senior Helpers Services - Summary


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Senior Helpers Services - Summary

  1. 1. Helping seniors and their families enjoy a better quality of life
  2. 2. WHAT CAN SENIOR HELPERS DO? Create a care plan that is right for family’s individual needs  Companion/Personal Care  Surgery Assistance  Peace of Mind Visits  Wellness Watch  Transition to Community
  4. 4. SPECIALIZED SERVICES*  Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care  Senior Gems ® - unique to Senior Helpers, a new, innovative approach to dementia care  Brainy Day Activity Program  Transition to Community  Comprehensive set of services to manage move from home to long- term care community  Wellness Watch  Weekly call to gather health information  Two 1-hour visits per month  Monthly report to family  Non-obtrusive way to help senior remain independent * See Appendix for more detail
  5. 5. SERVICE RATES Companion Care $21-$23 per hour Personal Care $22-$24 per hour Live-In Services (awake < 3 times): $215-$235 per day Peace of Mind (1hr min 5 days/wk): $40.00 per visit
  6. 6. OUR PROCESS  Schedule complimentary initial assessment at senior’s home to discuss needs and formulate care plan If necessary, conduct a full nursing assessment to document senior’s status and clarify care plan Select the most appropriate caregiver – skill and personality match - based on assessment information, client and family approval Establish service start date We follow-up with each client immediately after service begins and on a periodic basis to ensure service is delivered as promised.
  7. 7. WHY SENIOR HELPERS?  We are Professional and Dependable  We do what we say we will do, on time  Our service offerings target Quality of Life  We co-design our Care Plan with the client and family  One client/one caregiver (for single-shift assignments)  On-going monitoring and periodic spot inspections of each in- service caregiver  We hire caring, trustworthy staff  Caregivers are employees, not contractors  We only hire experienced Caregivers  All of our employees are fully screened, skill-assessed, personal and employee reference checked, criminal background checked, insured and bonded  In a high turnover industry, we strive for retention
  8. 8. Senior Helpers of Niles-Lincolnwood 3500 West Devon Avenue Lincolnwood, IL 60712 847 679-7900 Office Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm Staff on call 24/7 GENERAL INFORMATION
  10. 10. BASIC SERVICES Companion Care Our basic level of care: our caregivers provide services such as companionship, meal planning and preparation, light housekeeping, laundry, medication reminders and other general assistance. Companion care can be provided for a minimum of 4 hours, 1 day per week up to 24 x 7. Personal Care Our advanced level of care: our licensed caregivers provide basic companion care plus assistance with the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), such as bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, and ambulation assistance. These services are initially assessed and regularly monitored by our Client Care Manager. Personal care can be provided for a minimum of 4 hours, 1 day per week up to 24 x 7. Live-In Services Our caregivers are available to provide 24 hour coverage, provided they can sleep for 8 hours per night and get appropriate breaks. Live-In care can be provided for a minimum of 2 consecutive days up to 7-days per week indefinitely. Peace of Mind Our unique Peace of Mind Visit program is a 1-hour visit per day to help clients with, among other things, bathing assistance, meal preparation, medication reminders, getting out of or into bed, and “check-ins.” The Peace of Mind Visit can be provided from a minimum of 5 days per week up to 7 days per week.
  11. 11. TRANSITION TO COMMUNITY  Personal and/or companion care to keep senior safe and comfortable at home until transitioned to long-term care community (from a few hours per day to 24x7 live-in care)  Visits to “New Community” to help senior make friends and become familiar with the environment  Assist in keeping their house “show-ready”  Create “Life Story Journal” or more in-depth “Memory Journal”– help senior create lasting keepsake to remember home and memories made there  Organize for move*  Purge and donate extra “stuff”* *Services provided by certified Senior Helpers affiliate This service is offered for seniors who can no longer remain in their home and are transitioning to a long-term care community
  12. 12. POST-TRANSITION SERVICES This service can be offered as part of transition to new community or tailored for short- term stay in hospital/rehabilitation center  Provide Companionship to senior during first few hours in new environment  Assist senior during move-in phase  Help unpack in the new apartment  Organize and hang clothes / fold & place clothes in dresser  Organize closets/kitchen cabinets/medicine cabinet, etc…  Help acclimate senior to the new community  Review community layout with senior  Provide walking assistance as needed or simply a “walking partner”
  13. 13. WELLNESS WATCH  Provides peace of mind to the family with weekly check-in call and monthly face-to-face meeting in senior’s home  Family receives monthly report evaluating home environment, food and supplies, physical and mental condition of the senior  Less intrusive visit for the senior resisting home care  Allows senior and family to “sample” services  Provides rapid response to seniors and families in urgent need of care management or home care services  Provides access to helpful community resources for seniors living at home  Great for seniors with families living out-of-town
  14. 14. SENIOR GEMS®  Senior Helpers and Teepa Snow have joined forces on a revolutionary program called the Senior Gems®  Teepa is a dementia care and dementia education specialist with over 30 years of experience in geriatrics  A certified Occupational Therapist,Teepa has a unique medical perspective on how the brain controls our body and our behaviors, giving her the ability to explain how dementia affects a person’s actions  She provides training and education for conferences, state healthcare provider organizations, professional associations and caregiver programs and organizations.  Teepa’s Gems classification system (based on the Allen Cognitive Disability Theory) allows us to understand which stage of dementia the person is experiencing so we can create the best plan and select the best caregiver for that individual  Caregivers who are trained using Teepa’s approach can help change resistance and refusals into participation and successful interactions
  15. 15. CAREGIVER SCREENING  SSN Trace - confirms the validity of the SSN according the credit bureau records, matches the applicant’s name to the SSN, and reveals aliases and addresses associated with the SSN.  Multi-State Criminal Database Check - searches criminal records from over 44 states (sources include Departments of Corrections, Administrative Offices of the Courts, and counties) and Sex Offender Registry information from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  County Criminal History Search - is a live search of real-time county or state criminal records based on the applicant’s address history. This search reveals all felonies, misdemeanors, and violations (where available) reported at the highest court in the county (i.e. Superior, County and/or Municipal)  Sex Offender Registry Check - searches against state and federal sex offender registries. Reported information includes name of the offender, offense classification and the offender’s last known address and photos of the offender when available.  Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Check - residential and commercial Motor Vehicle Records for all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Information reported can include driving history information such as insurance lapses, license suspensions, revocations, accidents, traffic violations, and unpaid, or unanswered summons.
  16. 16. WE ARE ALL AFFECTED “There are only four kinds of people in this world. Those who have been caregivers, those who are caregivers, those who will be caregivers and those who will need caregivers.” Rosalynn Carter