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  2. 2. POP/ Subcultures The artist am working with for the music video production belongs to the Pop genre. Therefore i will be paying close attention to how pop artists portray themselves compared to other secular genres. Pop has become a force in a lot of cultures, it influences people's life styles because ordinary people aspire to be like the celebrities they see on TV which is why a star's image is always very important and how they make come across to people. There are many subcultures around us, and they follow many trends, during my research e.g. questionnaire i will be asking my participants what it is that's so appealing about the music they listen to and why. This will give me an idea on what my music video should look like and how i should dress the artist i will be working with. Subcultures.
  3. 3. BEYONCE Music sets many trends the way artist represent there genre of music is also important. Women in the r&b sector tend to be very glamorous and are referred to as Divas. For example Beyonce is a huge Pop star who has set many trends for young and more mature people she most famoulsy known for her songs " crazy in love" and single ladies" which created one of the most popular dance routine that has come out from pop in a long time screen grabs of the video can be seen below of both of these videos. Beyonce " crazy in love" Beyonce " single ladies" POP. Women in pop tend to be very glamourous and they do a lot of dance routines in there videos. This is because it makes them easy to remember and they can easily set up a fan base quicker than it would take for example a hip-pop artists etc because young girls like to have people they can look at and know they can get inspired to be just like them and that is what beyonce has done. I am going to compare both women and men from the pop and r&b genre and see some of the main characterists of the way they dress how there videos tend to look like and why there is such a large sub-culture that surround them.
  4. 4. JUSTIN TIMBALAKE The artist i have chosen to work with for my music video project has a style that crosses over to the pop genre. So i will be analysing this particular subculture. i will be looking at pop artists like Britney spears, Lady Gaga, Jay Sean, Beyonce, Justin Timbalake etc. POP/ DANCE. Justin Timberlake's music tends to lean more to pop and dance which make his music very versatile and can be listened to by many people from different genres. While analysing different artists from the pop genre i noticed how they all tend to have the same style. It is important because it lets the audience which genre the artists is from just by there image. Hip-pop artists tend to wear more customised clothes they tend to wear baggy clothing and ten to show off there jewellery a bit more. where as rnb and pop stars go for the more mature look. The men usually go for the mature look for example wearing suits, shaven hair minimal jewellery and this Justin Timbalakes style, it appeals to young girls young men and grown ups also because its a style that is easy to relate to. Its a style they try to keep to no matter what they do e.g. they keep it when they do music videos magazine spreads cd covers anything its part of their iconography.   screen grabs of Justin Timberlake
  5. 5. Current Fashions and styling ideas for my own video and artist. For my  music video research i took a lot at many videos from the pop,rnb and hip-pop genre to get some insparation on the different fashions and video styles that are around at the moment. I noticed that most male artists from the pop and rnb genres tend to wear suits and thats a very mature classic style. I wanted to do something similar; i wanted to keep the same element of the classic suit wear. The pictures below will explain the point i am trying to put across, and the pictures also show the type of style i will incorporate in my artist image i will be working with. These pictures show the type of outfits and style i am aiming to go for when it comes to custume change during the filiming of the video, the artist am working with will wear clothes that are similar to these particular styles. 
  6. 6. POP SUBCULTURE There are many subcultures that people follw these days for example the "emo culture", "punk culture", "hip-pop culture", and the pop culture. The pop culture has had a major change over the years because of big celebrities like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Craig David, Jay Sean, Robbie Williams etc and they have had a major influence on young teenagers and the way they talk, act, dress even the way they think. These subcultures are important because they help people communicate and socialise with many people. IMAGE. It is all about the image, the way an artist looks is very important because they are not only trying to shift albums and singles they are also trying to sell their image which is why artist like Gwen Stephani are not only known for there music, she is well known for her sense of style its considered to be unique and many young people follow her music and her unique fashion sense; which is what most musicans try to do hense why they always open up clothing lines etc for example artists like Beyonce; she opened up a fashion line called "House of Dereon", Gwen Stephani " Lamb",Nelly also opened up his own clothing line called " apple bottom" which is now a house hold name. Pop Videos Pop video tend have a very similar style, they tend to be very glamorous, shinny and have a lot of dance routines and they are usually visually captivating. For my own video i will have alot of speciall effects to keep the viewers focused. Videos are important because they help the audience to have an idea about the music and artist they are listening to, this is usually how many singers create their iconography e.g artists like Sean Paul; his known for havin lots of dance routines in his videos. THESE ARE JUST IMAGES OF DIFFERENT SINGERS WHO HAVE MAGANED TO USE THEIR IMAGE TO OPEN UP CLOTHING LINES SO THAT MANY SUBCULTURES CAN GET TO LOOK LIKE THEIR FAVOURITE SINGERS.