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Gloria Jean's Slide Presentation


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t3k advertising Marketing Pitch

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Gloria Jean's Slide Presentation

  1. 1. Gloria Jean’s Marketing PitchBMA349 Marketing CommunicationsPresented by;
  2. 2. Introduction• Explanation of problems and current issues restricting the Gloria Jean’s brand• Overview of revised marketing strategies for future success• Identification of tools to be used in proposed strategy
  3. 3. Current Creative StrategyProblems and Issues• Current creative campaign has planted seeds• Theme & tagline• Purpose• Drink-lifestyle association through imageHOWEVER,• is weak in execution• Inhibited by damaged brand equity.Full growth potential is not reached
  4. 4. Problems and Issues: Execution • Generic strategy in a crowded market place Gloria Jean’s Coffees1 • GSC becomes another standard,2 undifferentiated brand. Hudsons Coffees
  5. 5. Problems and Issues: Damaged Brand Equity• Support of the Australian Christian Lobby. Page (Facebook) Likes• Homophobic rhetoric attributed to the Gloria Jean’s brand.• Unwelcomed by the LGBT Gloria Jean’s Coffees 296,697 community and Australia’s forward- thinking, secular society.• Boycott of Gloria Jean’s Coffees. Gloria Jean’s Coffees Australia 3,500• Severely undermines (online) strategy. Undermines ALL Boycott Gloria Jeans for funding 8, 401 communications efforts. homophobia• Starbucks actively and openly supports the LGBT community and issues.• Consumers ignore Gloria Jean’s and switch brands + widespread discredit and angst.
  6. 6. GJC marketing communication strategy & creative strategy.• GJC focused on increasing brand equity and revitalizing the brand. Needs to broaden its media mix; online and print media and expand its target market in addition to recapturing the present market. Brand differentiation and positioning, from competitors, is vital for the revised summer campaign.• The campaign will feature Ian Thorpe and Australian Sporting sensation. His presence will radically influence consumer’s perception of the brand and its products. Thorpe is a positive role model, advocating healthy lifestyle, generating a positive feel towards the brand and campaign.• GJC will introduce a promotional ‘summerfied’ uniform for the summer campaign, communicating the revised GJC brand to the world. Colours will enhance the brand GJC and engage consumers.
  7. 7. • GJC will run a summer competition, ‘How do you keep cool during summer?’, the competition will run on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Consumers can post pictures showing how they keep cool during summer, through the ‘#GloriaJeansCool’. Entirely up to the imagination of consumers, by the pool, under a sprinkler, at the beach- in summer outfits with GJC beverage. The picture with most ‘likes’ will receive prizes. These platforms will increase the brand image and social media participation for GJC.• Is an excellent opportunity for GJC to consider. Graphic depiction of the summer campaign, the slogan and #hashtag will feature on these ‘moving’ billboard- on trams and buses. Increasing the visibility and exposure for GJC, in re-capturing the current target market and broadening it.
  8. 8. Celebrity Endorsement Advocates healthy Appealing & lifestyle identifiable Olympic for target champion market Create a Celebrity Australian positive Endorsement – Ian Thorpe sports herobrand image
  9. 9. Print & Social Media Bus/ Bus Busy Billboards Trains Highways stops streets• Integrate with social media• #GloriaJeansCool• Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  10. 10. Staff Uniform Front of line staff Redesign of staff essential to uniformcommunicate revised - Bright colors summer campaign - ‘Summerfied’ Elicit positive responses and entice customers to have a GJ moment
  11. 11. Conclusion• T3K’s revised marketing strategy will overcome current brand and communications issues in order to further build the Gloria Jean’s brand.• T3K & Gloria Jean’s collaboration will (re-) capture market share through enhanced communications efforts that will heighten brand/product awareness and positive associations.• This will create a sustainable competitive advantage.