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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. QUESTIONNAIRE Q1) How old are you 16-17 17-20 20+ Q2) Are you male or female Male Female Q3) What type of music do you listen to. Rnb Pop Soul Hip-pop Rock Funky House Dance please state other. Q4) What type of music videoS do you like the most. Slow passed lots of dance routines
  2. 2. fast paced/ lots of action a video that goes with the lyrics Funny Serious Q5) Out of all these artists which one do you like the most and why. Neyo Justin Timbalake Beyonce Tinchy Stryder Chipmunk Tylor Swift Robbie William Britney Spears Alicia Keys Lady Gaga please state reason (make it brief) Q6) What is it about a music video that usually grabs your attention. please state reason (briefly) on the space below. Q7) Do you usually buy cds or do you just download Buy cd Download
  3. 3. Q8) Do you like a music video with lots of special effects or just a simple video. Video with different location Studio Based video e.g. neyos video "closer" Video with speacial effects e.g. Kanye west "Heartless" Q9) Whose style do you like the best out of the images below.
  4. 4. Q10) How much do say you spend on cds and downloads Q11) Where do you access new music
  5. 5. Q12) what sites do you usually go on to listen to you music Q13) Where do you watch you music videos. Q14) What music tv shows do you watch Q15) Do you go to gigs/ festivals/house parties or do you just prefer to go clubbing.